Lincoln Speedway Results 97-03-22

Kevin Gobrecht has had a stretch of bad luck since switching to the Apple Chevrolet ...

Kevin Gobrecht has had a stretch of bad luck since switching to the Apple Chevrolet #12 sprint car for the 1997 season. His luck looked to make a tremendous change as Kevin led the first 24 laps of the 25 lap feature today at Lincoln Speedway. Kevin's first win of 1997 was snatched away by Keith Kauffman when a late race yellow and heavy race traffic cost Kevin the race.

Heat One Line-Up               Heat One Results (10 laps - 6 to qualify)
1.  73 Lonnie Ryan          1. Fred Rahmer
2.   8 Jamie Steffy         2. Jamie Steffy
3. 10N Jeff Thompson        3. Lonnie Ryan
4.  2W Jesse Wentz          4. Cliff Brian
5.  92 Brian Gobrecht       5. Jeff Thompson
6. 16c Cliff Brian          6. Todd Shaffer
7.  88 Todd Shaffer         7. Brian Gobrecht
8.  77 Fred Rahmer          8. Jesse Wentz
9. 22J Joe Ilg              9. Joe Ilg

When the green flag fell for the first heat, Jamie Steffy took a big lead with Lonnie Ryan and Jesse Wentz battling for second. Fred Rahmer made an impressive start and was fourth at the end of the first lap. Wentz passed Ryan for second and Rahmer followed, putting Ryan in fourth position. Wentz spun on the last lap bringing out the yellow. With nine laps completed, the green flag flew for one last lap of racing. Central Pennsylvania restarts go green as the cars enter turn three and Rahmer was ready, passing Steffy for the lead through turns three and four on the restart.

Heat Two Line-Up               Heat Two Results
1.  12 Kevin Gobrecht       1. Kevin Gobrecht
2. 77e Dave Ely             2. Keith Kauffman
3.  8J Dan Jones            3. Billy Pauch
4.  45 Jeff Rohrbough       4. Lance Dewease
5.   1 Billy Pauch          5. Jeff Rohrbough
6.  07 Dave Haight          6. Dave Ely
7. 461 Lance Dewease        7. Dan Jones
8.  U2 Keith Kauffman       8. Bernie Lemaster (DNF)
9.  60 Bernie Lemaster      9. Dave Haight (DNS)

Keith Kauffman made a fantastic start. Kauffman was in third position down the backstretch and completed the first lap in second place. Kevin Gobrecht opened a large lead over Kauffman who had a large lead over the three way battle for third between Ely, Rohrbough and Pauch. Pauch fought his way passed Ely and Rohrbough by half distance. With two laps to go, Dewease pulled into fourth position engaging in battle with Pauch for the third position.

Heat Three Line-Up             Heat Three Results
1.  49 Bob Howard           1. Bill Brian
2.  43 Larry Shive          2. Cris Eash
3. 12B Brian Monteith       3. Don Kreitz
4.  16 Bill Brian           4. Brook Weibley
5. 15D Brook Weibley        5. Brian Monteith
6. 17e Cris Eash            6. Larry Shive
7. 69k Don Kreitz           7. Glendon Forsythe
8.  94 Glendon Forsythe     8. Bob Howard (DNF)

Bill Brian must have been watching the starts made by Kauffman and Rahmer in their heats as Brian led the first lap. Eash gained five positions on the start taking second place on the first lap. By lap three, Don Kreitz was up to fourth position. Bob Howard slowed on the backstretch bringing out the yellow at half distance. Kreitz passed Brook Weibley on lap six.

Sprint Consi Line-Up Sprint Consi Results (10 laps - 6 to qualify) 1. 92 Brian Gobrecht 1. Dan Jones 2. 8j Dan Jones 2. Brian Gobrecht 3. 94 Glendon Forsythe 3. Jesse Wentz 4. 2w Jesse Wentz 4. Dave Haight 5. 60 Bernie Lemaster 5. Bob Howard 6. 49 Bob Howard 6. Glendon Forsythe 7. 07 Dave Haight 7. Joe Ilg (DNF) 8. 22j Joe Ilg 8. Bernie Lemaster (DNF)

Dan Jones took the lead into turn one on the first lap. Jones opened a big lead over Brian Gobrecht who had Jesse Wentz all over his rear bumper. Dave Haight, who missed his heat, made good progress in the consi finishing fourth.

