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ASCS Drivers Shine in Brodix TOC Prelim as Hesmer Gets 64th Win KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 7, 2004) 0x2022 Saturday night's Brodix Tournament of Champions 20-lap preliminary feature had a definite American Sprint Car Series flavor to...

ASCS Drivers Shine in Brodix TOC Prelim as Hesmer Gets 64th Win

KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 7, 2004) 0x2022 Saturday night's Brodix Tournament of Champions 20-lap preliminary feature had a definite American Sprint Car Series flavor to it, as ASCS drivers claimed three of the top six finishing positions while Knoxville regular David Hesmer notched his 64th career 360-ci Sprint Car victory atop the famed half-mile oval.

Current O'Reilly ASCS National Tour presented by Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores and Classic Trailers point leader Gary Wright led the ASCS forces with a runner-up finish, while Garry Lee Maier blitzed from his 20th starting position to claim fourth. American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region contender Tony Bruce, Jr., battled amongst the lead pack all the way before crossing the stripe in sixth.

With the top six in passing points inverted for the feature, Bruce led the field to the green flag with WOW representative Terry Hinck alongside. Bruce jumped into the early lead as ASCS shoe Darren Stewart raced into second on the opening round.

Finding the cushion to his liking, Stewart motored past Bruce to take command on the second round, with Bruce fending off Hesmer and Wright for second until lapped traffic came into play on the seventh round.

As Stewart worked through lapped traffic on the eighth round, Hesmer raced past Bruce then charged into the lead entering turn three as Stewart suffered a cut left rear tire and tipped over, bringing out the red flag.

As action resumed, Wright quickly disposed of Bruce for second before the red flag flew one lap later when Cody Branchcomb flipped in wild end-over-end fashion entering turn one. Branchcomb emerged uninjured.

Wright made a bid for the lead on the restart, sliding alongside Hesmer exiting turn four. Hesmer successfully fought off the challenge then adeptly worked through traffic over the final five rounds to secure the victory by 1.13-seconds over Wright.

Wright held off 14th-starter Jake Peters over the final rounds to snare the runner-up finish, with Peters settling for the show position. After winning one of the three B Mains, Maier battled side-by-side with Bruce for several rounds before claiming the fourth position. Joe Beaver made a last lap pass of Bruce to round out the top five.

Bruce settled for sixth, with John Schulz, Josh Higday, 23rd starter John Kearney and Dusty Zomer completing the top ten.

Frankie Heimbaugh, Hesmer, Bruce, Dain Naida, Higday and Wright captured heat race victories for the 65-car field, with Troy Meyer, Maier and Eric Jobe winning the 12-lap B Mains.

Sooner Region shoe Sean McClelland was nipped at the line by Naida in the fourth heat race, then crossed the stripe 15th in the main event.

Gulf South representative Ray Allen Kulhanek crossed the stripe third in the fourth heat race as he made his Knoxville Raceway debut. Kulhanek was sidelined from the main event after contact with the turn one wall on the opening round.

O'Reilly ASCS National Tour contender Natalie Sather was battling for the second and final transfer position in the third B Main when she looped her machine in the wake of Roger Rager's turn two slider. Sather escaped injury when her spinning machine was tagged by Phil Dietz.

Sooner Region rookie pilot Preston Peebles II spun from contention in the third B Main as well.

Defending ASCS National champion Travis Rilat was sidelined early when engine woes forced him pitside in heat race action.

Brodix Tournament of Champions Prelim Results:

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. #04 Frankie Heimbaugh (KNOX), 2. #5 Dave Glennon (WISS), 3. #126 Stacey Alexander (KNOX), 4. #73 Kramer Williamson (URC), 5. #18w Kevin Welsh (URC), 6. #51 David Hall (KNOX), 7. #54 Brett Mather (KNOX), 8. #7b Dave Becker (WISS), 9. #3 Matt Sutton (SIA), 10. #49 Josh Schneiderman (SIA), 11. #53h Matt Harms (SIA).

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. #1 David Hesmer (KNOX), 2. #53 Joe Beaver (KNOX), 3. #91x Darren Stewart (ASCS), 4. #11m Troy Meyer, 5. #96 Bronson Maeschen, 6. #15 Bobby Mincer (SIA), 7. #38m Nick Mulheim (SOD), 8. #25m Warren Mahoney (SOS), 9. #2h Ryan Voss, 10. #17J Jerry Brey (MST). DNS: #52 Mark Broughman (SOD).

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr. (ASCS-Sooner), 2. #94b Cody Branchcomb (ASCS), 3. #7 Darren Long (NRA), 4. #11x Garry Lee Maier (ASCS), 5. #6 Mitchell Alexander (KNOX), 6. #6g Cody Geldart (SOS), 7. #5r Ryan York, 8. #7a Johnny Anderson (KNOX), 9. #9 Rager Phillips, 10. #9c Tony Crank (WOW), 11. #36 Justin Newberry (SIA).

