Lincoln Speedway 2000-09-30

JONES WINS LAST LINCOLN 358 SHOW; Beaver & Fedder Score Sportsman & Street Stock Wins ABBOTTSTOWN, PA - Hanover's Danny Jones powered to his first 358 sprint feature win of the season at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday evening to become the...

Beaver & Fedder Score Sportsman & Street Stock Wins

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA - Hanover's Danny Jones powered to his first 358 sprint feature win of the season at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday evening to become the sixth different winner this season in the final 358 race of the season at the Pigeon Hills oval. Marysville's Donnie Beaver won his first super sportsman race of the season in there 25-lap feature to become the 16th different sportsman feature winner of the season in the division's first and only appearance at Lincoln. Newport's Tim Fedder recorded his first ever win at Lincoln in the 15-lap street stock main event. The victory marked Fedder's 15th win overall this season at three area speedways.

Polesitter James Layton took the early lead in the 358 Sprint feature. On the second lap, track champion Doug Esh turned over his Sprinter in the second turn and, surprisingly, was able to rejoin the race and finish sixth. Layton was followed by third-place starter Danny Warrick and seventh-place starter Danny Jones. Jones made an exciting pass by both Warrick and Layton for the lead on the inside of the second turn on the sixth circuit, only to have the caution flag unfurl and revert the field back to the last completed lap. Jones, however, made a successful sweep by Layton for the lead in turn four on the eighth lap. Once in front, Jones stretched his lead to more than a straightaway at times. In the final laps, sixth-place starter Bob Camilli attempted to challenge Jones but to no avail. At the checkered flag, Jones was victorious over Camilli, Joe Ilg, Chad Layton and Tim Hershey. Heats for the 37 limited sprinters were won by Billy Dietrich, Gary Gollub, James Layton, Adrian Shaffer. Twin consolations were won by Scott Ausherman and Tim Hershey.

Second-place starter Mark Zimmerman powered into the lead at the start of the Super Sportsman main event. Zimmerman was trailed by third-place starter Ryan Rupp and polesitter John Garman during the early laps of the event. Bill Heckert and Smokey Snellbaker collided on the frontstretch on the third circuit; both drivers escaped injury. When the race resumed, Zimmerman was the pacesetter while ninth-place starter Donnie Beaver began his charge to the front of the pack. At the halfway point, Beaver was in striking distance. The second half of the race saw 10th-place starter Joe Reneker join the battle for the lead. On the 16th circuit, Reneker passed Beaver for the runner up position. For the final three laps, the top three drivers see-sawed for positions in heavy lapped traffic. On the final circuit, Beaver took the lead with an inside pass entering turn one, only to have Zimmerman take it back on the backstretch. Coming off the final turn, Beaver secured the lead and won the race with an outside pass by Zimmerman, who settled for second. Reneker, Ken Carberry and Frankie Herr completed the top five. Heats for the 47 super sportsman were won by Mark Zimmerman, Leroy Martin, Donnie Beaver, and Paul Miller. Twin consolations were won by Tom Haxall and John Stehman.

Outside front row starter Sam Leonard took the lead at the start of the Street Stock main event. Leonard was chased by polesitter Tim Fedder for the first eight laps before lapped traffic became a factor. On the ninth circuit, Leonard encountered a slower car in the second turn which allowed Fedder to make the winning pass using the outside lane. Once in front, Fedder began to stretch his lead. Fedder took the checkered flag ahead of Sam Leonard, Kirby Sites, John Greider and Joe Whitely in the top five. Heats for the 25 street stocks were won by Tim Fedder, Sam Leonard, and Troy Miller.

Next Saturday night, October 7th, Lincoln Speedway will present it's the final race of the 2000 season featuring the Fourth Annual Kenny Weld Memorial for super sprints. The thundercars will join in there final point race of the season as well. Gates will open at 5 PM, with time trials getting underway at 7 PM.

Saturday - September 30, 2000
Abbottstown, PA

358 Sprints:

Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 88-Danny Jones; 2. 34-Bob Camilli; 3. 22J-Joe Ilg; 4. U1-Chad Layton; 5. 56V-Tim Hershey; 6. 6E-Doug Esh; 7. 11C-Cory Hass; 8. 46-Jim Layton; 9. 11T-TJ Stutts; 10. 11S-Duane Smith; 11. 8-Dan Deitrich; 12. 10K-Mark Yinger; 13. 7K- Dan Shelter; 14. 2J-Billy Johns; 15. 21-Adrian Shaffer; 16. 56-Danny Warrick; 17. 56X-Nate Snyder; 18. 4-Eric Stambaugh; 19. 55E-Brian Eichelberger; 20. 71-Joe Whitcomb; 21. 29T-Scott Ausherman; 22. 00-Gary Gollub; 23. 8D-Billy Dietrich; 24. 30-Darren Eash.

Lap Leaders - James Layton (1-7), Danny Jones (8-20)

Heat Winners - Billy Dietrich, Gary Gollub, James Layton, Adrian Shaffer

Consolation Winners - Scott Ausherman, Tim Hershey

Super Sportsman:

25-Lap A-Main: 1. 10-Donnie Beaver; 2. 340-Mark Zimmerman; 3. 25-Joe Reneker; 4. 47-Ken Carberry; 5. 3-Frankie Herr; 6. 33-Ryan Rupp; 7. 55H-Tom Haxall; 8. 59-Steve Wilbur; 9. 5T-Bobby Weaver; 10. 93-Danny Hager; 11. 58-Paul Miller; 12. 7-Russ Mitten; 13. 44-John Garman; 14. 42-JR Fry; 15. 5B-Dave Berkheimer; 16. 66-Leroy Martin; 17. 07-Billy Schoffstall; 18. 6-Rod Adams; 19. 23-John Stehman; 20. 2A-Carmen Perigo; 21. 41S-Jim Shuttlesworth; 22. 82-Bill Heckert 23. 32-Smokey Snellbaker; 24. 5G-Pat Cannon.

Lap Leaders - Mark Zimmerman (1-24), Donnie Beaver (25)

Heat Winners - Mark Zimmerman, Leroy Martin, Donnie Beaver, Paul Miller

Consolation Winners - Tom Haxall, John Stehman

Street Stocks:

15-Lap A-Main: 1. 34-Tim Fedder; 2. 8-Sam Leonard; 3. 95-Kirby Sites; 4. 4C-John Greider 5. 33-Joe Whitely; 6. 11M-Craig Morgan; 7. 29-Greg Foster; 8. 21-Roger Leaman; 9. 11S-Troy Miller; 10. 64-Stan Wanner; 11. 4A-Randy Askey; 12. 69-George Eash; 13. 28-Butck Kennedy; 14. 22-Will Simmers; 15. 4J-Larry Hughes; 16. 7S-Kevin Sigler; 17. 77-Brian Boughter; 18. R28-Richard Rhoads; 19. 29S-Nick Sholtes; 20. 31-Bob Dellinger; 21. 31S-Gene Wrightstone; 22. 1-Kyle Saylor; 23. 23-Justin Rhoads; 24. W3-John White; 25. 32X-Tim Sharp (DNS).

Lap Leaders - Sam Leonard (1-8), Tim Fedder (9-15)

Heat Winners - Tim Fedder, Sam Leonard, Troy Miller

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