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KNOXVILLE, IOWA (August 1, 2003) - A total of 75 invitations have been extended to entered and eligible 360-cubic-inch sprint car competitors from 18 states and 13 sanctioning organizations today for the Sunday, August 10th $4,000-to-win Brodix...

KNOXVILLE, IOWA (August 1, 2003) - A total of 75 invitations have been extended to entered and eligible 360-cubic-inch sprint car competitors from 18 states and 13 sanctioning organizations today for the Sunday, August 10th $4,000-to-win Brodix Tournament of Champions at the Knoxville Raceway. Those invited are as follows:

Team WOW (Winged Outlaw Warriors): Eric Schrock, Tracy Nichols, Terry Hinck, Rusty Potter, Curtis Boyer, Lanny Carpenter, Bobby Hawks, Tony Crank, Eric Jobe, Steve Dean.

Team Knoxville (Knoxville Raceway): Jesse Giannetto, Billy Alley, Josh Higday, David Hesmer, Ed Ergenbright, Mike Houseman, Joe Beaver, Johnny Anderson, Matt Moro, John Van Den Berg.

Team WISSOTA (WISSOTA Promoters Association): Roger Rager, Loren Langerud, Alan Gilbertson, Chuck Swenson, Jake Peters, Jimmy Kouba, Greg Nikitenko, Natalie Sather.

Team SIA (Sprint Invaders Association): Tyson Hart, Ryan Jamison, Terry McCarl, Jerrod Hull, Matt Sutton, Bobby Mincer, John Schulz, Matt Rogerson.

Team ASCS (American Sprint Car Series): Darren Stewart, Travis Rilat, Zach Chappell, Gary Wright, Cody Branchcomb, Toby Brown, Shane Stewart.

Team ESTS (Eagle Sprint Touring Series): Rick Ideus, Jason Danley, Mike Chadd, Doug Lovegrove, Seth Brahmer, Ken Klabunde, Chris Roseland.

Team ESS (Empire Super Sprints): Mike Lutz, Lance Yonge, Rob Dietrick, Clair "Bubby" Kerrick, Mike Woodring, Erin Crocker.

Team MST (Montana Sprint Tour): Mason Hill, Phil Dietz, Jerry Brey, Shane Liebig, Josh Ostermiller.

Team ASCS Sooner (ASCS Sooner Region): Kevin Ramey, Danny Jennings, Derek Drown, Brian Harvill, James Shoun.

Team URC (United Racing Club): Dave Ely, Kevin Welsh, Trevor Lewis, Chris Coyle.

Team SOD (Sprints On Dirt): Dustin Daggett, Bill Johnson, Darren Long.

Team ASCS Rocky Mountain (ASCS Rocky Mountain Region): Randi Miller.

Team NST (Northern Sprint Tour): Roger Crockett.

Fifteen entrants were ineligible to receive official invitations as the drivers either didn't compete in 60% of their sanctions' races by July 31st, or they were too far down in their sanctions' points by that date to receive invites. Those drivers that will get their entry fees refunded are Mitchell Moore, Brad Barickman, Terry Ledger, Brett Golik, Larry Ball (Jr.), Ryan York, Doug Wilson, Brett Mather, Steve Breazeale, Stacey Alexander, Donnie Steward, Sye Anderson, Dustin Lindquist, Dave Becker, and Randy Martin.

Two sanctions did not have any drivers enter the fifth Brodix Tournament of Champions, which utilizes a common set or technical rules including use of the Brodix ASCS spec head. The sanctions without representation this year are the American Outlaw Action Series (AOAS) and the ASCS Gulf South Region. Three other sanctions declined to participate in this year's Tournament.

The format for the Sunday show will include a draw for heat starting positions, six heats utilizing passing points, three B-Mains, and the 30-lap, 30-car, $4,000-to-win, $300-to-start Brodix Tournament of Champions. Three drivers will advance to the "A" from each heat, and two drivers will do the same from each "B". Six provisionals will complete the 30-car Tournament field, with preference given to the point leaders from those sanctions that don't have any representation in the feature after the qualifying events.

Tournament team points will be awarded on a basis of 30 points to the winner, with a one point drop per position. The sanctioning affiliate accumulating the most points will be declared the Brodix Tournament Team Champion. The United Racing Club is the defending team champion, while Team Knoxville's Josh Higday is the defending driver champion.

The Saturday, August 9th, Casey's Night Before the Tournament for the 360 c.i. sprint cars and stars will be a separate invitational, with only those 75 drivers that are invited for Sunday night allowed to participate. The 360 show that night will feature the same basic format as Sunday night, without the provisional starting spots added. The 20-lap, 24-car feature will pay $1,500-to-win and $150-to-start. No drivers will transfer from Saturday to Sunday, as they are completely separate shows. The track's regular 410-cubic-inch sprint car division will also have a complete show on August 9th, known as the Casey's General Stores Saturday Night before the Nationals.

Those seeking further information on the Brodix Tournament of Champions are encouraged to visit Knoxville's web-site at

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