Limaland NRA/SOD Challenge results

SOD sensation Dustin Daggett takes NRA/ SOD Challenge at Limaland Motorsports Park 43 sprint cars entered round one of the Sprints On Dirt/ National Racing Alliance Challenge, but it was Portland, MI's Dustin Daggett that took the checkers.

SOD sensation Dustin Daggett takes NRA/ SOD Challenge at Limaland Motorsports Park

43 sprint cars entered round one of the Sprints On Dirt/ National Racing Alliance Challenge, but it was Portland, MI's Dustin Daggett that took the checkers. "The car was great down low away from the bumps. I passed the 14 car (Andy Conley) on the bottom, so I kept in down there. Then on the caution they moved the 33 (Tim Sites) behind me, I did not know what to think." Stated Daggett. "I really need to thank the team. Uncle Tom, my Dad, Grandpa, and Terry, I mean everybody. They all put so much time into this deal for me. I also need to thank BOC Gasses, Tri-County Collision, and Hardcore Graphics." Daggett brought the win home for the visiting SOD team in his Maxim Big Max, with a Dowker Racing Engines power plant under the hood.

The initial start had the 1 car of Kent Walters jump into the early lead, followed by Andy Conley, and Tim Sites. Sites, however, had passed two cars before the start of the race, resulting in a four car penalty. As the race entered the second lap, Conley passed Walters on the highside of turn three to take the lead. Walters settled into second, with Conley, and Daggett in tow. Conley would move past Walters on lap four, and Daggett soon followed passing Walters on lap five. The car on the move at this time was the 62 of Dwain Leiber. Using the rough highside of the track, Leiber started picking off cars one at a time in the early stages moving up to the fourth position on lap seven.

Daggett made a move into second in turn three on lap seven, passing Conley on the low side once again. Daggett then set sail after Sites who was checked out with a 20-car length lead. Lap 14 would show the first caution, this is when the bad news struck Sites, as he was moved behind Daggett for jumping the initial start.

On the restart, Daggett began to check out as a war was waged for the second position between Sites and Leiber. Then on lap 15 the caution come out for Tim Allison and Greg Wilson who made contact in turn three, ending the evening for Wilson. The lap 15 restart, Daggett again began to pull away, but Leiber quickly disposed of the lapped cars and set sail after Daggett. In the late stages of the race, Dain Naida was on the move, grabbing the 8th position on lap 20. The final five laps had Daggett maintain his lead over Leiber, and was never seriously challenged. At the finish, Daggett would bring home the win in his first ever visit to Limaland Motorsports Park. Dwain Leiber was second, followed by Mike Dussel, Mike Brecht, and Tony Beaber in the top five. Sites, Naida, Matt Alloway, Mike Miller and Scott Cramer rounded out the top 10.

The Limaland Motorsports Park Duel in the Dirt 10 lap dash was up next. The top five cars from the NRA, would do battle with the top five cars from SOD. Scott Cramer grabbed the early lead, and quickly checked out leaving the rest of the field to battle for second. And what a battle it was. At the finish, Cramer grabbed the extra $1025, followed by Jim Wohlfeil, Daggett, Ronnie Beale, and Dussel in the top five. Alloway, Darren Long, Naida, J.R. Stewart and John Gall would round out the field.

Up next for the SOD sprinters will be a long awaited return to Ionia Raceway Park on June 6th. The next SOD/ NRA Shootout will take place July 5 at Butler Motor Speedway. For more information, be sure to visit the official SOD website at, the NRA website at, or the official Limaland website at


B&B Oval Track Supply / Weld Racing Products Heat Race (top 4 to A-Main): (1:42.404) 1) 37s J.R. Stewart 2) 28 Aaron Warnock 3) 1 Kent Walters 4) 82 Mike Miller 5) 48 Tim Kern 6) 98 Cody Hewitt 7) 81 John Gall 8) 5w Jeff Williams 9) 33j Bill Johnson 10) 21 Tom Conrad Jr. 11) 35R Ron Blair

Kear's Speed Shop/ Pro Shocks Heat Race: (No time) 1) 11x Tim Allison 2) 1w Greg Wilson 3) 33h Tim Sites 4) 22d Dennis Yoakum 5) F1 Jon Finsel 6) 4u Rick Baughon 7) 7 Darren Long 8) 33k Kyle Patrick 9) 72 Dean St. Denis 10) 56R Ryan Myers 11) 15 Fred Bliss (DNS)

Goodyear Racing Tire/ Outerwares Pre-filters Heat Race: (1:42.432) 1) 20 Mike Brecht 2) 85 Dustin Daggett 3) 3t Tony Blair 4) 37A Matt Alloway 5) 97 Cory Seeling 6) 2b Jim Burgoon 7) 13 Davey Brown 8) 52 Mark Broughman 9) 10 Brandon Daniels 10) 21 Mike McGuire 11) 21 Dennis ward Jr. (DNS)

Brodix Cylinder Heads/ Sander Engineering Heat Race: (1:48.233) 1) 14c Andy Conley 2) 62B Steve Leiber 3) 62 Dwain Leiber 4) 6 Mike Dussel 5) 3w Jim Wohlfeil 6) 47 Scott Cramer 7) 54 Dain Naida 8) 3B Ronnie Beale 9) 3D Jeff Detweiler 10) 2m Jim McCarron

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 10 Laps (Top 2 to A-Main): (2:14.967) 1) 48 Kern 2) F1 Finsel 3) 4u Burgoon 4) 98 Hewitt 5) 7 Long 6) 5w Williams 7) 33k Patrick 8) 33J Johnson 9) 35 Blair 10) 81 Gall 11) 72 St. Denis 12) 21 Conrad 13) Myers (DNS)

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 10 Laps: (2:17.967) 1) 47 Cramer 2) 54 Naida 3) 3B Beale 4) 3w Wohlfeil 5) 52 Broughman 6) 13 Brown 7) 3D Detweiler 8) 21 McGuire 9) 10 Daniels 10) 2m McCarron 11) Seeling 12) 2B Burgoon

Sprints On Dirt/ NRA Invaders A-Main, 25 Laps: (No Time) 1) 85 Daggett 2) 62 D. Leiber 3) 6 Dussel 4) 29 Brecht 5) 3t Beaber 6) 33H Sites 7) 54 Naida 8) 37a Alloway 9) 82 Miller 10) 47 Cramer 11) 11x Allison 12) 1 Walters 13) 22D Yoakom 14) 14c Conley 15) 37s Stewart 16) 1w Wilson 17) 62B Leiber 18) 48 Kern 19) F1 Finsel 20) 28 Warnock

Limaland Motorsports Park Duel in the Dirt Dash, 10 Laps:
Lap Leaders: Kent Walters 1-3, Andy Conley 4-7, Daggett 8-25 (Sites lead laps 2-13, but was penalized for jumping the initial start)

B&B Oval Track Supply Award Winner: Ronnie Beale, Jim Baughan
Kear's Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: Fred Bliss
Rose City Motors Front Row Challenge Winner: Not Accepted ($575)
Frankland Racing Supply Award Winner: Bill Johnson
High Vista Video Hard Charger: Dain Naida
All Pro Cylinder Heads Rookie of the Race: Jim McCarron


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