Lincoln Speedway Ice Breaker Results 98-02-21

Hanover, PA (February 21) - Todd Shaffer won today's Ice Breaker 25, taking home the $3,000 winner's share of the purse. The top twelve starting postitions in today's race were determined by luck of the draw. Shaffer pulled the number one pill...

Hanover, PA (February 21) - Todd Shaffer won today's Ice Breaker 25, taking home the $3,000 winner's share of the purse. The top twelve starting postitions in today's race were determined by luck of the draw. Shaffer pulled the number one pill and started on the pole. Shaffer led all 25 laps in taking his first win on U.S. soil this season.

The first of Lincoln Speedway's five Saturday afternoon races looked like it might turn to a night show when it took five waves of the green to get the feature underway. After two yellows and two reds, the race was officially started.

On the first start, Todd Gracey and Fred Rahmer got together in turn one causing a yellow. Rahmer reported to the pits to change the front wing, which was standing straight up, acting more like a wall than wing.

As Rahmer's crew tried frantically to remove the front wing, the field lined up for the restart. The next start saw Dan Jones and Bill Sims get together in turn three causing yellow number two. This gave Rahmer's crew the time they needed to properly replace the front wing. Rahmer rejoined the field as the front row was being shown the furled green.

The third attempt to get the 1998 season underway at Lincoln ended in turn one when Kevin Gobrecht hit the wall. Gobrecht, driving the family owned #92, gently flipped the car into turn two bringing out the first red flag of the season. Although there was heavy damage to the top wing, Gobrecht was able to continue.

One more try at the green produced a spectacular crash on the backstretch with Fred Rahmer and Dan Jones flipping violently at the entrance to turn three. Todd Gracey, Len Thompson and Dan Dietrich were all involved in the accident with Thompson the only one able to continue. At the time of the incident, no injuries were reported. After the finish of the race, Dan Jones elected to be transported to the hospital. There was no word of his condition at press time.

On each of the starts, Todd Shaffer got a good jump and held the lead until the the race was stopped. The battle was between Sean Michael, who started on the outside of the front row, and Lance Dewease who started third. Once the race officially started, Sean Michael stayed with Todd Shaffer until lap three when the yellow flew once more. This time for Shawn Keen stopping on the front straight.

Dewease made a great start on the next wave of the green but Cris Eash and Don Kreitz spun in turn one. Dewease was put back in third and Sean Michael was given another chance to defend second place.

Todd Shaffer jumped to a comfortable lead on the next start. Jeff Shepard, who started eighth, engaged in battle with Jesse Wentz, taking Wentz on the high side on lap six. Two laps later, Shepard made a similiar move on Tim Shaffer in the Apple Chevrolet #12, to take fourth place.

Shepard moved easily around the high side while many prefered the low line. Shepard soon reeled in Dewease in third, with Dewease making ground on Sean Michael. A tremendous battle for second started to take shape when Michael started losing pressure in his right rear tire. Dewease easily sailed into second with Jeff Shepard in tow. With sixteen laps complete, Sean Michael caused a yellow with a flat right rear tire.

On the restart, Todd Shaffer had the lapped cars of Shawn Keen and Darren Eash between him and Dewease in second. Keen was easily dispatched by the trio of Darren Eash, Dewease and Shepard.

Todd Shaffer rolled out to a comfortable lead while Dewease was blocked by the lapped car of Darren Eash. The track started to go away towards the end of the race and Dewease had trouble getting a good run at Eash. Eash used the entire track and Dewease was never able to pass the lapped car. Nor was Shepard able to make a successful move on Dewease.

Todd Shaffer took the checkered many car lengths ahead of the lapped car of Darren Eash, who was planted firmly in front of the battle for second between Dewease and Shepard.

Heat One Results (10 laps/6 qualify/4 draw for positions) 1. Fred Rahmer 2. Todd Shaffer 3. Todd Gracey 4. Jesse Wentz 5. Dan Jones 6. Len Thompson

Heat Two Results 1. Kenny Jacobs 2. Lance Dewease 3. Jeff Shepard 4. Dan Dietrich 5. Brian Paulus 6. Dave Haight

Heat Three Results 1. Kevin Gobrecht 2. Steve Siegel 3. Tim Shaffer 4. Sean Michael 5. Johnny Mackison Jr. 6. Cris Eash

Consi Results (10 laps) 1. Don Kreitz 2. Darren Eash 3. Bill Sims 4. Shawn Keen 5. Shawn Weaver 6. Billy Dietrich

Feature Results (25 laps) 1. Todd Shaffer ($3,000) 2. Lance Dewease 3. Jeff Shepard 4. Tim Shaffer 5. Jesse Wentz 6. Steve Siegel 7. Kenny Jacobs 8. Johnny Mackison Jr. 9. Kevin Gobrecht 10. Brian Paulus 11. Sean Michael 12. Don Kreitz 13. Len Thompson 14. Darren Eash 15. Bill Sims 16. Shawn Keen 17. Todd Gracey 18. Cris Eash 19. Billy Dietrich 20. Dan Dietrich 21. Dan Jones 22. Fred Rahmer 23. Dave Haight 24. Shawn Weaver

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