Gulf South Beaumont results 2009-05-15

Tommy & "The Texan" Split ASCS Gulf South Honors at GTRP BEAUMONT, Texas (May 15, 2009) -- Gary Wright and Tommy Bryant both posted $2,000 triumphs on Friday night as the American Sprint Car Series Gulf South Region completed twin ...

Tommy & "The Texan" Split ASCS Gulf South Honors at GTRP

BEAUMONT, Texas (May 15, 2009) -- Gary Wright and Tommy Bryant both posted $2,000 triumphs on Friday night as the American Sprint Car Series Gulf South Region completed twin 25-lap features at Golden Triangle Raceway Park.

Wright picked off his third ASCS Gulf South win in as many 2009 tries by topping the regularly-scheduled 25-lapper, while Bryant bagged his second career series triumph in the makeup of the feature postponed by rain from April 24.

While Bryant took command midway through en route to victory lane in the nightcap feature event, Wright paced only the final three rounds after race-long leader Travis Rilat tangled with a lapped car and flipped as the lead battle boiled over.

Rilat gunned into the lead from the pole position in the night's originally scheduled main event, weathering several early incidents with Jason Johnson, fellow front row starter Brandon Berryman, Paul McMahan and sixth-starter Wright in tow.

Rilat fought off a Jason Johnson bid for the lead on the seventh round and opened up an advantage of several car-lengths as McMahan and Wright worked past Berryman. Wright then blasted past McMahan for third on a lap ten restart and set his sights on the lead duo.

Vying for his first win of 2009, Rilat cruised out front until lapped traffic came into play on the 18th lap, with Johnson quickly moving in to challenge for the point. Rilat fought off Johnson's advances, with Wright joining the fray by taking second from Johnson on the 22nd circuit.

With Wright nipping at his heels, Rilat pressed the issue with a lapped car in turns one and two on the 24th lap and flipped after contact.JWright narrowly missed out on the fracas, escaping with minor wing damage.

Out front on the restart for the first time all night, Wright raced to the checkered flag unabated over the final three laps aboard Scott Brown's ASI-powered Lubbock Wrecker Service/Richwood Construction No. 9x Maxim.

"I had a little more stagger than those guys had, so I could chop down in the corners," Wright explained afterward. "I think we would have got him (Rilat) anyway."

Johnson settled for runner-up honors five car-lengths back, with McMahan taking the show position in his ASCS Gulf South debut. Tommy Bryant raced from 12th to fourth, while Brady Bacon rebounded from a lap three skirmish to round out the top five after Trey Robb failed to report to the scales.

After advancing eight positions for a top-five run in the first main event, ASCS Gulf South title contender Tommy Bryant found himself in the sixth row once again in the makeup feature, only to the inside this time. And it didn't take him long to battle into contention, as he had cracked the top five just behind pole starter Terry Monroe, Brandon Corn, Berryman and Channin Tankersley after only a handful of circuits.

Bryant disposed of Tankersley and then moved to third when Corn lost power on the ninth round, precipitating the first of two cautions.

Bryant outdueled Berryman, Tankersley and a surging Ray Allen Kulhanek for second over the next couple of rounds and then charged by Monroe on the top side of turn two on the 12th round to take the lead for keeps.

"I have to thank David Miller and his wife, they give me the best stuff to race with and I'm just happy to be able to get this win for them," Bryant commented after his second career ASCS Gulf South score aboard the B&M Jr./Hometech Construction No. 21T J&J.

Kulhanek claimed runner-up honors after also starting in the sixth row, while Tankersley bounced back from a turn two flip on the third lap of the earlier feature to snare the show position. "My crew was still putting oil in and tightening things up when the feature started rolling, they did a great job just to get me out there," Tankersley explained.

Coupled with a sixth-place run in the early feature, Aaron Reutzel's fourth-place showing in the nightcap kept him atop the ASCS Gulf South point charts, while two-time and reigning series champion Brandon Berryman rounded out the top five.

Forty cars were on hand for Friday's action, with Berryman, Ryan Hall, Reutzel, Jimmy Brooks and Kulhanek topping heat race action. Eric Baldaccini and Bacon won the "B" Mains. Ty Johnson flipped in heat race competition, while Hall flipped on a lap four restart in the first "A" Main. There were no injuries.

Nineteen of the 20 cars slated for the makeup feature from April 24 were on hand, with 18 answering the bell for the finale. Bryant (4th and 1st), Kulhanek (7th and 2nd), Reutzel (6th and 4th) and Baldaccini (9th and 8th) each finished among the top ten in both feature events.

American Sprint Car Series Gulf South Region Results from Golden Triangle Raceway Park:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 31-Brandon Berryman, 2. 21T-Tommy Bryant, 3. 12-Trey Robb, 4. 85-Jerry Bell, 5. 17c-Greg Coleman, 6. 4x-Michael Miller, 7. 93-Chris Sweeney, 8. 20-Terry Monroe.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 79-Ryan Hall, 2. 74-Brandon Corn, 3. 41-Jason Johnson, 4. 1b-Kent Lewis, Jr., 5. 15T-Travis Elliott, 6. 23-Darryl Wills, 7. 35-Greg Rilat, 8. 30-Scottie McDonald.

