hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Race #3 Willamette Speedway

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Northwest Speedweek Race ...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
Northwest Speedweek Race #3
Willamette Speedway - Lebanon, OR
July 19, 2000

“I guess it must have something to do with the number on the number “2”. That was Brent Kaeding’s comment at Willamette Speedway in Lebanon, OR on the comparisons being made to his three wins in three races and last years big winner Brad Furr. Furr picked off all five races of the 1999 hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Northwest Speedweek. Willamette Speedway, the narrowest track in the series, had worked into a one groove, mostly low, track by feature event time and Kaeding, on the pole by dint of his dash win, beat Roger Crockett to the first turn and was never headed to the wire. Mid-race traffic allowed Steve Kent, who was in second by the second lap, to close and try to work by for the lead but a lap 17 yellow gave Keading a clear track again. By lap 24 the leaders were back in traffic with Ken, Crockett and Chad Hillier and Marvin Smith all looking for a way to improve their position or get the lead. Three laps later Kaeding was again in the clear with a lapped car between he an Kent as the checkered flag flew. After being dogged by Hillier for the last half of the race, Crockett went high on the last lap passing a slower car and Hillier dove under him in turn two to grab the final podium position. Although the leaders were in a high speed train for a good part of the race, there was a lot of action mid-pack. The best was when Greg Brown, Shawna Wilskey and Rick Fauver battled for 7th for several laps mid-race. Top five at the final flag of the night was Kaeding, Kent, Hillier, Crockett and M. Smith. In the B-Main it was Dale Smith, Rick Fauver and Barry Martinez checking out early going one, two, three for the 15 lapper and leaving the pack to fight for the final transfer spot. Gus Cooper gave Rick Smith a great battle for fourth place, finally managing to wrest the spot away from Smith with two laps to go. From fifth back it was also close racing as John Youngquist, Todd Heikes and Richie Brown were dicing for position behind Cooper and Smith. Ron Myska turned in his best performance of the week as he lead wire to wire coming from 6th at the start to take the win. As Myska and Vernon Scevers ran one-two, the battle for third between Glenn Borden, Jr. and Ron Wilson was tight for the first five laps until Borden settled into the spot permanently. Jeff Hodgson finished in fifth place. In the dash it was a fast and easy run for Kaeding with Crockett and Kent trailing. The first heat had Jeff Thompson in the lead for the first 7 laps and at the end of eight heand Greg Brown were dead even at the line with Hillier on their rear nerfs. Brown had the lead on the next lap and Hillier took second on lap nine with Thompson finishing third in a very good heat. Jayme Barnes looked to have heat two sewed up until he tagged the wall and folded the front end giving Jeremy Cooper the point and win. Jay Smith was 2nd and Wilskey third. Heat three went to Johnny Rodriguez over Kent and Allard, while Marvin Smith took the win in the final heat. Randy Ridge and Kevin Etchison filled second and third spots.


Fast Time - Dale Smith- 13.171

Heat 1 - Greg Brown, Chad Hillier, Jeff Thompson, Travis Hawthorne, Dale Smith, Jay Cole, Ron Wilson, John Youngquist, Andy Forsburg, Richie Brown.

Heat 2 - Jeffery Cooper, Jay Smith, Shawna Wilskey, Roger Crockett, Rick Smith, Ryan Myska, Cale Carder, Todd Heikes, Jayme Barnes, Ron Ellis.

Heat 3 - Johnny Rodriguez, Steve Kent, Jonathan Allard, Brent Kaeding, Mike Crawford, Barry Martinez, Tony Menard, Steve Kilcup, Gus Cooper, Mellisa Yates.

Heat 4 - Marvin Smith, Randy Ridge, Kevin Etchison, Pat Desbiens, Dan Menne, Ed Weirsma, Rick Fauver, Steven Tiner, Kirk Haefs, Jay Barnes.

Dash - Kaeding, Crockett, Kent, J. Smith, Hillier, M. Smith.

C-Main - Myska, Scever, Glenn Borden, Jr., Wilson, Jeff Hodgson, Cole, Yates, Menard, Jim Cress, Rob Johnson, Bob McCord, Ellis, Tiner, Haefs.

B-Main - D. Smith, Fauver, Martinez, G. Cooper, R. Smith, Youngquist, Heikes, R. Brown, Myska, Borden, Thompson, Jayme Barnes, Menne, Weirsma, Scever, Crawford, Forsburg, Kilcup, Jay Barnes.

A-Main - Kaeding, Kent, Hillier, Crockett, M. Smith, D. Smith, J. Smith, G. Brown, Fauver, Wilskey, Etchison, Thompson, Hawthorne, Rodriguez, G. Cooper, Cole, J. Cooper, Martinez, Ridge, Jayme Barnes, Allard, Desbiens.

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