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SPRINTS: Lincoln, PA 96-06-22 June 22, 1996 Abbottstown, PA Greetings sprint car fans as r4 and Mr. G. return to Lincoln Speedway for a Saturday night show. On the racing program were the 410 Sprints, the Armaclad KARS Sprints and the Thunder...

SPRINTS: Lincoln, PA 96-06-22 June 22, 1996 Abbottstown, PA

Greetings sprint car fans as r4 and Mr. G. return to Lincoln Speedway for a Saturday night show. On the racing program were the 410 Sprints, the Armaclad KARS Sprints and the Thunder cars. Signed into the pits were twenty-four of the 410 sprints, thirty of the KARS sprints and twenty four of the Thunder cars.

I recently came across a 1976 copy of a Licoln Speedway program and it is interesting to see the cars and drivers. There also is some great information in it. Here are a few brain teasers with the answers at the bottom of the post.

    1.)  Who is the "Black Bandit'?
    2.)  Who won the PA State sprint car champioshio in 1975?
    3.)  Who drove the sprint car # 87 known as the "Big Rig"? 

Of interest was that the Dan Dietrich car #99 was present with Scott Karl behind the wheel. I will not be providing any information on the Thunder cars since I did not stay for their feature as it was last on the racing card for the evening. It was a long night, especially after being at the Grove on Friday night.

Heat races were ten laps in distance with six to qualify with the top four being handicapped into the feature based on their respective point standings. In the heat races I will provide the following information: finishing position, cars number, driver and starting position.

410 SPRINTS HEAT ONE 1.) #45 Jeff Rohrbaugh [3] 2.) #92 Kevin Gobrecht [5] 3.) #66A Bobby Fletcher [4] 4.) #81B Bob Beidleman [7] 5.) #47 Dwyane Boris [8] 6.) #10N Jeff Thompson Only first five qualifiers were running at the completion of the heat due to accidents and mechanical failure.

HEAT TWO 1.) #25 Todd Gracey [5] 2.) #99 Scott Karl [1] 3.) #07 Dave Haight [4] 4.) #77 Howie Locke [3] 5.) #15D Brook Weibley [8] 6.) #81 Mike Dillman [7] On the first lap the #12 of Keith Kauffman got tangled with the leaders while trying to spilt them in turn four and the car went end over end almost in slow motion. As soon as Keith climbed from the machine the Apple Chevrolet team started scurrying around securing equipment. The hauler left the track to pick up another car since the shop is near by as the wrecker brought the remains of the sprinter to the pits. Question was could they get the car and return and be ready for the feature?

HEAT THREE 1.) #16C Cliff Brian [4] 2.) #2W Jesse Wentz [5] 3.) #17e Cris Eash [6] 4.) #43 Larry Shive [2] 5.) #8X Danny Jones [7] 6.) #X Bobby Weaver [3] Numerous cars tangled together in turn three on the first lap with only the #X of Bobby Weaver stopping and requiring a push truck.

Twenty Five Lap 410 Sprint Feature Row 1: #99 Scott Karl #43 Larry Shive Row 2: #77 Howie Locke #66A Bobby Fletcher Row 3: #07 Dave Haight #16C Cliff Brian Row 4: #45 Jeff Rohrbaugh #25 Todd Gracey Row 5: #2W Jesse Wentz #17e Cris Eash Row 6: #92 Kevin Gobrecht #81B Bob Beidleman Row 7: #47 Dwyane Boris #15D Brook Weibley Row 8: #8X Danny Jones #10N Jeff Thompson Row 9: #81 Mike Dillman #X Bobby Weaver Row 10: #48 Gene Knaubb #12B Brian Montieth Row 11: #69 Shawn Weaver #16 Bill Brian Jr. Row 12: #29M Keith McMannus #12 Keith Kauffman

The green waved and the action began as the cars reached the first turn. The #66A of Bobby Fletcher tried to use the low side in turn one and got into the turn too hard. He got the car sideways and lost it. As Fletcher slid up the track he was collected by #16C of Cliff Brian and then numerous cars piled in. Involved in the wreck were the following cars: #81B Bob Beidleman, #15D Brook Weibley, #2W Jesse Wentz, #12B Brian Montieth, #69 Shawn Weaver, #12 Keith Kauffman and the #45 of Jeff Rohrbaugh who received the most damage. The #45 of Rohrbaugh was not able to return due to front axle problems.

