hpl Northern Sprint Tour Yakima results 2002-09-27

The final laps of the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour's weekend opener at State Fair Raceway in Yakima, WA had plenty of close, fast, and at times contact racing before Shawna Wilskey, of Lake Stevens, WA, gained the lead with five laps to go and...

The final laps of the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour's weekend opener at State Fair Raceway in Yakima, WA had plenty of close, fast, and at times contact racing before Shawna Wilskey, of Lake Stevens, WA, gained the lead with five laps to go and then held for the win over Rick Fauver and Chad Hillier.

Slow cars in turn two with five laps to go had the top four bunched together with positions changing and contact between Wilskey and Fauver. Wilskey was in the lead at the end of the lap and at the checkered for the win. In the winners circle she stated, "We made contact a couple of times before I got past, but if I hadn't Roger (Crockett) would have gotten past both of us. Rick got sideways and I could have spun him but I didn't."

After Wilskey and Eugene, OR's Roger Crockett found themselves in the second row after a false start, Fauver took the lead from the green and set a pace on the State Fair three-eights mile clay oval that had the leaders in traffic on the eighth lap. Following at five car length intervals, Wilskey, Crockett and Hiller gave chase with Jeff Hodgson, Cale Carder, Glenn Borden, Jr. and Jayme Barnes in a second group close behind.

By mid point of the 25-lap feature event, Fauver was being slowed by traffic and Wilskey had closed to a few feet. Working through the back markers, the Everett, WA based Fauver again opened a gap as Crockett move to pressure Wilskey, pulling even at the line on lap 19 but unable to make the pass.

Slow cars in turn two the next lap had the top four close enough to hide under the proverbial blanket with every one looking for an advantage. Hillier grabbed third from Crockett but lost it a half lap later while farther back in the pack mid race action had a good battle between Jay Harkness and Travis Hawthorne for 9th as Carder and Borden diced for 6th.

With Wilskey opening an 8 -- 10 car gap over second, Crockett lost third again to Hillier and despite running wing to wing on the white flag lap he couldn't get back past the Sedro Woolley, WA driver and settled for a close 4th at the line. St. Albert, AB hot shoe Hodgson ran 5th the entire race with Carder moving from 11th to fill out the top six.

Brandon Harkness led all 15 laps of the B-main to take the win but it was a rough night for Steve Vague who got loose exiting turn four on the opening lap and flipped on front straight. Landing top wing first on the rail next to the flag stand after taking a shot at the altitude and hang time records, a visibly unhappy Vague climbed out of his car and headed for the pits.

A steering problem on the back straight on lap 3 had Drew Church all over the track before he spun in the third turn, but some how every one missed him. After the restart Harkness opened a good lead over Bill Nutter in second with Scott Aumen and Jay Cole dicing for third place. By mid-point the top four had stretched out with John Youngquist making the moves up through traffic to move from 9th to 5th.

Nutter was closing in the final laps but lost his momentum to try for the lead when the yellow flew for Tony Menard and Tyler Pincemin who were sitting in the third turn after spinning. With just the green, white and checkered flags left; there was not enough time for Nutter to make another run for the win.

Following Nutter to get transfers to the feature event were Aumen, Cole and Youngquist.

The dash win went to Wilskey over Crockett with Fauver and Hillier following to the line. Fauver made the pass for third in turn one on the last lap. Jason Solwold and Hodgson left the dash on lap three after Solwold got sideways in turn one and Hodgson made contact while trying to pass him.

In the nights opening race, Gary Taylor led all 10 laps with Solwold closing to a car length on the last lap. Travis Hawthorne had the second heat lead all to him self from start to finish with J. Harkness second. Shawn Smith led wire to wire in the final heat. Tony Menard spun on lap 7, closing the field and setting up a good battle between Barry Martinez, Hodgson and Fauver in the final three laps.

On a track that got faster as the night wore on, Hodgson and Aumen both set new track records before current holder Wilskey regained the record with a 14.347 second run.

Fast Time -- Shawna Wilskey -- 14.347 - NTR

Heat 1 -- Gary Taylor, Jason Solwold, Shawna Wilskey, Jayme Barnes, Roger Crockett, Drew Church, Jay Cole, Travis Jacobson, Geoff Beck, Tyler Pincemin.

Heat 2 -- Travis Hawthorne, Jay Harkness, Cale Carder, Glenn Borden, Jr., Chad Hillier, Scott Aumen, Bill Nutter, Jeff Bell, Steve Vague, Dan Dunlap.

Heat 3 -- Shawn Smith, Barry Martinez, Jeff Hodgson, Rick Fauver, Randy Van Aagten, Robert McNulty, Dawn-L Morrison, Brandon Harkness, Tony Menard.

Dash -- Wilskey, Crockett, Fauver, Hillier, Solwold, Hodgson.

B-Main --B. Harkness, Nutter, Aumen, Cole, Youngquist, Beck, McNulty, Dunlap, Morrison, Menard, Jacobson, Church, Vague, Bell.

A-Main -- Wilskey, Fauver, Hillier, Crockett, Hodgson, Carder, Borden, Barnes, J. Harkness, Hawthorne, Taylor, Cole, Nutter, Martinez, B. Harkness, Youngquist, Van Aagten, Smith, Aumen, Solwold.


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