Greenwood Valley Micro Sprint Results 98-06-06

RESULTS: Greenwood Valley Action Track June 6, 1998 LITE KARTS 1. Ken Duke, Selinsgrove 2. Nip Loss, Penns Creek 3. Devon Hackenburg, Richfield ROOKIE KART(Caged) 1. Ricky Ross 2. Matt Miller, Sunbury 3. Whitney Heydenreich,...

RESULTS: Greenwood Valley Action Track

June 6, 1998

LITE KARTS 1. Ken Duke, Selinsgrove 2. Nip Loss, Penns Creek 3. Devon Hackenburg, Richfield

ROOKIE KART(Caged) 1. Ricky Ross 2. Matt Miller, Sunbury 3. Whitney Heydenreich, Bloomsburg

ADULT CAGED 1. Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg 2. Mike Williams, Bloomsburg 3. Joel Thomas, Bloomsburg

MEDIUM KART 1. Russ Kinslow, Kreamer 2. Matt Hummel, Sunbury 3. Grease Morgan, Orangeville

JR. KART(caged) 1. Chris Badger, Lewisburg 2. John Uhrin, Freeland 3. Lee Benjamin

HEAVY KARTS 1. Chuck Paige, Middleburg 2. Brian Snyder, Selinsgrove 3. Brock Lyttle, Sunbury

JR. MICRO STOCK(caged) 1. C.J. Jones, Hellertown 2. Rob Pajaius, Asbury, NJ

STAR KART(caged) 1. Buddy Meier 2. Jason Koch, Lewisburg 3. Russ Kinslow, Kreamer

EX-HEAVY KART 1. Eddie Miller, Milton 2. Adam Romig

3. Dan Kritzer, Herndon

MICRO SPRINT 1. David Utt, Bloomsburg 2. Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove 3. Joe Bednarski, Wyoming 4. Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg 5. Brent Boyer, Bloomsburg 6. John Wagner 7. Chad Behler, Effort 8. Troy "Buster" Whitesell, Selinsgrove 9. Steve Lenig, Selinsgrove 10. Eric Perchak, Hazelton

ROOKIE MICRO 1. Justin Barger, Montrose, NY 2. Skeetz Hockenbrock, Paxinos 3. Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove 4. Paul Arns 5. Jake Parks, Rome 6. Jared Ferri, Gouldsboro 7. Rick Morris, Catawissa 8. Eric Heydenreich, Bloomsburg 9. Jarrett Seng 10. Ralph Ferraro

June 6, 1998 From Victory Lane at Greenwood Valley . . . . By Than Mitchell

David Utt, Bloomsburg, managed to hold off a pack of hot shoes for his first Micro Sprint Feature win of the 1998 season at the Greenwood Valley Action Track on Saturday night. Disappointed a week ago when his King Chassis Micro failed to make the Feature field for the first time in many months, Utt watched from the bleachers, checked the lines and moves of the racers, and came back this week with a new determination to win. Whatever David Utt did, it worked as he lead the field to the finish line.

Behind Utt was Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove; Joe Bednarski, Wyoming; Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg; Brent Boyer, Bloomsburg; John Wagner; Chad Behler, Effort; Troy "Buster" Whitesell, Selinsgrove; Steve Lenig, Selinsgrove, and Eric Perchak, Hazelton.

It was graduation time for Justin Barger, but not the kind usually associated with the end of another school year. In the Rookie Micro Feature, Barger won his fourth race in his very fast and well driven King Chassis machine, requiring he graduate into the Regular Micro division. The 15 year old high school freshman from Montrose, NY thanked his family and remembered to talk about his sponsors in victory lane. It was clear that the four hour drive, one way, from Montrose, New York, was well worth the trip for young race car driver.

Next week is A. J. Walter's Kids Night, so bring the youngsters and join the fun at the Greenwood Valley Action Track located about 4 miles east of Millville. Gates open at 3:00, warm-ups at 5:30 and heat racing by 6:00.

Greenwood Valley Action Track R.R.#1, Box 116D, Orangeville, PA 17859 voice: (717) 458-5142 . . fax: (717) 458-4655

Greenwood Valley Action Track, located 4 miles east of Millville, Pennsylvania, on PA route 254, is a 1/5 mile dirt oval, attracting Kart and Mini-Sprint competitors from Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Gates open at 3:00 and warm-ups begin at 5:30. 1998 Schedule


13   A.J. Trucking Kids Night
20   Twin 20s Med.Wt. - $400 purse  
     $20 Entry Fee - Med.Wt. only
27   Regular Show


4    9th Annual "Firecracker 500" - $800 to win  
     Pre-registration $40.00  
     Day of race  $55.00  
     No refunds!
11   "Rain date for "Firecracker 500"
18   Regular Show - Twin 20s Med. Wt. - $400 to win  
     $20 Entry Fee - Med. Wt. only
25   Regular Show


1    Regular Show
8    Regular Show
15   Regular Show
22   Regular Show
29   PA Outlaw Mini Sprints


5    Regular Show
12   Regular Show
19   Regular Show
26   Points End - Turkey Race


2    Regular Show
3    6th Annual "Thunder and Lightning"  
     Pre-registration $50.00  
     Day of race  $75.00  
     No refunds  
     Registration deadline September 26th
10   Regular Show
17   Regular Show
24   Regular Show

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