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hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Southern Oregon Speedway- Medford, OR May 25, 2002 Fauver wins Southern Speedway as several falter. Five yellow flags and two red flag stoppages at Southern Oregon Speedway in Medford, OR had Rick Fauver...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
Southern Oregon Speedway- Medford, OR
May 25, 2002

Fauver wins Southern Speedway as several falter.

Five yellow flags and two red flag stoppages at Southern Oregon Speedway in Medford, OR had Rick Fauver thinking the show might never be over, but at the end of thirty laps the Everett, WA driver was leading a battered field and taking his first 2002 win.

Starting in the number two position, Fauver inherited the front spot when leader Dan Menne of Ft. Jones, CA tagged a sideways Tony Menard in turn three and spun to a stop on lap seven. Fauver didn't have any problem with the go part of the race, but from the second lap on he had only the left front brake as the rear rotor was freely spinning on the rear axle.

Second place finisher Roger Crockett of Eugene, OR St. Albert, AB driver Jeff Hodgson and Jayme Barnes of Everett, WA waged a fierce battle for position behind the leader with Crockett losing a front wing in contact with Hodgson and then Barnes losing a front wing and the air in his left front tire after contact with another car.

This battle went from about lap 8 until Barnes was black flagged when the tire came off the wheel on a lap 21 yellow for another car. Yellows slowed the show on laps 14 when Dale Smith exited in a cloud of smoke and for spun cars on laps 20 and 28.

The first red flag flew when John Tharp had the right front torsion arm break while going into turn one on the Dale Smith restart and flipped high and off the track. The second red came when Menard was again side ways in turn three on the last yellow flag restart and was tagged by Jason Finley and Chad Hillier with Hillier flipping. Some quick work had Hillier back out for the final two laps.

Friday night winner Shawna Wilskey moved to the third spot when Barnes pitted for the new tire and held to the finish with mid pack action gave the fans a lot to watch behind the leaders.

Travis Hawthorne of lake Stevens, WA had another good night with a fourth place finish. Menne who had charged back to fifth was tailed in sixth by Canadian driver Todd Heikes of Ladysmith, BC who had move up six spots.

After missing a transfer spot from her heat, Wilskey nailed the B-main leading wire to wire for the win. After opening nearly a half lap lead, she had to do it again when Tyler Pincemin came to a stop mid way through the 15 lapper.

Local favorite Bill Nutter barely made the race having to make a motor change, but ran in second place until problems again on lap 12 brought him to a stop and he ended up with an 8th place finish.

Heikes took second at the finish with Marvin Smith and Robert McNulty getting the last two transfers to the feature event.

Steven Tiner took home the opening heat race win over Cale Carder with Jason Finley and Hodgson also going to the feature.

Heat two saw Nutter exit in smoke an fire as his engine expired mid race with Kevin Cory taking the win. Crockett took the race to Cory in the closing laps but came up less than a half car length short at the finish line. Hillier and Menard were third and fourth.

Todd Zeitler led start to finish in the third heat, a race with lots of action With Zeitler and Hawthorne out front, M. Smith and Barnes put on a great race for third until Smith caught a sideways Ron Smith and they both spun sending D. Smith over the bank . D. Smith banzied back to take the final transfer position.

To set the lineup of the first six in the feature event, Menne won and was followed by Fauver, Hodgson, Barnes, D. Smith and Crockett.

Fast time of the evening went to the first car out, Jeff Hodgson with a 11.826 setting a new track record and knocking nearly a half second off the old record. Three cars from the end of time trials Crockett ran a 11.829 lap just .003 seconds slower.


Fast Time - Jeff Hodgson - 11.826

Heat 1 - Steven Tiner, Cale Carder, Jason Finley, Jeff Hodgson, Shawna Wilskey, Todd Heikes, Matt Rodgers, Dawn-L Morrison.

Heat 2- Kevin Cory, Roger Crockett, Chad Hillier, Tony Menard, Vernon Severs, Bill Nutter.

Heat 3- Todd Zeitler, Travis Hawthorne, Jayme Barnes, Dale Smith, Robert McNulty, Marvin Smith, Ron Smith.

Heat 4- Rick Fauver, Dan Menne, John Tharp, Geoff Beck, Tim Levin, Tyler Pincemin, Mark Hinkle.

Dash - Menne, Fauver, Hodgson, Barnes, D. Smith, Crockett.

B-Main - Wilskey, Heikes, M. Smith, McNulty, Morrison, Charlie Thompson, R. Smith, Nutter, Scott Aumen, Pincemin, Hinkle.

A-Main - Fauver, Crockett, Wilskey, Hawthorne, Menne, Heikes, Tiner, Zeitler, Barnes, Hodgson, Beck, Hillier, McNulty, M. Smith, Finley, Menard, Carder, Tharp, D. Smith, Cory.


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