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Minter Spins While Leading at 105 Speedway CLEVELAND, TX (July 28) -- Kathryne Minter was driving her family's ...

Minter Spins While Leading at 105 Speedway

CLEVELAND, TX (July 28) -- Kathryne Minter was driving her family's #13m Concrete Crushing Company J&J ahead of the field in Saturday's "B" Feature in the American Sprint Car Series Gulf South Region event at 105 Speedway when a lapped car caused her to spin.

Minter, who leads ASCS Gulf South Rookie of the Year race, started on the pole and led every lap until the fourth-corner spin took her out of contention to qualify for the "A" Feature.

"We led the whole race except for two laps," Kathryne said. "I started lapping cars and, when I went to lap a guy who had turned a 360 in front of me the lap before, I slowed down and tried to go around him. But I got into the loose stuff above the cushion and spun out. It happened in turn four just as I was about to take the white flag. That race showed me a lot though. I was five car-lengths ahead of (ASCS veteran) Travis Rilat when I spun. It was a really good night until that happened.

"I'm glad I got some experience lapping cars," Kathryne said. "I hadn't lapped many cars before, except inexperienced, slow drivers who just run around the bottom. It was a good night; I learned a lot."

Despite suffering a flat right rear tire when she was hit by another car, Minter finished fourth in the Third Heat Race.

"We went into turn one on the first lap of the heat race and a car turned down on me and hit my right rear tire," Kathryne said. "The guy who hit me got into another guy and they flipped. When we stopped on the front straightaway after the red flag came out, I heard my right rear tire pop. Since the red was still out, they let me go into the pits to change my tire. They usually don't let you change flat tires in heat races, but they let me since the red flag was out. They hurried us so much, we had to put a tire on that only had one pound of air in it. When I went back out, the car turned well but after it turned it wanted to stay straight. If we had had more air in the right rear tire, I think we would have qualified for the feature."

Minter, who has raced at plenty of different racetracks this season, really liked 105.

"It was really good after the rain came," Kathryne said. "We got the track repacked, and it was really fast. It was actually the nicest track we've raced all year. It didn't get really dry and it didn't have any ruts, so it was great."

-credit: kmr

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