Fourth Heat (8 Laps): 1. #54n Dain Naida (SOD), 2. #1x Sean McClelland (ASCS-Sooner), 3. #77 Ray Allen Kulhanek (ASCS-GS), 4. #83 John Kearney (KNOX), 5. #20 Stevie Walsh (SIA), 6. #50 Manny Rockhold (SIA), 7. #84 Chris Roseland (Eagle), 8. #51J Ryan Jamison (SIA), 9. #5J Larry Ball, Jr. (SIA), 10. #62b Steve Leiber (NRA), 11. #29 Travis Rilat (ASCS).

Fifth Heat (8 Laps): 1. #10 Josh Higday, 2. #2s John Schulz (SIA), 3. #21h Terry Hinck (WOW), 4. #6r Roger Rager (WISS), 5. #94 Natalie Sather (ASCS), 6. #11p Preston Peebles II (ASCS-Sooner), 7. #13 Seth Brahmer (Eagle), 8. #5h Bobby Hawks (SIA), 9. #B29 Eric Mason (KNOX), 10. #0 Glenn Styres (SOS), 11. #85 Dustin Daggett (SOD).

Sixth Heat (8 Laps): 1. #9x Gary Wright (ASCS), 2. #57x Jake Peters (KNOX), 3. #1z Dusty Zomer (KNOX), 4. #72 Phil Dietz (MST), 5. #86 Doug Wilson, 6. #23 Eric Jobe (KNOX), 7. #5g Brett Golik (KNOX), 8. #5b Rick Ideus (Eagle), 9. #16s Donnie Steward (SIA), 10. #35 Brian Hetrick (SIA).

First B Feature (12 Laps): 1. #11m Troy Meyer, 2. #38m Nick Mulheim (SOD), 3. #54 Brett Mather (KNOX), 4. #7b Dave Becker (WISS), 5. #15 Bobby Mincer (SIA), 6. #73 Kramer Williamson (URC), 7. #3 Matt Sutton (SIA), 8. #49 Josh Schneiderman (SIA), 9. #17J Jerry Brey (MST), 10. #2h Ryan Voss, 11. #51 David Hall (KNOX), 12. #53h Matt Harms (SIA), 13. #52 Mark Broughman (SOD), 14. #25m Warren Mahoney (SOS), 15. #96 Bronson Maeschen. DNS: #18w Kevin Welsh (URC).

Second B Feature (12 Laps): 1. #11x Garry Lee Maier (ASCS), 2. #83 John Kearney (KNOX), 3. #6g Cody Geldart (SOS), 4. #50 Manny Rockhold (SIA), 5. #5r Ryan York, 6. #9 Rager Phillips, 7. #84 Chris Roseland (Eagle), 8. #62b Steve Leiber (NRA), 9. #9c Tony Crank (WOW), 10. #36 Justin Newberry (SIA), 11. #7a Johnny Anderson (KNOX), 12. #51J Ryan Jamison (SIA), 13. #20 Stevie Walsh (SIA), 14. #5J Larry Ball, Jr. (SIA). DNS: #6 Mitchell Alexander (KNOX), #29 Travis Rilat (ASCS).

Third B Feature (12 Laps): 1. #23 Eric Jobe (KNOX), 2. #85 Dustin Daggett (SOD), 3. #5b Rick Ideus (Eagle), 4. #6r Roger Rager (WISS), 5. #5h Bobby Hawks (SIA), 6. #86 Doug Wilson, 7. #72 Phil Dietz (MST), 8. #13 Seth Brahmer (Eagle), 9. #11p Preston Peebles II (ASCS-Sooner), 10. #0 Glen Styres (SOS), 11. #94s Natalie Sather (ASCS), 12. #16s Donnie Stewart (SIA), 13. #B29 Eric Mason (KNOX), 14. #5g Brett Golik (KNOX). DNS: #35 Brian Hetrick (SIA).

A Feature (20 Laps 0x2022 Starting position in brackets): 1. #1 David Hesmer (KNOX) [5], 2. #9x Gary Wright (ASCS) [8], 3. #57x Jake Peters (KNOX) [14], 4. #11x Garry Lee Maier (ASCS) [20], 5. #53 Joe Beaver (KNOX) [11], 6. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr. (ASCS-Sooner) [1], 7. #2s John Schulz (SIA) [9], 8. #10 Josh Higday [7], 9. #83 John Kearney (KNOX) [22], 10. #1z Dusty Zomer (KNOX) [17], 11. #38m Nick Mulheim (SOD) [22], 12. #126 Stacey Alexander (KNOX) [15], 13. #7 Darren Long (NRA) [16], 14. #23 Eric Jobe (KNOX) [21], 15. #1x Sean McClelland (ASCS-Sooner) [13], 16. #21h Terry Hinck (WOW) [2], 17. #11m Troy Meyer [19], 18. #85 Dustin Daggett (SOD) [24], 19. #5 Dave Glennon (WISS) [10], 20. #54n Dain Naida (SOD) [3], 21. #94b Cody Branchcomb (ASCS) [12], 22. #91x Darren Stewart (ASCS) [6], 23. #77 Ray Allen Kulhanek (ASCS-GS) [18], 24. #04 Frankie Heimbaugh [4].


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