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410 Wingless Challenge Sure To Be a Showdown at Big M Motorfest Memphis, TN -- May 4, 2004 -- With pride, bragging rights and $5,000 on the line, the 410 Wingless Challenge Friday night at Big M Motorfest presented by Brim's Snack Foods at...

410 Wingless Challenge Sure To Be a Showdown at Big M Motorfest

Memphis, TN -- May 4, 2004 -- With pride, bragging rights and $5,000 on the line, the 410 Wingless Challenge Friday night at Big M Motorfest presented by Brim's Snack Foods at Memphis Motorsports Park is sure to be a showdown.

Drivers from all over the United States are coming to Memphis this weekend for the 410 Wingless Challenge. For the top drivers of the USAC Valvoline Sprint Car series, it is an important stop to gather points in the chase for the championship. For the O'Reilly Sprint Bandit Series drivers, it is a chance to show that they can beat the USAC drivers at their own game and win with or without a wing.

Promoter Roger Johnson has put up a $5,000 bounty for any Sprint Bandit driver that can win the 410 Wingless Challenge. Drivers have an opportunity to claim an additional $50,000 bonus if they can win the 410 Wingless Challenge and the Memphis USAC 100 Silver CrownTM race the following day.

"I think any time you have money on the line like this as a bonus, it is exciting," states Johnson. "The USAC drivers run without wings all over the country and put on a tremendous show. Emmett Hahn's group, the O'Reilly Sprint Bandits, are also well known for their abilities with 410's. We have convinced the Sprint Bandits to come in and try to take away the prize."

The bounty should provide some extra excitement to the fans, as many of the Sprint Bandit drivers are local favorites. Johnson also wanted to do something to promote both series.

"It is kind of a throwback to the days when a group of outlaw cars went around and raided the local races," said Johnson. "They would just kind of show up, run what they brought and take away the money from the locals."

To be eligible for the $5,000 bonus, drivers must belong to one of Emmett Hahn's organizations. Hahn believes that his group of drivers have a good chance of claiming the bonus.

"The USAC guys are good, but they're gonna get kind of a double-whammy with both our Sprint Bandits drivers and some of our ASCS guys too," said Sprint Bandit founder Emmett Hahn. "We're playing by their rules, but the USAC guys are coming into what is familiar territory for most of our guys. And when I look at the guys we're going to have there, I think there's a real good chance one of our guys will win."

The Sprint Bandits tout an impressive roster of drivers, many of whom are experienced in the non-wing relm.

"You just have to look at who we've got," smiled Hahn. "Gary Wright won some wingless stuff in Florida a couple years back to go with all his other wins and Travis Rilat beat the best wingless guys at Osky for $30,000. Zach Chappell has had some really good wingless runs, and Jesse Hockett, if he's able to make it to Memphis, won a $10,000 race at Lakeside last year. And Sammy Swindell, well everybody knows he can win in anything. Then you throw in some guys like Jan Howard and some others that have a lot of laps around Memphis Motorsports Park and they're good racers too. They've got a home track advantage and I don't think taking the wings off is really gonna hurt 'em at all."

Hahn believes this his drivers will show that they can race any were at any time, adding that Johnson should start reaching for his pocket book and prepare to award the bonus.

"You take all those guys along with the Aaron Berryhill's, Shane Stewart's, Jerrod Hull's and so on, and I think Roger better have that extra $5,000 ready to hand out because he's probably going to need it."

In addition to the 410 Wingless Challenge, fans will also be treated to the next generation of stars, the drivers of the USAC Midwest Ford Focus Series, in the Ford Focus Midget Classic presented by presented by Dobbs Ford of Wolfchase.

Following the race, the sky at the Memphis Motorsports Park will explode as a five minute, 1,500 shell fireworks display will greet the winner of the 410 Wingless Challenge.

Gates open Friday night at 5pm, Hotlaps are at 5:30pm and Heats begin at 7:30pm. Fans are urged to order their tickets early as the 410 Wingless Challenge is expected to sell out. Tickets to Big M Motorfest presented by Brim's Snack Foods May 7th and 8th at Memphis Motorsports Park and the 410 Wingless Challenge Friday night May 7th are available by phone at 1-800-868-8406. Phone orders will cease at 5pm central time on Thursday. Tickets will be available at the track beginning at 5pm on Friday. For more information or the latest news go to


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