hpl Northern Sprint Yakima results 2002-09-28

The hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour wrapped up their 2002 season at State Fair Raceway in Yakima, WA on Saturday, September 28th with Jason Solwold taking his third win of the season over Jayme Barnes and season champion Roger Crockett. The ...

The hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour wrapped up their 2002 season at State Fair Raceway in Yakima, WA on Saturday, September 28th with Jason Solwold taking his third win of the season over Jayme Barnes and season champion Roger Crockett.

The Burlington, WA driver stated, "We got some breaks tonight but I think we had a car good enough to have taken the win if Shawna (Wilskey) hadn't dropped out. The car was really good and I think traffic could have played in our favor. I was only really worried when we had a caution with one to go. With a single lap to the end you have to be perfect. The Huson Brothers team gave me a great car and it was a good track. I'm really enjoying the win tonight".

Wilskey set a fast pace at the start of the 40-lap feature event with Solwold and Crockett leading the rest of the field in hot pursuit. The first of six yellow flags flew on lap 4 when Rick Fauver coasted to a stop on the back straight with a broken drive line, but on the restart the Lake Stevens, WA driver quickly opened a 10 car lead over Solwold. With the first six positions stretched to half a lap, several good battles were shaping up mid-pack that would last most of the race.

Already into traffic by the 9th circuit, Wilskey's evening ended as she coasted to the infield on lap 10 as the yellow was being waved for a spinning Scott Aumen in turn four. While Aumen went to the back of the field, Wilskey was pushed to the pits with major engine troubles.

Having inherited the lead, Solwold found Eugene, OR's Crockett pushing for the lead and close behind was Jayme Barnes. Barnes, from Everett, WA, had started 10th and was now in third and looking hungry for more positions.

As Solwold lead an extremely tight race for position was being waged between Jeff Hodgson, Glen Borden, Jr., Jay Cole, Chad Hillier, Jay Harkness, Rick Smith, Bill Nutter and Travis Hawthorne for sixth and back. Positions changed every lap with Cole having moved from 14th to 5th when Brandon Harkness brought out the caution with 13 laps in the books.

With the field single file for the restart, the side by side dicing had just began again when Hawthorne slowed to a stop in the first turn five laps later, another casualty to mechanical woes.

The five-lap curse hit again on lap 24 to close the field on Solwold's lead. That's when Hodgson was eliminated from a good three way dice for fourth with Cole and Borden when his left rear tire disintegrated on the front straight, removing his part of his side nerf in the process.

After the restart the top three of Solwold, Crockett and Barnes pulled away from the field in their own close race as Cole led the continuing battles for 4th through 10th. Rick Smith, who had moved from 13th to 4th in the B-main, was continuing his march through the competition, having moved from 20th to sit in fifth on lap 25.

With 10 laps to go the leaders were again in lapped traffic and Crockett was putting the pressure on Solwold at some point in every lap but coming up short each time. At the same time Barnes was waiting to make his move on Crockett for second. Coming out of four with 2 to go, Barnes went to the inside and won the drag race to the line by inches.

Nutter and Shawn Smith brought out the final yellow with one lap to go, their ten lap fight for a top ten finish position ending in turn four after they made contact and stopped with the front of Nutter's car up on Smith's car.

Solwold got a good start as the green/white combination was waved with Barnes and Crockett filling the podium positions. Taking the next three spots were Cole R. Smith and J. Harkness.

Fauver led all laps in the B-main with Hodgson chasing him the full 15 laps of the race. A Drew Church spin in turn four brought out a yellow flag on lap 3 with the red flying on the restart when Geoff Beck got loose exiting turn four on lap three. Tony Menard was trying to make a pass and the two got together with Menard taking a roll near the end of the straight to finish his night.

Underway again, Fauver open good lead as the top five stretched out at 8-10 car length intervals. There was good racing in last half of pack with Travis Jacobson pressing B. Harkness for third until spinning with 13 complete. R. Smith and Beck went wing to wing for what was to be the last transfer to the A-main. At the checkered flag it was Fauver, Hodgson, Jacobson and R. Smith.

With Wilskey and Solwold on the front row of the dash, it was side by side until Wilskey went the deepest into turn three to take the lead and go on to the win. Borden, Jr., lost a couple of spots when he went high in the first corner on lap one letting Hillier and Crockett past with Aumen bringing up the last spot.

Heat race action had Pincemin taking the win in the opening race over J. Harkness and Hawthorne with a good Fauver / Aumen battle for 4th. Aumen won that sending Fauver to the B-main. The second heat had Cole in front the full 10 laps with S. Smith second, Crockett third and Solwold in the final transfer spot.

In heat 3 Cale Carder won the race to the line on the first lap but it was Jayme Barnes taking over on lap two and going to the win by quarter lap lead. Trailing were Randy Van Aagten and Wilskey. The final heat went to Barry Martinez over Nutter. Hillier challenged for second with two laps to go but settled for third with Borden in fourth.

Fast Time -- Jeff Hodgson -- 14.673

Heat 1 -- Tyler Pincemin, Jay Harkness, Travis Hawthorne, Scott Aumen, Rick Fauver, Drew Church, Jeff Hodgson, Rick Smith.

Heat 2 -- Jay Cole, Shawn Smith, Roger Crockett, Jason Solwold, Brandon Harkness, Jeff Bell, Travis Jacobson, Nick Evans.

Heat 3 -- Jayme Barnes, Cale Carder, Randy Van Aagten, Shawna Wilskey, Geoff Beck, Tony Menard, Robert McNulty, John Youngquist.

Heat 4 -- Barry Martinez, Bill Nutter, Chad Hillier, Glenn Borden, Jr. Nick Engberg, Gary Taylor, Dawn-L Morrison, Dan Dunlap.

Dash -- Wilskey, Solwold, Hillier, Crockett, Borden, Jr., Aumen.

B-Main -- Fauver, Hodgson, B. Harkness, R. Smith, Beck, Evans, Church, McNulty, Dunlap, Jacobson, Engberg, Morrison, Bell, Taylor, Youngquist, Menard.

A-Main -- Solwold, Barnes, Crockett, Cole, R. Smith, J. Harkness, Hillier, Pincemin, Van Aagten, Hodgson, Carder, B. Harkness, Borden, Jr., Nutter, S. Smith, Martinez, Aumen, Hawthorne, Wilskey, Fauver.


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