Lincoln Speedway report 96-31-08

Lincoln Speedway held its final points race of the season Saturday night and all Chris Eash had to do to clinch the track championship was take the green flag. Unfortunately, Eash broke the rear axle on lap five and was finished for the ...

Lincoln Speedway held its final points race of the season Saturday night and all Chris Eash had to do to clinch the track championship was take the green flag. Unfortunately, Eash broke the rear axle on lap five and was finished for the evening.

Heat One Lineup 10 laps 6 to transfer 1. 43 Larry Shive 2. 47 Dwayne Morris 3. 12B Brian Monteith 4. 10N Jeff Thompson 5. 5K Mark Richard 6. 25 Scott Ausherman 7. 17E Chris Eash 8. 60 Bernie Lemaster

Larry Shive got a big jump on the green and took the lead. Eash made a good start as well, and was fourth by lap four when the yellow appeared for Dwayne Morris and his seized engine. With four laps in the books, the order was Shive, Monteith, Jeff Thompson, Eash, Richard, and Ausherman. Eash moved past Thompson on the restart for third. On lap five, Eash passed Monteith for second in turn one and passed Shive for the lead in turn three.

Heat One Results 1. Chris Eash 2. Jeff Thompson 3. Mark Richard 4. Larry Shive 5. Brian Monteith 6. Scott Ausherman

Heat Two Lineup 1. 08 Jason Clauss 2. 15D Brook Weibley 3. 73 Lonnie Ryan 4. 16C Cliff Brian 5. 07 Dave Haight 6. 2W Jesse Wentz 7. 69K Don Kreitz Jr.

Wentz made a fantastic start and was leading this race by the fifth lap. While Wentz opened up a big lead, Kreitz had trouble getting into rhythm until late in the race. Kreitz moved around Dave Haight on lap eight for fourth and moved into third on lap nine passing Brook Weibley.

Heat Two Results 1. Jesse Wentz 2. Jason Clauss 3. Don Kreitz 4. Brook Weibley 5. Dave Haight 6. Lonnie Ryan

Heat Three Lineup 1. 69 Big Block Weaver 2. 48 Chris Knopp 3. 12J Bill Jones 4. 66A Bobby Fletcher 5. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 6. 16 Bill Brian Jr. 7. 47X Rusty Pressley

At the start there was little change at the front while Rohrbough and Brian both moved past Fletcher. Rohrbough pressed Jones hard for two laps, passing him on lap five for the third position. Brian followed Rohrbough, taking fourth on the same lap. Meanwhile, Weaver and Knopp had their own race at the front. It took Rohrbough three laps to reel in the leaders and on lap nine Rohrbough pinched the 45 car down low in turn thre and four, trying to make a move on the leaders. Unfortunately, Rohrbough went too low and hit the inside guard rail which sent his car back out into the middle of the track where he collected the 12J of Bill Jones and the 66A of Bobby Fletcher. Bill Brian also spun to avoid Rohrbough. Brian and Fletcher were able to continue. Big Block Weaver went on to win his second heat race of the season.

Heat Three results 1. Big Block Weaver 2. Chris Knopp 3. Bill Brian 4. Bobby Fletcher 5. Rusty Pressley 6. Jeff Rohrbough (credited with sixth)

There was no consi for the sprint cars.

Bobby Abel Memorial 30 laps $2,500 to win plus lap money Feature Lineup 1. Larry Shive 2. Jason Clauss 3. Big Block Weaver 4. Brook Weibley 5. Chris Knopp 6. Jeff Thompson 7. Bobby Fletcher 8. Mark Richard 9. Jesse Wentz 10. Bill Brian 11. Chris Eash 12. Don Kreitz 13. Brian Monteith 14. Dave Haight 15. Rusty Pressley 16. Scott Ausherman 17. Lonnie Ryan 18. Jeff Rohrbough 19. Dwayne Morris 20. Cliff Brian 21. Bill Jones 22. Bernie Lemaster

Jason Clauss took the lead at the wave of the green with Brook Weibley crossing the line second with both front wheels in the air all the way down the front stretch. Shive was third and Jeff Thompson was fourth at the end of the first lap. Jesse Wentz, who started ninth was fourth by lap four. Eash, who only had to start to take the track championship, had other ideas and moved from eleventh to fifth by lap four. On lap five, Eash broke the rear axle bringing out the yellow flag.

At the restart it was Clauss, Weibley, Thompson, Wentz, Richard, Haight, Kreitz and Shive. Thompson soon moved into second while Haight and Kreitz both passed Mark Richard. On lap eight, Thompson moved into the lead and Wentz followed into the second posititon.

Kreitz was up to fourth by lap twelve but still not up with the leaders. Rohrbough, who was able to repair his car in time for the feature due to help from Eash's team, was up to eighth position by lap fifteen.

The yellow flew on lap fifteen for Larry Shive stopped in turn two. At the restart the order was Thompson, Wentz, Kreitz, Haight, Weibley, Richard, Bill Brian and Rohrbough. When the green replaced the yellow, Thompson, Wentz and Kreitz checked out, leaving the field behind. There was a fierce battle for the lead with Kreitz pulling alongside Wentz down the backstretch and through turn three and four. Just as our leaders were exiting turn four, the yellow flew once again, this time for Rohrbough who stopped in turn two. With Thompson, Kreitz and Wentz all racing for the lead as the yellow flew, it looked like Wentz was pinched to the outside guard rail as Thompson slowed for the yellow. Wentz went flipping down the front straight while Thompson emerged with only a bent wing. Kreitz was unscathed.

It took a while to get lap 21 on the board as Ryan and Monteith spun on the restart. On the next restart Knopp flipped on the backstretch bringing out the red flag.

When the green flew again, Kreitz passed Thompson in turn two for the lead. Thompson did the moon walk with his partially collapsed wing, ending up sixth at the checkered flag.

Feature Results 1. Don Kreitz 2. Bill Brian 3. Dave Haight 4. Mark Richard 5. Lonnie Ryan 6. Jeff Thompson 7. Scott Ausherman 8. Jeff Rohrbough 9. Big Block Weaver 10. Brook Weibley 11. Brian Monteith (credited 11th) not running (NR) 12. Jesse Wentz (NR) 13. Chris Knopp (NR) 14. Dwayne Morris (NR) 15. Bobby Fletcher (NR) 16. Larry Shive (NR) 17. Jason Clauss (NR) 18. Cliff Brian (NR) 19. Bernie Lenmaster (NR) 20. Chris Eash (NR) 21. Bill Jones (NR)

Next race at Lincoln Speedway is September 7, 1996 when the Pennsylvania State Sprint Car Championships will be held. Time trials begin at 7 p.m.

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