It needs to end now


I've decided it's time that I said something about the tragic incident that claimed the life of Kevin Ward Jr.

Well, I guess it's time. I've been holding my tongue since the death of Kevin Ward Jr., only posting facts and reports on this site, not my own opinion. After digesting this tragedy and the subsequent media firestorm, I've pinpointed exactly what I wanted to say. First off, it's shocking and incredibly disheartening to see a tragedy that should bring the racing community together, has instead, torn us completely apart.

The unmitigated hatred

This whole deal has been turned into nothing more than a three-ringed circus of hate, ignorance, false statements, and just downright stupidity.

The unmitigated hatred being spewed all over social media towards Tony Stewart, Kevin Ward Jr., and one another is just sickening. We're all entitled to our own opinion, but anyone who thinks Tony Stewart meant to hit Kevin has never met Tony and knows nothing about a Sprint Car. That or they're just ignorant.

Now, I am faced with two options. I could go on to tell you my side of the story, reiterating everything that someone else has probably already said and act like I know something you don't - But I'm smart enough to know that doing so would be a stupid and a gratuitous path to take.

You don't know Tony

What happened here was a freak accident, nothing more. A kid is dead, a man must now live with the burden of his death, a family is in ruins, and the racing community has been rattled to the core.

Tony Stewart is a rough around the edges character that rarely lets his compassion show on national TV. He's a fierce competitor that likes to convey a 'tough guy' persona, but he doesn't go bragging about all of his unpublicized charitable efforts or what he does for those less fortunate. The contingent crucifying him don't even know who they're talking about.

He didn't let the big business of NASCAR stop him from doing what he truly loves either. Every time he showed up to a Sprint Car race, not only was he doing it for himself, but he would also be giving that track a huge shot in the arm with his presence. He is going through a lot of pain right now too; try to remember that. It's easy to attack and judge someone when you only know them from behind a computer screen, isn't it?

You want to blame someone? Blame yourself for helping fuel this firestorm with your cruel, false, and insensitive comments.

Just stop

Stop the hate. Stop the blame. Stop making the racing community look like a bunch of mindless animals. This tragedy has brought out the worst out in a lot of people, and I applaud those who have been able to maintain their integrity throughout this deal. For those who haven't, heed my advice, although I highly doubt you will. 

We can continue the blind, illogical and superfluous rage; the same kind of rage that cost Kevin Ward Jr. his life, or we can show our respect for this tragedy, coming together and supporting both the Ward family and Tony Stewart. The choice is yours.

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