Lincoln, PA report 96-04-27

SPRINTS: Lincoln, PA 96-04-27 Well considering I was out of town I did a double sprint weekend. On Saturday night I went to the Lincoln Speedway. For those of you who have never been to Lincoln it is a 3/8 mile clay banked oval track. ...

SPRINTS: Lincoln, PA 96-04-27

Well considering I was out of town I did a double sprint weekend. On Saturday night I went to the Lincoln Speedway. For those of you who have never been to Lincoln it is a 3/8 mile clay banked oval track. Lincoln is located in New Oxford (Abbotstown), Pa approximately 1.7 miles east of SR 94 on US 30, then 1/2 mile south at the speedway sign. It has been awhile since I have been to Lincoln and I was late for the beginning since they started racing at 7:00 PM. The time will be going back to 7:30 I believe in two weeks. Let me mention the seating arrangements at Lincoln since they are unique. In turns one and four are regular bleacher style grandstands. The main grandstand on the front stretch is a poured concrete structure with plenty of room for sitting and people passing by without having to move. However, if it has been a hot summer day in Central PA that grandstand really holds the heat late into the evening!

On this particular night Lincoln had the 410 Sprints, Micro Sprints and the Thunder cars. In the pits were twenty four 410 Sprints, over fifty Micro Sprints and twenty three Thunder Cars. Admission price for adults is $12.00 for a regular show. The 410 Sprints had three heats each ten laps, no consi and a 25 lap feature. The Micro Sprints had five, yes five, heat races, two consi races at six laps and a 15 lap feature. The Thunder Cars had three heat races at eight laps, no consi and a 15 lap feature.

Being that I was late I missed the first 410 Sprint heat and the start of the second 410 Sprint heat. I also once again did not stay for the complete show, after I got at the track I realized I had locked myself out of the hotel room. Ooopppps. The heat racing action with the Micro Sprints and the Thunder Cars was outstanding and I will return a few times before the season is over. Since I am not familiar with all the drivers names I might have made some spelling mistake with names and I apologize for that.

25 Lap Feature The feature lined up this way: Row 1: #15D Gene Knaub, #45 Jeff Rohrbaugh; Row 2: #66A Bobby Fletcher, #X Bobby Weaver; Row 3: #25 Todd Gracey, # 2W Jesse Wentz; Row 4: #17e Cris Eash, #59 Keith Kauffman; Row 5: #69K Don Kreitz Jr., #1J Steve Siegel; Row 6: #39 Phil Walter, # 99 Dwayne Morris; Row 7: #92 Kevin Gobrecht, #77 Lott; Row 8: #99T Tom Toter, #12B Brian Montieth; Row 9: #73 Lyons, #10N Jeff Thompson; Row 10: #11D Butch Duncan; Row 11: #43 Larry Shive, #07 Dave Haight; Row 12: #22 Holtrighter, #16 Bill Brian Jr.; Row 13: #81 Dobman.

The race started off clean but that quickly changed as the #16 of Brian and the #73 of Lyons got together exiting turn two bringing out the first yellow of the evening. On the restart numerous cars got together in turn one bringing out the first red flag of the evening. In all nine cars were involved but the only one that was unable to continue was the #69K of Kreitz. The #39 of Walter and the #07 of Haight went into the pits. None of the cars turned over but it was a traffic pile up. One car I noticed in the mess was the #92 of Gobrecht who was able to role away with little or no apparent damage.

Well once again the green waved and by lap four the #2W of Wentz was in the lead. The #92 of Gobrecht was looked like he was beginning to move forward, if not the wheelies he pulled going down the front stretch looked impressive. On lap six the second red flag of the night flew for the #10N of Jeff Thompson who hit the wall between turn three and four and then ended up on its side. Luckily he exited the car and appeared to be shakened a little as he sat against the wall before walking away. During this time the #38 of Walter was back in the pits and the #X of Weaver was brought into the pits on the hook. I did not catch how or why but the #X of Weaver was brought to the pits by a wrecker during this red flag period.

Once again the green flag waved but on lap seven the yellow was back out for the second time for the #12B of Montieth in turn three. Score now two red flags and two yellow flags. The top five were: #2W, #45, #59, #66, #15D.

The green waved again and the field was off, until lap nine that was. The #45 of Rohrbaugh spins in turn four bringing out the third yellow for the evening. Somehow while the yellow was waving the #25 of Gracey slammed into the inside guard rail exiting turn four while the #11D of Duncan also spins in the turn four area.

Once again the green flag waved and the field was off, until there was a wreck in turn four which brought out the fourth yellow flag of the evening. Involved were the #17e of Eash who needed a wrecker, the #11D of Duncan who also needed a wrecker. Also involved were the #1J of Siegel and the #99 of Morris.

So far we have seen the green waved six times, the yellow four times and the red twice and there are still fifteen laps left. Oh boy! Okay here we go. The green flag waved again, making it the seven time, and the field was off. By lap ten the #92 of Gobrecht moves up to the fourth position while over in turn three the #81 of Dobman spins bring out the yellow once again. Once again the field takes the green and the #92 of Gobrecht passed the third place car #59 of Kauffman in turn three. Wait is that the yellow I see without an accident? Yes it was and it was for debris in turn three. Once again the green waved and the #2W of Wentz was off. On lap twelve the #92 of Gobrecht passed the #66A of Fletcher on the back stretch entering turn three moving him up to second position. It looked like the #92 of Gobrecht was catching up to the #2W however on lap seventeen the yellow once again waved for the #92 of Gobrecht who had lost it in turn four and hit the inside guard rail with the tail of the car. However, he did do a full 360 degree spin but lost power after getting out of the racing groove up against the outside guard rail.

The field aligned for a restart in the following order: #2W, #66A, #59, #X, #16. The field took the green and finished under race conditions. The winner was the #2W of Jesse Wentz. This was his first feature win at Lincoln Speedway.

TOP SEVEN #2W, #66A, #59, #16, #07, #92, #X

All totaled in a 25 lap feature the Green flag waved 9 times, the Yellow waved 7 times, the Red flag waved 2 times, the White Flag waved once and the Checkered flag once. I would imagine that Jesse was glad to finally see the checkered flag wave. The driver that was on the move was the #92 of Gobrecht. He started thirteenth and was as far back as fourteenth during a caution but then worked his way to second prior to his spin. Even after his spin he fought back and finished a respectable sixth.

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