KISS: Paragon results 2005-06-25

Kent Christian Captures KISS Thriller at Paragon June 25, 2005 - Kent Christian captured Paragon Speedway's King Of Indiana Sprint Series feature Saturday night, as Justin Marvel was again unable to seal the deal. Christian pressured Marvel ...

Kent Christian Captures KISS Thriller at Paragon

June 25, 2005 - Kent Christian captured Paragon Speedway's King Of Indiana Sprint Series feature Saturday night, as Justin Marvel was again unable to seal the deal. Christian pressured Marvel through the first 18 laps, before grabbing the lead and the victory. Marvel took second to tighten the KISS point battle, as Dave Darland had a thrilling run from 21st to 3rd, Jon Sciscoe and Kevin Briscoe filled the top five.

After rolling to a stop on the front straight, Christian climbed through the cage of his R.L. Carter Trucking/Solid Base Waterproofing KC and raised his arms in triumph. It was his second career KISS series victory. Later, Christian, who builds his own sprint cars in Clayton, Indiana, pointed out that winning is particularly pleasing at 43 years old. "It don't matter if they're kids or old guys, but beating the kids might be a little more fun."

It took several tries to get the opening laps in the books, but once the feature got rolling, it was a dandy. Marvel led from the pole, chased by Christian, Brad Sweet, Dustin Beliles and John Wolfe. On the fifth circuit, Dickie Gaines slid over the cushion in turn two and down the hill before coming to a stop near the Armco and was unable to restart. At the front, Marvel and Christian skirmished, with the MPHG Stealth opening a half straightaway lead several times, and Christian riding on his bumper or nosing inside at others. At the same time, Darland was holding a clinic on how to race from the last row to the front, using the cushion. Before the race was half over, Darland had climbed into seventh, just behind Sciscoe and Briscoe.

After leading the first 24 laps at Kokomo a week earlier, Marvel was in control through the first 18 at Paragon. He found his car was way too tight and wouldn't turn, or too loose and wanting to spin out, all within the same lap, and struggled to find a balance. Christian was just waiting for the right opportunity. On a lap 19 restart, following a tangle involving Rocky Thickstun and John Wolfe, Christian ducked past Marvel, who was fighting to get his car turned, on the inside of the second turn.

Once out front, Christian was not challenged, as Marvel came under fire from Darland in the closing laps. He took the checkers 15 car lengths ahead of Marvel. With Sciscoe and Briscoe hustling from tenth and eleventh on the grid to top five finishes, all 30 laps were filled with close racing.

"Justin was too tight," Christian said when asked to describe the winning pass. "He was struggling a little bit. We were looser. When he got that big push and left the door open, I could just gas it up. It's good racing with Justin, although we've had our troubles in the past."

"I just couldn't get the thing to turn going into turn one," Marvel said. He explained that the left rear would overdrive the car and push the nose up the track. Then he suggested that he should have handled the final restart differently. "I should have started back in four instead of on the straightaway, I guess." Then he added, "The track was really good. We were really backing them in and pulling the front wheels way up."

RESULTS. King of Indiana Sprint Series
Paragon Speedway, June 25, 2005

Heat Races (Starting Position), 3 transfer

Heat 1: Kevin Briscoe (6), Rocky Thickstun (1), Dennis Rose (2), Bart Pletch (5), Dusty Wright (10)

Heat 2: Jon Sciscoe (1), Scott Townsend (6), Tony Reed (5), Muff Cody (4), Kyle Cummins (9)

Heat 3: Brad Sweet (2), Kent Christian (3), Jonathan Vennard (4), A.J. Anderson (1), Dave Darland (6)

Heat 4: John Wolfe (4), Justin Marvel (9), Jake Scott (6), Jeremy Warren (5), Devin Priddy (7)

Heat 5: Dickie Gaines (1), Dustin Beliles (2), Jon Stanbrough (7), Matt Neely (8), Chris Babcock (4)

Heat 6: Doug Heck (5), Buddy Cunningham (2), Bill Rose (1), Rob Botts (6), Scotty Weir (7)

B Mains, 2 transfer

B Main #1: A.J. Anderson (2), Dave Darland (5), Matt Neely (3), Casey Shuman (8), Eric Zellner (18)

B Main #2: Scotty Weir (6), Kyle Cummins (4), Rick Waltman (8), Jeremy Warren (2), Devin Priddy (5)

Feature (30 laps) (Starting Position): 1. Kent Christian (3), 2. Justin Marvel (1), 3. Dave Darland (21), 4. Jon Sciscoe (10), 5. Kevin Briscoe (11), 6. Brad Sweet (3), 7. John Wolfe (7), 8. Scott Townsend (9), 9. A. J. Anderson (19), 10. Bill Rose (18), 11. Dustin Beliles (5), 12. Doug Heck (8), 13. Jake Scott (16), 14. Kyle Cummins (22), 15. Rocky Thickstun (6), 16. Jon Stanbrough (17), 17. Dickie Gaines (12), 18. Tony Reed (14), 19. Buddy Cunningham (2), 20. Scotty Weir (20), 21. Jonathan Vennard (15), 22. Dennis Rose (13)


1  Dave Darland         478
2  Justin Marvel        474
3  Kent Christian       433
4  Dickie Gaines        403
5  AJ Anderson          378
6  John Wolfe           369
7  Jon Stanbrough       326
8  Jon Sciscoe          275
9  Matt Neely           260
10 Brad Sweet           251
11 Brandon Petty        250
12 Marc Arnold          234
13 Shane Cottle         232
14 Kevin Briscoe        230


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