On the restart the #25 of Todd Gracey takes the point with the #17e of Cris Eash in third and the #92 of Kevin Gobrecht in fifth. Working the third lap found the #12 of Kauffman up to the tenth position as the yellow flew for the #12B of Brian Montieth who came to a stop in turn four for a flat right front tire. The top five were: #25, #17e, #99, #92, #07.

On the restart Gracey and Eash were fighting for position with Eash making the pass in turn four. The racing now heated up between the #99 of Scott Karl and the #92 of Kevin Gobrecht. Gobrecht got by in turn two as Karl tried to get back by Gobrecht on the back stretch but made contact and got airborne and pirouetted along the wall. I thought Karl went out over the wall but the car came back across the track and came to rest along the inside guard rail bringing out the red flag. Fortunately he was able to get out of the car. As the car came around to the pits on the wrecker there was no top wing, rear end or front end on the car. Not much left at all. The top eight running order was: #17e, #25, #77, #07, #92, #12, #16, #48.

On the restart the #77 of Locke lost it in turn one and he got drilled by the #12 of Kauffman. Locke flipped on his side while Kauffman went end over end down the track slipping a great deal of methanol. Once again the red flew. By now Kauffman must have been wondering if the team did the right thing bringing the a second car to the track. Under the red the #10N of Thompson change rear shocks on the front stretch. This all happened after the #15D of Brook Weibley had originally brought the caution flag out when he came to a stop in turn four.

Eighteen cars took the green with Eash leading the way with Gobrecht getting by the #07 of Dave Haight in turn four on lap eight. Gobrecht now appeared ready to close in on Gracey and battle for second however the #81 of Mike Dillman came to a stop exiting turn four.

Seventeen cars now took the green flag with Eash leading the way. The battle for second really heated up as Gobrecht closed on the second place car of Gracey wile the #16C of Bill Brian closed in on Gobrecht. All this came to an end on lap nineteen when Cliff Brian came to a stop in turn four bringing out yet another yellow. The top five running order was: #17e, #25, #92, #16, #07

When the green waved only fourteen cars took it with Eash showing the way. The battle again raged between Gracey, Gobrecht and Brian but no positions were swapped. Eash easily won the feature.

The race was slowed with three red flags due to accidents and three yellow flags.

FEATURE TOP FIVE FINISHERS #17e, #25, #92, #16, #07

VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW This was Cris Eash's fifth win at Lincoln and the second in a row. Cris said they are on a roll and it feels good when the car is perfect cause it makes it so easy. Todd was strong but the Brown engine was strong. Cris said that this would not have been possible if it were not for his crew and his father. KARS SPRINTS I tried my best to get the names of the driver from the track PA or the program but in some case I may be error. HEAT ONE 1.) #31 Tim Higgins [6] 2.) #95 Mike Lehman [9] 3.) #7 Warren [2] 4.) #21J Judd Sheppard [7] 5.) #3F Tom Fraschetta [4] 6.) #69R Randy Rhoads [3]

HEAT TWO 1.) #8 Kevin McNew [6] 2.) #23R Doug Raghmer? [2] 3.) #66H Dale Hammaker [8] 4.) #33 Jeremy Trout [7] 5.) #30 Tom Leach [3] 6.) #80R Dan Richcreek [4] During this heat the Apple Chevrolet hauler returns with a sprinter in less than 40 minutes.

HEAT THREE 1.) #90 Tracey Limepten? [4] 2.) #81 Bob Beidelman [8] 3.) #50 Brian Seidel [7] 4.) #88 Randy Ruth [9] 5.) #21 Jeff Stelter [3] 6.) #81X Rich Carnathan [8]

CONSI 1.) #46 Bill Albright [10] 2.) #32 Brook Weibly [1] 3.) #2 Denny Gross [2] 4.) #1 Tom Wolfman? [4] 5.) #6 Tim Hershey [6] 6.) #7K ?

TOP FIVE Twenty Five Lap KARS Feature 1.) #33 Jeremy Trout [7] 2.) #31 Tim Higgins [4] 3.) #66H Dale Hammaker [9] 4.) #90 Tracey Limepten? [3] 5.) #50 Brian Seidel [8]

Brain Teaser Answers 1. Steve Smith Sr. 2. Bobby Allen 3. Larry Krimers

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