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Alley Banks $10K with ASCS Knoxville 360 Nationals Triumph KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 6, 2004) - Nebraska's Billy Alley pocketed $10,000 by racing to a wire-to-wire victory in Friday night's 25-lap American Sprint Car Series Knoxville 360 Nationals...

Alley Banks $10K with ASCS Knoxville 360 Nationals Triumph

KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 6, 2004) - Nebraska's Billy Alley pocketed $10,000 by racing to a wire-to-wire victory in Friday night's 25-lap American Sprint Car Series Knoxville 360 Nationals main event, a makeup of the event originally rained out on June 12 at the famed Knoxville Raceway.

The 21-year-old hotshoe survived a pair of brief cautions along the way en route to his third career O'Reilly ASCS National Tour presented by Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores and Classic Trailers feature win, taking the checkered flag aboard the Wesmar-powered Buss Excavating/Premier Builders/Speedway Motors No. 22 Eagle with a 1.992 second advantage over Wayne Johnson, who outdueled Terry McCarl for the runner-up slot.

John Kearney led the championship feature to the green flag with preliminary feature winner Jason Johnson alongside. Johnson gunned into the lead, only to have Kearney loop his machine in turn four before the completion of the first round.

Alley, who topped the second preliminary feature in June, moved into the pole position after Kearney's spin and got the jump on J. Johnson as action resumed. Alley quickly opened up an eight car-length edge as J. Johnson fought off Zach Chappell and McCarl in the early rounds.

Alley was just encountering lapped traffic when the caution flew after nine rounds for Kerry Madsen, who coasted to a halt on the front stretch. Alley led the way on the restart with J. Johnson, McCarl and W. Johnson, who had overtaken Chappell for fourth on the seventh round, in tow.

Alley slipped away to a half straightaway advantage as McCarl and W. Johnson quickly relegated J. Johnson to fourth. While McCarl and W. Johnson diced for second position, Alley began navigating his way through lapped traffic on the 17th round.

Alley's pace was briefly slowed with just five laps to go, allowing McCarl and W. Johnson to close to within six car-lengths. Alley then made quick work of traffic and raced to the stripe comfortably ahead of his pursuers to cash in on the big payday, matching his $10,000 victory in last year's ASCS Sedalia 360 Shootout.

After trading the position a number of times, W. Johnson overtook McCarl on the final round to snare the runner-up position in the FATT-FRO Motorsports No. 14aj entry, with McCarl settling for the show position aboard the Mark Burch-owned No. 1m.

J. Johnson crossed the stripe fourth, with Jake Peters charging from 16th to round out the top five. Current O'Reilly ASCS point leader Gary Wright and Chappell battled for position over the final rounds, with Wright taking sixth after starting 13th. Chappell claimed seventh, with B Feature winner Brian Brown advancing from 20th to eighth at the stripe. Fourteenth-starter Garry Lee Maier finished ninth, while Travis Rilat advanced all the way from the C Main to complete the top ten.

Shane Stewart kicked off the evening by racing to a 5.204-second victory in the C Main, only to weigh in seven pounds too light at the scales, thus handing the victory to Frankie Heimbaugh.

Brian Brown charged from 15th in the B Main to overtake Tim St. Arnold on the eighth round en route to the win. Rilat, who took the eighth and final transfer from the C Main after Stewart's disqualification, raced from 24th to claim the fifth and final transfer spot from the B Main to the main event, where he again advanced from the 24th starting slot.

