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Kathryne Minter Spins Out of Motorama Race BEAUMONT, TX (June 22) -- Kathryne Minter drove her ...

Kathryne Minter Spins Out of Motorama Race

BEAUMONT, TX (June 22) -- Kathryne Minter drove her #13m Concrete Crushing Company J&J past more cars than anybody in Friday's 25-lap American Sprint Car Series Coastal Region Versus Gulf South "A" Feature at Motorama Speedway, but two spins put her in the pits.

"I raced up to ninth position in the feature, but there was a slick spot in turn two," said Minter, who was credited with 14th place. "I hit it and I spun out. They sent me to the back and I said to myself, 'Hey Kathryne, don't hit the slick spot again.' I was passing two cars on the outside going into turn one a few laps later, and because I passed them on the outside, I hit the slick spot in turn two again. After I passed them, I couldn't get my car straight and down low quick enough. As soon as I figured out where I was, I knew what was going to happen. I spun out again, so I was done with seven laps left in the race. It was really depressing because I was running really well. My car was really fast and the Goodyear tires were really hooking up -- but I hit that slick spot. The track was so slick, there were cars spinning out left and right."

Minter raced past four cars in the "B" Feature to qualify for the main event.

"I was passing cars pretty quickly in the 'B,' but we got together with somebody," Kathryne said. "It didn't hurt us though, so we finished second."

Kathryne learns something new every time she goes to the racetrack.

"'Slim Jim' Osborn was out with us and he was teaching me a new driving style," Minter said. "He told me to hit the brakes before the car ever gets to the corner and yank the steering wheel, so you can manhandle the car. I got the concept of what he was saying and it worked, so I'm going to keep doing that."

Minter will be back in action Saturday in an ASCS Gulf South race at Houston Raceway Park.

"I really want to run well at Houston," Kathryne said. "The first time we went there this year, it was rained out. Then we had a fast car the next time (May 19th), but our U-joint and driveshaft broke. Hopefully, we'll have better luck this time."

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