Lincoln Speedway Results 97-03-07

Fred Rahmer made it two for two at Lincoln Speedway this season, coming from tenth starting position to win the 25 lap feature race. Fred won the opener two weeks ago. Last weekend's race was canceled due to rain. Heat One Line-Up ...

Fred Rahmer made it two for two at Lincoln Speedway this season, coming from tenth starting position to win the 25 lap feature race. Fred won the opener two weeks ago. Last weekend's race was canceled due to rain.

Heat One Line-Up Heat One Results 1. 12B Brian Montieth 1. Todd Shaffer 2. 88 Todd Shaffer 2. Jeff Rohrbough 3. 43 Larry Shive 3. Fred Rahmer 4. 66 Shawn Weaver 4. Ed Lynch Jr. 5. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 5. Lance Dewease 6. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 6. Jamie Steffey 7. 461 Lance Dewease 7. Brian Monteith 8. 77 Fred Rahmer 8. Shawn Weaver 9. 8 Jamie Steffey 9. Larry Shive Shawn Weaver has bought Bobby Fletcher's car and he decided to start in the rear with his new car. Larry Shive also elected to start from the rear of the field. Jamie Steffey was behind the wheel of the #8 car owned by Dan Dietrich.

Rohrbough and Rahmer made great starts taking the second and third positions on the backstretch on the first lap. At the end of one lap it was Shaffer, Rohrbough, Rahmer, Monteith, Lynch, Steffey and Dewease. At half distance, Shaffer, in the lead, distanced himself from Rohrbough who had Fred Rahmer all over his tail. Rohrbough's car was working well on the high side and Rahmer was welcome to try anything he wanted on the bottom. Rahmer pulled his front wheels off the ground several times coming out of turn four in an attempt to get a run at Rohrbough down the front straight. Dewease passed Monteith for the sixth position on lap six and then passed Jamie Steffey on the last lap to finish fifth.

Heat Two Line-Up Heat Two Results 1. 17E Cris Eash 1. Cris Eash 2. 2W Jesse Wentz 2. Jesse Wentz 3. 10N Jeff Thompson 3. Kevin Gobrecht 4. 07 Dave Haight 4. Don Kreitz 5. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 5. Brook Weibley 6. 15D Brook Weibley 6. Brian Gobrecht 7. 69K Don Kreitz 7. Jeff Thompson 8. 92 Brian Gobrecht 8. Wayne Franks 9. 66W Wayne Franks 9. Dave Haight

Don Kreitz passing Brook Weibley was the only competitive pass in heat two. Heat two was a parade for the most part until Kevin Gobrecht caught Jeff Thompson with two laps to go. These two drivers battled for the third position on the ninth lap and as they approached the white flag Thompson slowed abruptly. Kevin Gobrecht moved low to avoid Thompson and secured third place.

With only 18 sprint cars in the pits, all cars qualified with the top six in each heat drawing for starting posititons.

Feature Line-Up Feature Results (25 laps) 1. 69K Don Kreitz 1. Fred Rahmer $2,500 2. 92 Brian Gobrecht 2. Don Kreitz 3. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 3. Ed Lynch Jr. 4. 15D Brook Weibley 4. Cris Eash 5. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 5. Lance Dewease 6. 8 Jamie Steffey 6. Brook Weibley 7. 17E Cris Eash 7. Todd Shaffer 8. 88 Todd Shaffer 8. Brian Monteith 9. 461 Lance Dewease 9. Jesse Wentz 10. 77 Fred Rahmer 10. Dave Haight 11. 2W Jesse Wentz 11. Brian Gobrecht 12. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 12. Shawn Weaver 13. 12B Brian Monteith 13. Kevin Gobrecht 14. 10N Jeff Thompson 14. Larry Shive 15. 66 Shawn Weaver 15. Wayne Franks 16. 66W Wayne Franks 16. Jamie Steffey 17. 43 Larry Shive 17. Jeff Rohrbough 18. 07 Dave Haight 18. Jeff Thompson (DNS)

On the first wave of the green, Cris Eash and Steffey tangled in turn two collecting the 45 of Jeff Rohrbough. Rohrbough and Steffey were unable to continue and Eash went to the rear of the field for the restart. Kreitz, on the pole, brought the field slowly around for the restart creating a very good pack for the start. Kreitz took the lead at the wave of the green with Lynch in second. Brook Weibley held third with Kevin Gobrecht very close behind in fourth. Rahmer, who likes to race close, was all over the back of Kevin Gobrecht in an intense battle for the fourth position.

Kevin Gobrecht spun in turn two on the fourth lap which brought out the yellow flag. With three laps complete they lined up for the restart, Kreitz, Lynch, Weibley, Rahmer, Shaffer, Dewease, Eash and Brian Gobrecht. On the restart, Rahmer, Shaffer and Dewease went three wide into turns one and two. Down the backstretch they sorted it out with Rahmer in fourth, followed by Dewease and Shaffer. Rahmer went after Weibley while Dewease and Shaffer swapped positions twice on the next lap.

On lap 8, Lynch went a bit too high in turn two and Rahmer was able to slide underneath for second position. Rahmer immediately went to work on the leader Kreitz. Three laps later Rahmer made an outside move on Kreitz, taking the lead. Brook Weibley made quite an impression holding the fourth position until late in the race. Weibley had trouble with traffic and that allowed the battle between Eash and Dewease to close.

With four laps left, Kevin Gobrecht managed to gain the eighth position and entered into a battle with Todd Shaffer for seventh. Gobrecht slid over the cushion and tagged the wall in the fourth turn allowing Brian Monteith and Jesse Wentz passed. Kevin found that his car was still strong and he was putting pressure on Wentz through turns one and two.

Fred Rahmer now has three wins in this young season. When asked about where he plans to run the season on Saturday nights, Rahmer responded "We're still thinking about it" adding "we'll run where the money is".

NOTES: Many central Pennsylvania drivers expected to get four races in this weekend. Those plans fell through when severe winter weather forced the cancelation of events friday evening at Port Royal and saturday evening at Selinsgrove.

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