Kevin Ward Jr.'s Aunt questions authenticity of investigation in lengthy statement

Wendi Ward has come out in defense of her deceased nephew, Kevin Ward Jr.

The Aunt of Kevin Ward Jr., who as we already know, lost his life in an on-track confrontation with Tony Stewart last month, read an open letter to USA Today.

'It seems to me the wrong man was on trial'

In the detailed statement, she questioned the authenticity of the investigation, saying "Why was the toxicology report even an issue? Seems to me the wrong man was on trial. Tell me why Tony Stewart was not taken in for testing, why his car wasn't impounded. Tell me how a man the size of Kevin can make a sprint car turn to the right on impact. Tell me how a lap before (the incident) everything was fine, but the following lap was poor lighting."

She concluded with a direct jab at Tony Stewart himself ... "Tell me how a NASCAR star totally forgot what caution means."

People have to pay for their actions. Well, I guess it depends on who you are.

Wendi Ward

Discussing the use of marijuana

"I only hope some people take a minute to make sure they have done no wrong before throwing stones," she said in response to those condemning Kevin's actions and the family for pursing this further.

She also discussed her nephew's use of marijuana, questioning its role in the tragedy. "It's (marijuana) known to mellow a person ... We as a family don't believe he was under the influence or impaired at the time due to the 10 hours prior to the race that he spent with the family."

She continued to take indirect shots at Stewart, saying "people have to pay for their actions. Well, I guess it depends on who you are."

Remembering Kevin

Wendi ended it by talking about Kevin and the struggles the family faced to help him live his dreams as a race car driver. She thanked all those who have supported the family ... "The orange, white and black that was worn in honor of our champion sprint car driver was overwhelming, to say the least."

"Godspeed, No. 13. Aunt Wendi loves you."

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