Knoxville 360 Nationals Feature Results:

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. #22 Billy Alley (3), 2. #14aj Wayne Johnson (6), 3. #1m Terry McCarl (4), 4. #50d Jason Johnson (2), 5. #57X Jake Peters (16), 6. #9x Gary Wright (13), 7. #50z Zach Chappell (5), 8. #21 Brian Brown (20), 9. #11x Garry Lee Maier (14), 10. #29 Travis Rilat (24), 11. #97 Aaron Berryhill (11), 12. #53 Joe Beaver (7), 13. #7a Johnny Anderson (15), 14. #5J Larry Ball, Jr. (23), 15. #8s Tim St. Arnold (21), 16. #6r Roger Rager (9), 17. #83 John Kearney (1), 18. #57 Roger Crockett (10), 19. #2m Matt Moro (8), 20. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr. (18), 21. #23 Eric Jobe (19), 22. #1x Sean McClelland (12), 23. #55 Kerry Madsen (22), 24. #1 David Hesmer (17).

B Feature (15 Laps - Top 5 Advance to A Feature): 1. #21 Brian Brown, 2. #8s Tim St. Arnold, 3. #55 Kerry Madsen, 4. #5J Larry Ball, Jr., 5. #29 Travis Rilat, 6. #d1 Jesse Giannetto, 7. #24 Eric VanderPloeg, 8. #04 Frankie Heimbaugh, 9. #11m Troy Meyer, 10. #126 Stacey Alexander, 11. #86 Doug Wilson, 12. #1b Brett Geldner, 13. #51 David Hall, 14. #20 Stevie Walsh, 15. #1z Dusty Zomer, 16. #r22 Rob Edwards, 17. #10 Jeff Mitrisin, 18. #77 Terry Alexander, 19. #6 Mitchell Alexander, 20. #3 A.G. Rains, 21. #54 Brett Mather, 22. #5r Ryan York, 23. #10x Brent Antill, 24. #2h Ryan Voss.

C Feature (12 Laps - Top 8 Advance to B Feature): 1. #04 Frankie Heimbaugh, 2. #86 Doug Wilson, 3. #10x Brent Antill, 4. #24 Eric VanderPloeg, 5. #51 David Hall, 6. #20 Stevie Walsh, 7. #1z Dusty Zomer, 8. #29 Travis Rilat, 9. #2s John Schulz, 10. #F4 Jaymie Moyle, 11. #94 Cody Branchcomb, 12. #61a Toby Brown, 13. #51J Ryan Jamison, 14. #96 Bronson Maeschen, 15. #9 Rager Phillips, 16. #91 Curtis Thorson, 17. #7h John Hall, 18. #91x Darren Stewart. Disqualified: #4m Shane Stewart (weighed in too light after taking the checkered flag in first).

Earlier results from June 12, 2004:

D Feature (10 Laps): 1. #2s John Schulz, 2. #12 Brock Dump, 3. #51J Ryan Jamison, 4. #48 Dennis Moore, Jr., 5. #37 Sye Anderson, 6. #B29 Eric Mason, 7. #96 Bronson Maeschen, 8. #91 Curtis Thorson, 9. #15x Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 10. #53h Matt Harms, 11. #7 Dave Becker, 12. #94s Natalie Sather, 13. #9 Rager Phillips, 14. #11 Pete Crall, 15. #69 Rodney Turner, 16. #0 Glenn Styres, 17. #22n Nate Mosher, 18. #23x Jimmy Taylor, 19. #97x Alan Gilbertson. DNS: #Y5 Mike Houseman, Jr., #26k Marshall Skinner, #77x William Eggimann, #7c Chris Morgan.

E Feature (3 Laps - Top 3 Advance to D Feature): 1. #51J Ryan Jamison, 2. 15x Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 3. #97x Alan Gilbertson.

Current O'Reilly ASCS National Tour Points (Top 15): 1. Gary Wright 3,316, 2. Travis Rilat 3,278, 3. Zach Chappell 3,144, 4. Garry Lee Maier 3,023, 5. Toby Brown 2,695, 6. Darren Stewart 2,581, 7. A.G. Rains 2,465, 8. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 2,377, 9. Jimmy Taylor 2,373, 10. Natalie Sather 2,141, 11. Cody Branchcomb 2,050, 12. Tony Bruce, Jr. 1,754, 13. Jason Martin 1,440, 14. Shane Stewart 1,394, 15. Dale Howard 1,343.


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