I-55 Raceway race results 2003-07-30

Pevely, MO (July 30th, 2003) It was huge night at I-55 Raceway as eight NASCAR stars gathered to help raise money for Kyle & Pattie Petty's Victory Junction Gang Camp. The 2nd Annual M&M Night of Stars brought in NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart, Kevin...

Pevely, MO (July 30th, 2003) It was huge night at I-55 Raceway as eight NASCAR stars gathered to help raise money for Kyle & Pattie Petty's Victory Junction Gang Camp. The 2nd Annual M&M Night of Stars brought in NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Kenny Wallace, Ken Schrader, Carl Edwards, Rick Crawford, Jason Keller and Kyle Petty. The eight drivers signed autographs before the races and then all eight buckled into eight UMP/IMCA type Dirt Works Modifieds for a special ten lap match race.

NASCAR Craftsman Truck ace Rick Crawford worked his way around Kyle Petty on lap four and then held off track co-owner Ken Schrader for the win. It was Crawford's first time to race any type of car and dirt and he appeared to be a natural, by making smooth fast laps while the other seven drivers battled side by side. Kevin Harvick found trouble on the final lap as he got into the outside wall in turn three. Harvick simply stated that it was his first time on dirt and that he was a terrible dirt driver.

Three of the NASCAR drivers also buckled up to compete with forty-one other UMP Late Model drivers in the UMP Challenge of Champions Series event. Tony Stewart, Ken Schrader and Carl Edwards took their best shot at the dirt professionals.

But it was seventeen year old Justin Allgaier who stole the show in the UMP Late Model division. Allgaier put on a dominating performance by leading all thirty laps of the main event and went basically unchallenged for the lead. The twenty-six laps of the event went caution free and Allgaier was able to put many good cars a lap down. Ken Schrader gave chase to Allgaier but could never get close enough to mount a serious challenge. The big battle was for the third position, as four drivers battled for almost the entire thirty laps for it. Randy Korte, Ed Dixon, Terry English and Tony Stewart were slicing through traffic battling side by side for the position. On the final lap entering turn one, Tony Stewart jumped the cushion and got into the turn one wall hard, the car climbed the wall and did a complete barrel roll flip back into traffic and collected Ed Dixon, Brian Collins and Dave Jumper. Stewart was not injured and Dixon was the only car able to restart.

On the final restart, Allgaier held of the challenge of Schrader for the one lap sprint to the checkered flag and picked up the biggest win of his young career. Randy Korte out-battled Terry English to pick up the third position. Ed Dixon followed English across the line in fifth place.

Joey Montgomery win wasn't a popular one with the fans in the winged sprint car division. Danny Smith led the first twenty-four laps of the twenty-five lap event. However, Montgomery made a challenge for the lead through turn four on the final lap and the two made contact, sending Smith flipping into the front straight wall and fence. Montgomery crossed the finish line taking the checkered flag. Jarrod Hull was credited with second place, Jan Howard third, Jim Moughan fourth and Dale Howard was fifth.

The event was marred with multiple crashes. Damon Kronk was the first to crash as he made contact with another car causing him to crash hard into the inside retaining wall on the front stretch. Then Bryan Matthews and Lowe Cannell got together and crashed into the wall on the front stretch just one lap later. On lap twelve, Tommy Worley had the most violent crash as he got into the turn one wall and flipped several times as he was hit by another car. Worley's car then burst into flames. A quick responding fire crew had the fire out within seconds and Worley climbed from the car uninjured.

UMP Late Models

Justin Allgaier 13.162
Brian Shirley 13.312
Ken Schrader 13.34
Tim Ratajczyk 13.36
Ed Dixon 13.377
Bryan Collins 13.39
Randy Korte 13.462
Steve Sheppard 13.469
Dean Motsinger 13.485
Clay Baumann 13.485
Kevin Gundaker 13.514
Kevin Weaver 13.515
Bob Pierce 13.559
Jason Frankel 13.61
Kyle Steffens 13.628
Mark Gansmann 13.631
Rodney Melvin 13.635
Terry English 13.635
Tony Stewart 13.647
Billy Faust 13.653
Dave Jumper 13.658
Roger Brickler 13.698
Brian Wolfmeier 13.727
Denny Woodworth 13.785
Bruce Unterbrink 13.845
Ken Rumble 13.848
John Bohn 13.862
Lee Thomason 13.887
Mike Hammerle 13.91
Brent Kreke 13.927
Danny Haynes 13.964
Mark Oller 13.992
Randy McMahon 14.016
Bobby Melvin 14.11
Rylan Dagg 14.11
Paul Belken, Jr. 14.187
Ron McQuerry 14.205
Rich Lawson 14.315
Rodney Pense 14.335
Carl Edwards 14.645
Chad Zobrist 15.022
Lenny Garson 15.307
Dewayne Kiefer NT
Michael Kloos NT