Sprint Feature Line-Up         Sprint Feature Results (25 laps)
1.  73 Lonnie Ryan          1. Keith Kauffman ($2,500)
2.  12 Kevin Gobrecht       2. Kevin Gobrecht
3.   8 Jamie Steffy         3. Fred Rahmer
4.  16 Bill Brian           4. Cris Eash
5.   1 Billy Pauch          5. Lance Dewease
6. 15D Brook Weibley        6. Billy Pauch
7. 16c Cliff Brian          7. Bill Brian
8. 17e Cris Eash            8. Cliff Brian
9. 461 Lance Dewease        9. Todd Shaffer
10. 69K Don Kreitz         10. Jeff Rohrbough
11.  77 Fred Rahmer        11. Don Kreitz
12.  U2 Keith Kauffman     12. Jeff Thompson
13. 10N Jeff Thompson      13. Brian Gobrecht
14.  45 Jeff Rohrbough     14. Brian Monteith
15. 12B Brian Monteith     15. Brook Weibley
16.  88 Todd Shaffer       16. Lonnie Ryan
17. 77e Dave Ely           17. Jesse Wentz
18.  43 Larry Shive        18. Dan Jones
19.  8j Dan Jones          19. Jamie Steffy
20.  92 Brian Gobrecht     20. Dave Ely
21.  2w Jesse Wentz        21. Bob Howard
22.  07 Dave Haight        22. Larry Shive
23.  49 Bob Howard         23. Dave Haight
24.  94 Glendon Forsythe   24. Glendon Forsythe

Kevin Gobrecht took the lead at the start and roared away from the field. Lonnie Ryan, in second, could only watch as Kevin Gobrecht pulled away. Lonnie Ryan was doing a great job holding off some of the top drivers in the area when he jumped the cushion on lap eight, allowing Pauch, Rahmer and Kauffman to pass.

With nine laps complete, the 94 car of Glendon Forsythe lost its steering and veered into the pits hitting a parked micro sprint car. Luckily no one was working on the micro sprint car as it was demolished. Forsythe was unhurt.

On the restart the order was Kevin Gobrecht, Eash, Kauffman, Bill Brian, Rahmer, Pauch, Dewease, Lonnie Ryan, Cliff Brian, and Brook Weibley in tenth position.

Only one green lap was run before the yellow appeared again. In that one lap Rahmer moved into fourth and Cliff Brian passed Lonnie Ryan for eighth.

Kauffman moved into second on the restart, however Kevin Gobrecht pulled away from the field once again. While Gobrecht and Kauffman were not pressed for their positions all hell was braking loose behind them. Rahmer and Eash raced side by side. Rahmer pulled a huge wheelstand down the frontstretch and still didn't give way to Eash who was alongside.

The yellow flew once again with fifteen laps complete. At the restart the order was Kevin Gobrecht, Kauffman, Rahmer, Eash, Pauch, Dewease and the Brian brothers, Bill and Cliff in seventh and eighth. Kauffman tried to pass for the lead but Gobrecht gave no ground. Kauffman dove low to put a slide job on Kevin Gobrecht but Gobrecht was hooked up on the high side and he motored away as Kauffman slid into the clutches of Rahmer in third. Kauffman was able to reel Gobrecht in once again and the pair came to the white flag side by side. On the last lap, Kauffman went to the outside in one and Gobrecht to the inside in heavy traffic. As luck would have it, Gobrecht got boxed in by backmarkers and Kauffman passed for the lead on the last lap. Kauffman was driving the U2 car which is usually driven by Kevin Huntley.

Sprint Notes:

I stopped by Bobby Alllen's shops after the race and Bobby told me that Kenny Weld passed away on Thursday.

Todd Shaffer won Friday night's race at Port Royal.

Racing action at Lincoln Speedway returns to Saturday nights next week (March 29) with Sprints, Limited Sprints and Thundercars. Gates open at five and racing begins at 7:00 P.M.

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