Lincoln Speedway 98-07-25

RAHMER SCORES MILESTONE 70TH CAREER WIN AT LINCOLN; ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 7/25/98 - What do you do when your 12-race win streak ends? Simply start a new one. After suffering his first loss in almost...

RAHMER SCORES MILESTONE 70TH CAREER WIN AT LINCOLN; ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 7/25/98 - What do you do when your 12-race win streak ends? Simply start a new one. After suffering his first loss in almost four months at Lincoln Speedway last Saturday, Rahmer rebounded by winning is 13th super sprint feature of the season at the Pigeon Hills oval Saturday night. The win marked his milestone 70th career win at Lincoln - just one shy of third place Kenny Weld on the all-time career win list. Rahmer tracked down race-long leader Danny Jones following a 15th-lap caution restart, made his winning move under Jones in the third and fourth turns of the 16th lap, then cruised to his second win in as many nights (Rahmer won the night before at Williams Grove). An unusual qualifying night for the stellar field of 38 sprinters resulted in several top guns starting at the back of the field. Rahmer was joined by Tim Shaffer, Cris Eash, Kevin Gobrecht, Sean Michael, Steve Siegel, and invader Kenny Adams in missing handicap transfer spots. Shaffer, Gobrecht, and Siegel actually had to qualify through twin consolation events. Slated to start 13th, Rahmer was ninth after two aborted attempts to the start the race. He entered the top five on the fifth lap. Both Rahmer and Jeff Shepard passed polesitter Mike Lutz for fourth and fifth a lap later, as Danny Jones stretched his lead to 3.5 seconds over Dave Ely and Billy Brian, Jr. Rahmer grabbed third from Brian on the backstretch of the eighth lap. Jones, Ely, and Rahmer ran one, two, and three until Brian brought out the red flag with a flip on turn four of the tenth lap. On the restart, Tim Shaffer blew by Shepard for fourth as Rahmer was disposing of Ely. A half-lap later, Shaffer caught Ely for third. In one intense moment just before Rahmer made the race-winning pass, he was tagged from the rear by the hard-charging Shaffer as both cars were at full-speed heading into turn one. Shaffer caught Jones for second on an 18th lap restart, and trailed Rahmer by 2.9 seconds at the checkered. Shepard, Gobrecht, and Jones completed the top five. Sixth through tenth were Jesse Wentz, Johnny Mackison, Jr., Ely, Adams (who advanced from his 24th starting spot), and Michael. Sprint heats were won by Lutz, Tim Kuhn, Wentz, and Mackison. Twin consis were won by Gobrecht and Shaffer. underway at 7:30 p.m. LINCOLN SPEEDWAY RACE RESULTS SATURDAY - JULY 25, 1998 SUPER SPRINTS Feature (25 Laps) - 1. 77-Fred Rahmer ($2,500); 2. 12-Tim Shaffer; 3. 4J-Jeff Shepard; 4. 1-Kevin Gobrecht; 5. 8J-Danny Jones; 6. 2W-Jesse Wentz; 7. 65-Johnny Mackison Jr.; 8. 77E-Dave Ely; 9. 77A-Kenny Adams; 10. 88-Sean Michael; 11. 32-Brook Weibley; 12. 12B-Brian Montieth; 13. 07-Mike Lutz; 14. 8D-Billy Dietrich; 15. 43-Larry Shive; 16. 10N-Dave Haight (DNF); 17. 7E-Darren Eash (DNF); 18. 59-Steve Siegel (DNF); 19. 25-Todd Gracey (DNF); 20. 16-Bill Brian Jr. (DNF); 21. 48-Chris Knopp (DNF); 22. 69-Shawn Weaver (DNF); 23. 2$-Tim Kuhn (DNF); 24. 17E-Cris Eash (DNF). No Time Lap Leaders - Danny Jones (1-15), Fred Rahmer (16-25) 1st Heat (10 Laps\4 to qualify) - 1. 07-Mike Lutz; 2. 69-Shawn Weaver; 3. 25-Todd Gracey; 4. 77-Fred Rahmer; 5. 1-Kevin Gobrecht; 6. 32-Brook Weibley; 7. 11D-Butch Duncan; 8. 2T-Tracy Readinger; 9. 10-Chad Wolf; 10. 4L-Jeff Rohrbaugh (DNF). Time - 2:21.84 2nd Heat (10 Laps\4 to qualify) - 1. 2$-Tim Kuhn; 2. 77E-Dave Ely; 3. 16-Bill Brian Jr.; 4. 88-Sean Michael; 5. 7E-Darren Eash; 6. 0-Billy Wilburn; 7. 43-Larry Shive; 8. 3-Tom Howe; 9. 29T-Neil Amspacher (DNF). Time - 2:25.35 3rd Heat (10 Laps\4 to qualify) - 1. 2W-Jesse Wentz; 2. 8D-Billy Dietrich; 3. 8J-Danny Jones; 4. 10N-Dave Haight; 5. 12-Tim Shaffer; 6. 59-Steve Siegel; 7. 77A-Kenny Adams; 8. 94-Glendon Forsythe; 9. 03-Jeff Miller; 10. 71-Bill Stine. Time - 2:23.86 4th Heat (10 Laps\4 to qualify) - 1. 65-Johnny Mackison Jr.; 2. 48-Chris Knopp; 3. 4J-Jeff Shepard; 4. 17E-Cris Eash; 5. 12B-Brian Montieth; 6. 8-Dan Dietrich; 7. 3H-Kevin Higgins; 8. 16K-Jim Walters; 9. 6-Eric Mathiot. Time - 2:19.92 1st Consolation (10 Laps\4 to qualify) - 1. 1-Kevin Gobrecht; 2. 7E-Darren Eash; 3. 32-Brook Weibley; 4. 43-Larry Shive; 5. 3-Tom Howe; 6. 2T-Tracy Readinger; 7. 4L-Jeff Rohrbaugh (DNF); 8. 10-Chad Wolf (DNF); 9. 29T-Neil Amspatcher (DNF); 10. 11D-Butch Duncan (DNF); DNS - 0-Billy Wilburn. No Time 2nd Consolation (10 Laps\4 to qualify) - 1. 12-Tim Shaffer; 2. 59-Steve Siegel; 3. 12B-Brian Montieth; 4. 77A-Kenny Adams; 5. 8-Dan Dietrich; 6. 3H-Kevin Higgins; 7. 94-Glendon Forsythe; 8. 71-Bill Stine; 9. 03-Jeff Miller; 10. 16K-Jim Walters; DNS - 6-Eric Mathiot. No Time

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