Lincoln Speedway race report 2001-03-10

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 3/10/2001 - Salfordsville's Fred Rahmer keeps upping the mark. Rahmer took the lead from polesitter Darren Eash on the first lap and never looked back to win his second race in-a-row in the 25 lap super sprint feature at...

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 3/10/2001 - Salfordsville's Fred Rahmer keeps upping the mark. Rahmer took the lead from polesitter Darren Eash on the first lap and never looked back to win his second race in-a-row in the 25 lap super sprint feature at Lincoln Speedway Saturday afternoon. Rahmer's second win of the season upped his all-time local win count to 245 - tied with Steve Smith for the winningist driver ever on Central Pennsylvania tracks. "It's hard to imagine. When I came out here, I was just trying to qualify like a lot of new guys," said a victorious Rahmer in victory lane, "It's all about have good people around me, good car owners, and good equipment. I've just been very fortunate and I just keep trying as hard as I can." "Tonight I'll enjoy this win, and tomorrow it's back to zero. It looks like we've got a strong field of cars here. Our local racing is as good as anywhere in the country, and hopefully we'll keep getting these fans out to watch it." Rahmer, who started outside polesitter Darren Eash by the luck of the draw, had to withstand a race long challenge by Memphis, Tennessee driver Greg Hodnett and took the checkered .97 seconds ahead. "I'd say Greg Hodnett is going to be a pain in my rear end this year," Rahmer said jokingly in victory lane. "So far we've been lucky on the draws, and on a day show like this...when we came to them lapped cars, I wasn't much faster than them." "In open track I was pretty good, we just had the car a little bit too tight. I want to thank Al (Hamilton) and Don Ott Racing Engines. I think McCreary Tires are a big thing here for us." Ohio racer Phil Gressman brought out the first caution on the second lap with a spin in the first and second turn which collected Donnie Kreitz Jr., Keith Kauffman, and Todd Shaffer. Hodnett, who started fourth, moved around Sean Michael into the runner-up spot on the seventh lap as Rahmer enjoyed a commanding 3.34 second lead. A soft roll by Niki Young in the fourth turn erased that lead, allowing Hodnett a chance to catch the streaking Rahmer. The restart saw Dave Ely put the Weikart's Livestock No.29 sprinter into the second turn wall for the second week in-a-row, followed by a caution for debris on the eighth lap. Another Ohio invader, Chad Kemenah, brought out the race's final caution with a spin in the first and second turns on the 11th lap. Rahmer's last challenge was lapped traffic beginning on the 19th lap, as the racing surface began to slick off . Rahmer cautiously navigated the final laps to pick up his 101st career win at the Pigeon Hills oval. The win, worth $2,500, was also Rahmer's 245th overall career super sprint win. "The beginning of the year like this you have a good group of cars. It's not the kind of track you can hustle around've got to use a lot of finesse. You don't want to make a mistake out front leading. When you're running second you can take a lot more chances. You don't want to lose the race." "We're very fortunate to have a hardy group of fans like we do here," Rahmer added. "Without them I'd have to get a real job." Following Hodnett in third was a fast closing Lance Dewease, with Michael in fourth, and Darren Eash fifth. "I'd rather start back a little bit because it's a lot less pressure," Rahmer said surprisingly. "I mean I'm glad to start up front, but I look forward to starting in the back and see if we can win from there." Completing the top-10 were Bobby Weaver, Jeff Rohrbaugh, Cris Eash, Todd Gracey, and Brook Weibley. Heats for the 33 super sprints on hand were won by Dewease, Michael, and Ely, with Young winning the consolation.

Bernie Beard chalked up his second win in two races in the 20-lap thundercar feature, but not before scooting under leader Neil Smith in a wild four-car dash to the finish over the final lap. Beard started fifth, took the lead from Bobby Rudisill on the third lap, and led until Neil Smith made the pass on lap 18. Smith lead laps 18 and 19, but drifted high while trying to block Steve Clabaugh in the final turns, handing the lead and win back over to Beard. Jerry Bingaman also slid under Smith and Clabaugh for second at the end. Clabaugh, who started on the last row (23rd), crossed fourth behind Smith. Nat Tuckey started ninth, spun on the first lap, and returned from the rear to finish fifth. Heats for the 29 thundercars present were won by Tuckey, Duane Hahn, and Ron Shultz, with Butch Harvey winning the consolation.

Lincoln swings back into action for one more Saturday afternoon show before switching to it's first night time race. Next Saturday, March 17, it will once again be the super sprints and thundercars at 2 PM. Joining them will be the Northeast Classic Cars. Gates will open at noon, hot laps at 1:30 p.m., with the first green flag waving at 2 p.m.

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