Lincoln Speedway 97-09-27

Lance Dewease won his fourth race of the season at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday night. Dewease started on the pole and led all 25 laps in the feature event. Thirty nine Super Sprint cars signed into the pit area hoping to make the race for ...

Lance Dewease won his fourth race of the season at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday night. Dewease started on the pole and led all 25 laps in the feature event.

Thirty nine Super Sprint cars signed into the pit area hoping to make the race for Manufacturers Night. Twenty four drivers made the race and each were awarded with certificates and prizes worth over $38,000 in total.

When the green dropped on the feature, Dewease took command at the front. Sean Michael, who started behind Dewease in the second row, took second place on the first turn. Dan Jones followed briefly in third but was soon overtaken by Cris Eash.

Fred Rahmer started tenth but wasted no time in making his move to the front. Rahmer was sixth at the end of the first lap.

Dewease led, followed by Sean Michael, Cris Eash, Dan Jones, Kevin Gobrecht and Fred Rahmer. Rahmer was pressured by Jesse Wentz but the other front runners ran comfortably in their positions until the yellow appeared with six laps complete.

The yellow was for the #45 of Jeff Rohrbaugh who came to a stop in turn four. Yellow turned to red when Glendon Forsythe found himself on his side in turn three. Dan Dietrich, Shawn Keen and Bill Brian all came to a stop in the turn three area.

After being put back on his wheels, Forsythe continued. Dietrich was towed to the pits and was finished for the evening. All the others continued.

Dewease made a good restart and jumped to a five car length lead with ease. Eash made it known that he wanted second from Sean Michael but the action stopped after one lap. Cliff Brian hit Dan Jones from behind as the 8j of Jones began to do the moonwalk through the top ten. Jones continued and finished tenth. Cliff Brian was classified 21st.

On the restart, Dewease made another great start and pulled away from the field. But racing was halted after one lap once again as Shawn Keen tangled with Rick Schmelyun low in turn two. Meanwhile, Becca Anderson and Brook Weibley tangled high in turn two. Weibley got his 15d Sprinter on its side and the red flag was shown. No drivers were injured. Becca Anderson had been running 13th, having started as an alternate on the last row. Only Anderson continued, finishing 16th in her 410 debut at Lincoln.

The green flew with 18 laps left in the race. Dewease checked out until the waning laps of the race when Eash mounted a late challenge for the win.

Eash moved passed Sean Michael on the restart taking second. On the next lap, Kevin Gobrecht passed Michael in turn one with Michael trying to return the favor in turn three. Gobrecht held him off to take third.

Rahmer, who had been in a battle with Gobrecht, went low into turn one passing Michael too. But Michael stayed with Rahmer down the backstretch, putting a slider on Rahmer into turn three. Rahmer ducked low coming out of turn four, repassing Michael to cement fourth place.

Jeff Shepard started in the 15th position. He moved into sixth by passing Jesse Wentz as the flagman signaled half distance. Shepard chased down Sean Michael and the pair took the white flag side by side. Shepard finished just ahead of Michael at the checkered flag.

Dewease's win was number 25 on the season. Dewease had been tied with Fred Rahmer at 24 wins each. Lincoln is dark next Saturday night as the Pennsylvania Posse race Friday and Saturday night at the National Open held at Williams Grove Speedway. The National Open is sanctioned by the World of Outlaws.

Heat One Results (10 laps/4 to qualify) 1. 2w Jesse Wentz 2. 88x Sean Michael 3. 461 Lance Dewease 4. 45 Jeff Rohrbaugh 5. 15d Brook Weibley 6. 17n Niki Young 7. 8d Billy Dietrich 8. 1/2 Von McGee (DNF) 2t Tracy Readinger (DNS) 43 Larry Shive (DNS) No Time.

Heat Two Results 1. 1 Kevin Gobrecht 2. 88 Todd Shaffer 3. 94 Glendon Forsythe 4. 53 Shawn Keen 5. 07 Dave Haight 6. 1a Bobby Allen 7. 10 Len Thompson 8. 33 Todd Hestor 9. a18 Becca Anderson (DNF) Time: 2:22.68

Heat Three Results 1. 77 Fred Rahmer 2. 17e Cris Eash 3. 16c Cliff Brian 4. 4j Jeff Shepard 5. 10n Jeff Thompson 6. 7 Brian Gobrecht 7. 88f Phil Walter 8. 65 Christine Karns 9. 6 Eric Mathiot 10. 3h Kevin Higgins (DNF) Time: 2:23.59

Heat Four Results 1. 8 Dan Dietrich 2. 8j Dan Jones 3. 7s Rick Schmelyun 4. 29 Bill Brian 5. 59 Steve Siegel 6. 3k Len Krautheim 7. 17k Scott Karl 8. 60 Bernie Lemaster (DNF) 9. LT4 Dave Cook (DNF) 10. 55 Jimmy Layton (DNF) Time: 2:29.00

Consi #1 Results (10 laps/4 to qualify) 1. 15d Brook Weibley 2. 07 Dave Haight 3. 1a Bobby Allen 4. 10 Len Thompson 5. a18 Becca Anderson 6. 17n Niki Young 7. 33 Todd Hestor 8. 43 Larry Shive 9. 8d Billy Dietrich 1/2 Von McGee (DNS) 2t Tracy Readinger (DNS) Time: 2:29.28

Consi #2 Results 1. 59 Steve Siegel 2. 7 Brian Gobrecht 3. 88f Phil Walter 4. 3k Len Krautheim 5. 55 Jimmy Layton 6. 65 Christine Karns 7. 3h Kevin Higgins 8. 17k Scott Karl (DNF) 9. 6 Eric Mathiot (DNF) 10. 10n Jeff Thompson (DNF) 11. LT4 Dave Cook (DNF) 60 Bernie Lemaster (DNS) No Time.

Feature Results (25 laps) 1. Lance Dewease ($2,500) 2. Cris Eash 3. Kevin Gobrecht 4. Fred Rahmer 5. Jeff Shepard 6. Sean Michael 7. Jesse Wentz 8. Todd Shaffer 9. Steve Siegel 10. Dan Jones 11. Dave Haight 12. Jeff Rohrbaugh 13. Len Thompson 14. Len Krautheim 15. Glendon Forsythe 16. Becca Anderson (Alt. - Brian Gobrecht scratched) 17. Shawn Keen 18. Rick Schmelyun (DNF) 19. Brook Weibley (DNF) 20. Bill Brian (DNF) 21. Cliff Brian (DNF) 22. Phil Walter (DNF) 23. Dan Dietrich (DNF) 24. Bobby Allen (DNF) Brian Gobrecht (DNS)

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