hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Race #5 State Fair Raceway

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Northwest Speedweek Race ...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
Northwest Speedweek Race #5
State Fair Raceway - Yakima, WA
July 20, 1999

At the end of race #5 in the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour’s “Northwest Speedweek”, Steve Kent of Fresno, CA stood in the winners circle at Grays Harbor Raceway Park at and said it was a great way to open up the 4th annual “Evergreen State Sprint Challenge”. He’s now looking forward trying to make it three in a row, and taking home Saturday night’s $5,000 top money. In a repeat show of Thursday night’s program, Kent and Rick Fauver led the show for the full 25 lap feature event, except this time Kent had an easier time working the traffic and Fauver never was able to close and challenge for the lead. Fauver had the lead at the end of the first lap, they were dead even at the line on number two and Kent finally managed to take the point as they exited turn four to end lap three. The first of three yellows flew on lap three when Shawna Wilskey banged the turn one wall when the steering broke. Wilskey, who had lost a motor in her car, stepped into the car of Randy Ridge and as it was unqualified by her she had to start the C & B mains and take a provisional for the A-Feature. On the restart Kent opened a near quarter lap lead until he caught traffic on lap 8. Behind Kent it was Fauver, Glenn Borden, Jr., Todd Heikes, Travis Hawthorne and Jay Smith filling the first six. Rick Smith brought out the next yellow when he slid into the infield minus his left front wheel. As racing resumed, the field trained out so that Kent’s progress was seldom slowed as he worked the traffic and Fauver was unable to make any significant gains in his effort to close the gap with the leader. Heikes and Hawthorne battled for 4th, with Jayme Barnes and Chad Hillier in a tight race for 8th giving the fans some of the tightest racing. Hawthorne had 4th by the 18th lap and Smith moved past Heikes on lap 20, but for the observant, they saw Barry Martinez working his way forward from his 12th position start. Heikes slowed to a stop, out on lap 23, setting up a restart a restart that had close action and contact with Hillier, Hawthorne, John Youngquist and Dan Menne sitting in turn two putting Youngquist out for the night. With three laps left, it was a dash for the checkered flag, with Kent going to win two, Fauver in second with Borden, J. Smith and Martinez the top five. Greg Brown came on strong to finish 6th with Barnes, Hillier, Menne and Scott Aumen the next five. Hawthorne took the lead from Youngquist as they flew past the finish line on lap 6, going to the B-Main win with a strong run. Canadians Ed Weirsma and Scott Aumen battled for several laps until Weirsma tagged the wall on lap 13 giving Aumen third place. On the restart, Aumen took the fight for second to Youngquist, but laps ran out before a position change was made. Shawn Rice ran fourth, with Scott Adams, who transferred from the C-Main falling short of a transfer spot in fifth. Adams who started the week strong and then missed two races to illness, took the C-Main win and then a provisional to the A feature where he finished 13th. Pat Desbiens was second in a close race with Jeremy Cooper in third and Cale Carder, fourth. The single yellow flew when Don Myska rolled to a stop on the front straight mid-point in the 10 lap race. As Kent went to the dash win, Fauver and Heikes provided the action in a battle for second while Hillier sat out the dash while the crew made a motor change. It was Kent, Fauver, Heikes, Borden, J. Smith and move up Brandon Harkness a the finish line. Greg Brown took the win in the opening heat race with Rick Smith second. Kent made several tries, but couldn’t find the move to pass Smith and settled for third followed by Borden in fourth. Heat two had a great race long dice between Wilskey Fauver and Harkness for third as Martinez and Jeff Thompson led the way in first and second. Fauver took third, Harkness fourth and Wilskey missing the transfer as her motor went away. Heat three went to Menne with Randy Ridge and Hillier running wheel to wheel and wing to wing from the opening green until Ridge slid high on lap 9 and Hillier nailed down second for good. J smith had the final transfer position. The final heat was Donny Fry all the way. Jayme Barnes grabbed second from Tony Menard on lap 3 and Heikes tailed in fourth at the line. Saturday night it’s the final night of the Evergreen State Championship with $5,000 going to the winner of the 40 lap A-Feature event.


Fast Time - Steve Kent -13.258

Heat 1 - Greg Brown, Rick Smith, Steve Kent, Glenn Borden, Jr., Travis Hawthorne, Shawn Rice, Jeremy Cooper, Kirk Haefs, Jim Walker, Rob Johnson (CA).

Heat 2 - Barry Martinez, Jeff Thompson, Rick Fauver, Brandon Harkness, Shawna Wilskey, Rob Johnson (WA), Tim Levin, Jim Cress, Steve Walker.

Heat 3 - Dan Menne, Chad Hillier, Randy Ridge, Jay Smith, Ron Myska, Pat Desbiens, Ed Weirsma, John Youngquist, Mellisa, Yates.

Heat 4 - .Donny Fry, Jayme Barnes, Tony Menard, Todd Heikes, Scott Aumen, Scott Adams, Jeff Hodgson, Mike Crawford, Cale Carder.

Dash - Kent, Fauver, Heikes, Borden, J. Smith, Harkness.

C-Main - Adams, Desbiens, Cooper, Carder, Cress, Yates, Myska, Haefs, Wilskey, Crawford, J. Walker.

B-Main - Hawthorne, Youngquist, Aumen, Rice, Adams, Johnson(WA), Hodgson, Cooper, Carder, Desbiens, Myska, Cress, Yates, Levin, Weirsma, Wilskey, Johnson(CA).

A-Main - Kent, Fauver, Borden, J.Smith, Martinez, Brown, Barnes, Hillier, Menne, Aumen, Hawthorne, Harkness, Adams, Fry, Thompson, Rice, Youngquist, Heikes, Menard, R. Smith, Wilskey.

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