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 2. 9x-Gary Wright, 3. 3d-Paul McMahan, 4. 13-Kathryne Minter, 5. 71-Channin Tankersley, 6. 22L-Kent Lewis, Sr., 7. 30x-Bean Elliott, 8. 21-Blake Roberts.

Heat Four (8 Laps): 1. 51-Jimmy Brooks, 2. 4-Eric Baldaccini, 3. 3-Gary Watson, 4. 99-Brady Bacon, 5. 80-James McNeil, 6. 67-Rodney Henderson, 7. 69-Larry Howery, 8. 10-Larry Hartwell.

Heat Five (8 Laps): 1. 5-Ray Allen Kulhanek, 2. 29-Travis Rilat, 3. 19-Klint Angelette, 4. 17-Bruce Griffith, Jr., 5. 12s-Steve Hubbard, 6. d20-David Noker, 7. 52-Roger Oakes, 8. 49-Ty Johnson.

First "B" Feature (12 Laps): 1. 4-Eric Baldaccini, 2. 71-Channin Tankersley, 3. 3-Gary Watson, 4. 1b-Kent Lewis, Jr., 5. 30-Scottie McDonald, 6. 23-Darryl Wills, 7. 69-Larry Howery, 8. 13-Kathryne Minter, 9. 22L-Kent Lewis, Sr., 10. 21-Blake Roberts, 11. 17c-Greg Coleman, 12. 52-Roger Oakes. DNS: 30x-Bean Elliott.

Second "B" Feature (12 Laps): 1. 99-Brady Bacon, 2. 4x-Michael Miller, 3. 15T-Travis Elliott, 4. 49-Ty Johnson, 5. 17-Bruce Griffith, Jr., 6. 93-Chris Sweeney, 7. 20-Terry Monroe, 8. d20-David Noker, 9. 12s-Steve Hubbard, 10. 10-Larry Hartwell, 11. 35-Greg Rilat, 12. 67-Rodney Henderson, 13. 80-James McNeil.

"A" Feature (25 Laps): 1. 9x-Gary Wright, 2. 41-Jason Johnson, 3. 3d-Paul McMahan, 4. 21T-Tommy Bryant, 5. 99-Brady Bacon, 6. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 7. 5-Ray Allen Kulhanek, 8. 31-Brandon Berryman, 9. 4-Eric Baldaccini, 10. 74-Brandon Corn, 11. 4x-Michael Miller, 12. 51-Jimmy Brooks, 13. 19-Klint Angelette, 14. 29-Travis Rilat, 15. 3-Gary Watson, 16. 15T-Travis Elliott, 17. 85-Jerry Bell, 18. 79-Ryan Hall, 19. 71-Channin Tankersley, 20. 12-Trey Robb (Disqualified; failed to report to scales after finishing fifth).

Makeup "A" Feature Results (25 Laps -- Postponed by Rain From April 24): 1. 21T-Tommy Bryant, 2. 5-Ray Allen Kulhanek, 3. 71-Channin Tankersley, 4. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 5. 31-Brandon Berryman, 6. 20-Terry Monroe, 7. 1b-Kent Lewis, Jr., 8. 4-Eric Baldaccini, 9. 93-Chris Sweeney, 10. 19-Klint Angelette, 11. 30-Scottie McDonald, 12. 35-Greg Rilat, 13. 51-Jimmy Brooks, 14. 13-Kathryne Minter, 15. 12s-Steve Hubbard, 16. 74-Brandon Corn, 17. 15T-Travis Elliott, 18. 3-Gary Watson, 19. 87x-Billy Melton (DNS), 20. 30x-Bean Elliott (DNS).

April 24 Heat Winners; 20-Terry Monroe, 31-Brandon Berryman, 87-Aaron Reutzel, 35-Greg Rilat.

April 24 "B" Main Results (12 Laps): 1. 93-Chris Sweeney, 2. 12s-Steve Hubbard, 3. 3-Gary Watson, 4. 19-Klint Angelette, 5. 13-Kathryne Minter, 6. 4-Eric Baldaccini, 7. d20-David Noker, 8. 17-Bruce Griffith, Jr., 9. 11-Jason Johnson, 10. 10-Larry Hartwell. DNS: 17c-Greg Coleman, 23-Darryl Wills, 80-James McNeil.

ASCS Gulf South Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Aaron Reutzel 686, 2. Tommy Bryant 662, 3. Eric Baldaccini 658, 4. Jason Johnson 655, 5. Channin Tankersley 654, 6. Brandon Berryman 652, 7. Ray Allen Kulhanek 637, 8. Jimmy Brooks 620, 9. Brandon Corn 604, 10. Kent Lewis, Jr. 603.

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