Lincoln Speedway Race Report March 4, 2000

David Reininger - Fred Rahmer won the 25-lap feature event at Lincoln Speedway this afternoon, his first win of the 2000 season. "We were lucky tonight," said Rahmer. "I'm just glad to get one win in 2000, so now we can start ...

David Reininger -

Fred Rahmer won the 25-lap feature event at Lincoln Speedway this afternoon, his first win of the 2000 season. "We were lucky tonight," said Rahmer. "I'm just glad to get one win in 2000, so now we can start on two."

Rahmer, who is never at a loss for words, especially in victory lane, proclaimed, "If you let the other guys start winning, they start thinking they can win every week. They have the same chance as everybody else, but you have to get one so you can get that over with."

Rahmer started fifth and moved to the front early, sliding into second place behind polesitter Don Kreitz Jr. as the pair completed the first lap. The pair raced nose to tail down the backstretch until Rahmer dove low into turn three, pulling off the perfect slider to lead lap two.

On the next lap, Rahmer took the high line into three, slipped over the cushion, nearly making contact with the wall. Kreitz took full advantage of the situation to lead lap three.

Barely fazed, Rahmer was looking to regain the lead with an outside move by the time he reached turn one. Rahmer and Kreitz crossed the line side by side to complete four laps with Rahmer gaining the advantage in the next turn.

When the track started to dry out at the race's midpoint, Krietz, who normally favors a dry track by running the bottom, moved to the top.

"For the way my car was working the top was probably better, at least it felt better to me," said Kreitz. "I don't know if it was the fastest place to be if you had your car right, but if you had your car right, you could have run anywhere."

Meanwhile, Rahmer continued to run on the bottom, protecting his lead. "I honestly believe I could of ran the middle. I didn't feel very good on the top in three and four. I wasn't about to screw up. I all ready made one mistake and I hustled and got Donnie right back while the getting was good."

"I didn't figure my chances were very good tonight, but we changed the car around and the track surface changed a little bit. It came to our tires and the McCrearys really helped us."

"When you have Donnie Kreitz starting on the pole, and Mr. (Davey) Brown wrenching on the car, you're in trouble. I was just lucky enough to get him when I did because if he had got the lead and I wouldn't have got by him early, I don't think I could've got him late."

Kreitz kept pressure on Rahmer, following him closely through traffic but Rahmer drove flawlessly on the dry surface, leading the last 22 laps of the race.

"We weren't set up for it," Kreitz said. "We were set up for a wetter track. I actually think most of the guys were. I don't think anybody was really going that great to be honest with you. We were just loose. I mean, we should be good on a dry track. It probably helped us some, because we get around good when the track is dry, but you need to be set up for it and we just weren't."

Johnny Mackison Jr., who drove a spectacular race last week, starting tenth and finishing fourth, gave another stellar performance at Lincoln Speedway this afternoon by starting seventh and finishing third. Mackison drove steadily through the field passing Kasey Kahne for third on lap 18.

Steve Siegel rebounded from a first lap spin to finish sixth this afternoon. Siegal had been running in ninth position when his mistake relegated him to the back of the field. Driving past most of the Posse including Todd Shaffer and last week's Lincoln Speedway winner Keith Kauffman proved to be quite an accomplishment for the driver of Sal Scarpitta's No 59.

On a sad note, Cris Eash was injured in an accident in the third heat race. Eash, who was knocked sideways by Kasey Kahne in a duel for second place, flipped violently down the frontstretch, coming to a rest upside down across from the flagstand. He was awake and alert as safety crews arrived at the scene. After complaining of leg pain, Eash was taken to an area hospital where he was found to have severed tendons above and below the knee on his left leg. There was no word on the duration of his recovery period.

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