hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Grays Harbor race report

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Grays Harbor Raceway Park Elma, WA August 16, 2001 Fauver Takes Grays Harbor Raceway Park Win The Thursday night hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour race at Grays Harbor Raceway Park in Elma, WA was a 30 lap...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
Grays Harbor Raceway Park
Elma, WA
August 16, 2001

Fauver Takes Grays Harbor Raceway Park Win

The Thursday night hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour race at Grays Harbor Raceway Park in Elma, WA was a 30 lap battle between Jason Solwold and Rick Fauver with Solwold showing the way for 23 laps before losing the lead and the win. It was a lap 24 restart that the crowd on their feet as Burlington, WA's Solwold and Everett, WA veteran Fauver battled wheel to wheel for a full lap before Fauver finally edged ahead as they came off the fourth turn.

Solwold nailed down the lead from the pole position at the start as Fauver was immediately challenged for second by Edmonton, AB driver Jeff Hodgson. Hodgson worked past Fauver for second with a back straight pass just 6 laps into the race as Shawna Wilskey and Barry Martinez gave chase close behind.

With the leader in traffic by the 7th circuit, Solwold started to open a gap over Hodgson and Fauver that was filled with lapped cars.

A lap 13 yellow closed the pack and putting Fauver on Hodgson's rear nerf to set him up for the regaining of second place with a back straight pass two circuits later.

Another yellow closed the pack again on lap 16, but Solwold opened a 10 car length lead with Fauver, Hodgson, Wilskey and Martinez about equidistant behind.

Trailing the top five, Scott Aumen, Steve Walker and Jay Cole had a good battle going for 6th the first half of the race with Aumen and Cole continuing after Walker dropped out and Chad Hillier moved into the battle after finally putting away Donny Fry and Roger Crockett as they had battled for 10th

Gary Taylor set up the lap 24 restart when he lost the left front wheel going into the first turn. Fauver tried high and low, running wing to wing with Solwold and then edging ahead as they exited turn four toward the flag stand.

For the final 5 laps, the top four were never more than 4 or 5 car lengths apart and as they came off turn four Solwold gave it one last try, pulling a wheelie as they raced to the checkered flag.

Martinez held his fifth place spot with Cole, Hillier, Aumen, Crockett and Jayme Barnes filling out the top ten.

The B-main looked like it was going to be run on lap at a time as turn two became a challenge that saw several drivers fall victim to the dreaded spin. Scott Aumen took control from the initial green flag, with Donny Fry and Rick Smith giving chase, and maintained the lead despite five yellow flags in the 15 lap race.

Tony Menard and Barnes had the best race going early in the race as they diced for third. Barnes took the a third of the way through as Joe Ramaker put the challenge to Menard. On the 7th lap Ramaker made a dive for the inside and tagged Menard's car, spun and recovered but was then tagged by Geoff Beck, putting Beck out for the night.

Ramaker made his pass for third work 5 laps later when Menard slid high and spun in the first turn. On the last 3 laps Fry put the pressure to Aumen and manage to pull to within less than a car length at the finish line. Following Aumen and Fry were Barnes, Ramaker and Brandon Harkness.

Randy Van Aagten won the 6 car, 6 lap, C-main over Shawn Rice. It took Rice four laps to get past Steve Vague on the back chute, giving him the second transfer spot in the best race of the event.

Hodgson took the lead on lap 3 of the first heat, passing leader Jeremy Cooper and Wilskey in the process. Wilskey got second at the line from Cooper on the next lap and they ran to the checkered flag in that order with Glenn Borden taking the final transfer.

Heat 2 action had Cole going wire to wire as Solwold closed on him in the final laps after coming from 6th place on the start. S. Walker and Tom Waggoner took 3rd and 4th.

Gary Taylor had control of the point position the entire 10 laps of the 3rd heat. Mike Sather held 2nd until he spun on the 5th go around and lost several spots. Crockett took over 2nd with J. Harkness and Martinez following to the finish

The final heat went to Jeff Thompson with a wire to wire run. With Thompson in the lead by a quarter lap or more, Fauver and Roger McNulty followed with a tight race for the final transfer spot raging between Rick Smith, Hillier and Barnes. At the line it was Hillier taking fourth.

The dash went to Solwold with Fauver, Hodgson Wilskey, Martinez and S. Walker trailing to set up the feature event top six line-up.

Fast time went to Hodgson with a 13.883 circuit of the track which has seen the addition of new clay and a reconfiguring of the banking since the last hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour race.

Fast Time - Jeff Hodgson - 13.883

Heat 1 - Jeff Hodgson, Shawna Wilskey, Jeremy Cooper, Glenn Borden, Jr., John Tharp, Geoff Beck, Ron Reed, Randy Van Aagten, Kasey Walker.

Heat 2 - Jay Cole, Jason Solwold, Steve Walker, Tom Waggoner, Donny Fry, Shawn Rice, Tony Menard, Jim Cress, Steve Vague, Dawn-L Morrison.

Heat 3 - Gary Taylor, Roger Crockett, Jay Harkness, Barry Martinez, Joe Ramaker, Scott Aumen, Scott Adams, Dan Dunlap, Mike Sather.

Heat 4 - Jeff Thompson, Rick Fauver, Robert McNulty, Chad Hillier, Rick Smith, Melissa Yates, Tyler Pinceman, Jayme Barnes, Jim Walker.

Dash - Solwold, Fauver, Hodgson, Wilskey, Martinez, Walker.

C-Main - Van Aagten, Rice, Vague, Adams, J. Walker, K. Walker.

B-Main - Aumen, Fry, Barnes, Ramaker, Brandon Harkness, Van Aagten, Yates, Menard, Pinceman, Reed, Beck, Rice, Smith, Dunlap, Sather, Tharp, Cress, Morrison.

A-Main - Fauver, Solwold, Hodgson, Wilskey, Martinez, Cole, Hillier, Aumen, Crockett, Barnes, Fry, Ramaker, Cooper, Thompson, Waggoner, McNulty, Taylor, Borden, S. Walker, J. Harkness.


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