1. 1A Justin Allgaier
2. 112 Tim Ratajczyk
3. 99 Ken Schrader
4. 50 Ed Dixon
5. 00 Randy Korte
6. 3S Brian Shirley
7. 2J Dave Jumper
8. 11 Brian Collins
9. 96 Terry English - DNF

Heat 1: - Top 3 Transfer
1. 2J Dave Jumper
2. 27 Rodney Melvin
3. 32 Bob Pierce
4. 441 Brian Wolfmeier

Heat 2:
1. 98 Tony Stewart
2. 67 Mark Oller
3. 33 Jason Frankel
4. 11 Brian Collins

Heat 3:
1. 96 Terry English
2. 11 Kevin Gundaker
3. 26 Billy Faust
4. 8 Kyle Steffens

Heat 4:
1. 117 Kevin Weaver
2. 20 Mark Gansmann
3. 5S Steve Sheppard
4. 13 Brent Kreke

Semi #1: Top 3 Transfer
1. 441 Brian Wolfmeier
2. 11 Brian Collins
3. 47 Danny Haynes
4. 77 Clay Baumann
5. 46 Paul Belken
6. 1DW Denny Woodworth
7. 71 John Bohn
8. 53 Lee Thomason
9. 25 Lenny Garson
10. 44 Dean Motsinger
DNS. R52 Rylan Dagg
DNS. 10 Rodney Pense
DNS. 70 Rich Lawson
DNS. 2F Todd Ferber

Semi #2:
1. 27B Bobby Melvin
2. 13 Dewayne Kiefer
3. 78 Chad Zobrist
4. 16 Mike Hammerle
5. 87 Ken Rumble
6. 45 Randy McMahon
7. 82 Roger Brickler
8. 8 Ron McQuerry
9. 113 Carl Edwards
10. 14U Bruce Unterbrink
11. 8 Kyle Steffens
12. 13 Brent Kreke DNS. 6 Michael Kloos

1. 1A Justin Allgaier
2. 99 Ken Schrader
3. 00 Randy Korte
4. 96 Terry English
5. 50 Ed Dixon
6. 3S Brian Shirley
7. 5S Steve Sheppard
8. 117 Kevin Weaver (Last car on lead lap)
9. 98 Tony Stewart
10. 11 Kevin Gundaker
11. 67 Mark Oller
12. 441 Brian Wolfmeier
13. 20 Mark Gansmann
14. 13 Dewayne Kiefer
15. 11 Brian Collins
16. 2J Dave Jumper
17. 112 Tim Ratajczyk
18. 47 Danny Haynes
19. 33 Jason Frankel
20. 32 Bob Pierce
21. 27 Rodney Melvin
22. 26 Billy Faust
23. 27B Bobby Melvin
24. 78 Chad Zobrist

Winged Sprints

Heat 1:
1. 1M Jim Moughan
2. 4S Danny Smith
3. 51H Jan Howard
4. 2 Lowe Cannell

Heat 2:
1. 88E Jason Evans
2. 14R Todd Rowland
3. 8 Steve Short
4. 4B Tom Busch

Heat 3:
1. 32 Tim Montgomery
2. 97 Tommy Worley
3. 24 Keith Burch
4. 98 Bryan Matthews

Heat 4:
1. 12 Jarrod Hull
2. 92 Daron Clayton
3. 29 Rodd Crabdree
4. 47 Dale Howard

1. 72 Curtis Boyer
2. 21C Joey Montgomery
3. 88D Terry Babb
4. 11 Damon Kronk
5. 72D Mike Deavers
6. 55M Joey Moughan
7. 19 Jason Hunt
8. 4L Matt Liner
9. 51B Randy Bateman
10. 35H Jimmy Hurley
11. 7K Marcellous Kronk
12. 7R Josh Revelle
DNS. 38 Danny Long
DNS. 50 Larry Gould

1. 32M Tim Montgomery
2. 12 Jarrod Hull
3. 51H Jan Howard
4. 1M Jim Moughan
5. 47 Dale Howard
6. 88E Jason Evans
7. 21C Joey Montgomery
8. 14R Todd Rowland
9. 4S Danny Smith
10. 8 Steve Short
11. 29 Rod Crabdree
12. 28 Jason Keith
13. 88B Terry Babb
14. 92 Daron Clayton
15. 72 Curtis Boyer
16. 72D Mike Deavers
17. 55 Joey Moughan
18. 24 Keith Burch
19. 97 Tommy Worley
20. 2 Lowe Cannell
21. 98 Bryan Matthews
22. 4B Tom Busch
23. 11 Damon Kronk
24. 35M Tim Moss -i55r-

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