hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Race #4 State Fair Raceway

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Northwest Speedweek Race ...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
Northwest Speedweek Race #4
State Fair Raceway - Yakima, WA
July 20, 1999

Steve Kent of Fresno, CA stood in the winners circle when night number four of the six races in six days hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Northwest Speedweek series ended at Yakima, WA’s new State Fair Raceway on Thursday, July 20, 2000. This was only the second race held at the new racing arena, and the delay caused by the extra track preparation to work in newly added clay was deemed time well spent as the action in the A Feature was some of the best of the week. Slowed only by two yellow flags, the pace was fast and furious with the leaders running through traffic for much of the race. Kent jumped to a lead over fast timer Rick Fauver as battles for position went on behind. As the cars were starting to string out around the track, Kent found him self into traffic on lap 6 giving Fauver a chance to close to Kent’s rear nerf. Just behind the leaders it was another battle of the #75 cars as Dale Smith and Dan Menne went at it strong for third position with Smith holding Menne at bay. Also running nose to tail were Jay Cole and Shawna Wilskey for the following positions with Jay Smith nosing into the battle also. This close racing came to a halt mid-race when Smith and Pat Desbiens came together in turn one and he lost the right rear wheel. There was another yellow two laps later, and then Kent again had a clear track to work with opening a 10 car lead until he was up on the back markers in less than ten laps. With D. Smith now at the tail and working forward again, Kent, Fauver and Menne working their way through the other cars to the fans delight. The closest race on the track in the closing laps was for fourth between Wilskey and Cole. Wilskey continually went low in the corners to get under Cole only to have Cole pull away on the straights. Noticeably absent from the program and the A-Feature were Brent Kaeding and fellow Californians Steven Tiner and Jonathan Allard who elected to return home with two days of Golden State Championship racing coming up this weekend. Santa Rosa California’s Rob Johnson showed up for night #4 with a respectable run coming from19th to finish 10th. Asked about the new track, Kent replied that although the track was understandably up to what it eventually will be, it was still raceable and the facility enormous potential. He wished California had more tracks like it. Travis Hawthorne had the hot setup in the B-Main, as he grabbed the lead on the start and retained it through four yellow flag restarts keeping Johnson at bay each time. After struggling time trials and his heat, Allan Munn made a great race out of the B-Main as he moved from 9th to a last lap turn four blast past Shawn Rice and Johnson to take second place. Jeremy Cooper and Tony Menard also had a good battle going for fifth until Cooper was pushed to the pits after stopping on lap 12. The shake out at the line was Hawthorne, Munn, Johnson, Rice, Menard and Ed Weirsma. Fauver had no problem walking away with the dash in six quick trips around the three-eights mile oval. John Youngquist opened a good lead early in the first heat, but a mid-race yellow allowed Wilskey to close in the last half. Youngquist held the lead and Fauver and Menne ran wheel to wheel in a battle for third with Menne holding Fauver at bay. Rick Smith put on a strong showing in the second heat as he kept Kent in the catch but couldn’t pass spot for the full 10 laps. Heat three went to Pat Desbiens over Cole and Greg Brown. Kirk Haefs had his best run of the week as he went wire to wire in the final heat with a quarter lap lead on the field at the finish. The battle for second and third went to Todd Heikes and Barry Martinez. The series now moves to Grays Harbor Raceway Park in Elma, WA for the Evergreen State Sprint Challenge with $30,000 on line for the two nights. Saturday nights winner will take home $5,000 Added into the purse also will be an additional $5000 from the 20/10 Speedweek purse with $1, 000 going to the driver with the most points.


Fast Time - Rick Fauver - 16.085

Heat 1 - John Youngquist, Shawna Wilskey, Dan Menne, Rick Fauver, Ron Myska, Ed Weirsma, Shawn Rice, Cale Carder.

Heat 2 - .Steve Kent, Rick Fauver, Chad Hillier, Jay Smith, Travis Hawthorne, Jeremy Cooper, Jim Cress, Steve Kilkup.

Heat 3 - Pat Desbiens, Jay Cole, Greg Brown, Dale Smith, Rob Johnson, Allan Munn, Jeff Hodgson.

Heat 4 - Kirk Haefs, Todd Heikes, Barry Martinez, Johnny Rodriguez, Tony Menard, Jeff Thompson, Jayme Barnes.

Dash - Fauver, Kent, J. Smith, Menne, Cole..

B-Main - Hawthorne, Munn, Johnson, Rice, Menard, Weirsma, Cress, Carder, Cooper, Hodgson, Myska, Barnes, Kilcup.

A-Main - Kent, Fauver, Menne, Cole, Wilskey, J. Smith, Heikes, Rodriguez, Hawthorne, Hillier, Johnson, Youngquist, R. Smith, Martinez, D. Smith, Haefs, Rice, Desbiens

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