Grays Harbor results 2003-07-05

Fireworks at Grays Harbor Raceway on Saturday started long before the impressive post-race fireworks show. Saturday marked the midseason championship races, meaning no qualifying or heat races, and extended main events. Eddie Evans took the...

Fireworks at Grays Harbor Raceway on Saturday started long before the impressive post-race fireworks show.

Saturday marked the midseason championship races, meaning no qualifying or heat races, and extended main events.

Eddie Evans took the lead from dash winner Glen Borden Jr. at the start of the 35-lap Sprint main and led the entire way. Wayne Lemmon backed up his Hobby Stock win with a dominant main event victory. In Cruisers, the team of Matt Bullington and Kyle Williams cruised to an easy victory, despite contact with a lapped car on the final lap.

The wildest action of the night, however, came in the 30-lap Modified event. Scott Miller took the lead from pole, while Craig Moore and Jon Swiglo started a battle for second that lasted much of the race. In between the numerous yellows, Don Jenner made his way up from the back of the pack to battle the leaders.

On lap 21 Miller got a little loose, allowing Moore to take the lead. Miller tried repeatedly to take the lead back on the low side. Swiglo stuck to the high line with constant pressure on the low side from Jenner.

As the battle for the lead continued, Moore and Miller made contact. Miller's right front tire started going down as a result, causing his car to push up the track. On lap 29 Miller's tire blew as he raced under Moore in turn 3. Contact between the two pushed Moore high. Swiglo got by Miller on the outside, then swung low under Moore with Jenner in tow. An accident behind the leaders brought out the yellow. At the end it was Swiglo, Jenner, Moore, Leroy Lawhead and Greg Dineen.

"That was good. It's always good when you come in first," a jubilant Swiglo said afterwards. "Things went right for us. My guys made the right adjustments for the main. The car was perfect. We just had to bide my time out there. Scott and I run so close, and he runs the same line I do so I have a hard time getting by."

Moore has been running a new car this year, and was having his best run of the year. "We were running our own race," he said. "I couldn't ask for a better car. But the restarts were killing me. They were walking all over me."

As for the contact with Miller, Moore simply stated, "It happens. It's a racing deal. I'm not going to comment."

Miller, who wound up in 11th, had some comments. "I got alongside Craig on the backstretch. He decided he was going to come down to the bottom groove no matter what," a disgusted Miller said. "When we came into the pits Craig said he'd been doing that all night. I told him this time there was a car there.

"When that happens, everyone loses," Miller added. "He knew I had him, so he tried to chop me. That's racing, but that's not smart racing. He still didn't win, and I ended up in the back."

In Sprints, two big names had problems early. Jay Cole blew his engine during the trophy dash, while Shawna Wilskey dropped out early.

Evans jumped to the lead at the start, opening some distance on Borden who was joined by Randy Van Aagten. Borden started catching Evans as the laps wore down.

A late caution gave Borden one more shot at the lead. With two laps to go, Borden dove to the low side in turn one. Instead of taking the lead, however, he hit the berm and spun. Evans continued to win over Van Aagten, Steve Walker, Jim Kirkham and Ron Reed. Borden recovered for eighth.

"This was the second night out in a new car," Evans said. "We're learning the setup on it. We keep tightening it up. It was good -- I can't complain about it. They put water in the high groove (before the main) and the thing just flew up there. I saw Borden stick his nose down there (on the last restart) but I knew unless he put his nose in me I'd be okay. My owner is here from Alaska so it was good to win for him."

Borden noted he didn't come to finish second. "I had to take a shot at the win," said Borden, who won the previous week. "I got in real hard, and hit the lower cushion. That upset the car. I could have stayed where I was, but I wanted to win. I'm here to win races. If that had stuck, it would have been worth it. That's what the people are here to see."

Lemmon immediately built up a lead in Hobby Stocks while Roy Borgeson and Kris Asche battled for third behind Joe Richey. After a late restart Asche got by Borgeson, and later used traffic to grab second from Richey. At the end it was Lemmon, Asche, Richey, Borgeson and Malcolm Byrd.

Throughout the year, Lemmon has been on the losing end of a number of last lap races. As such, he was relieved to have a calm last lap. "Amazing, isn't it?" he asked with a laugh. "I made sure that last lap went smooth. The car's running real well. It was sticking like crazy. I got the car setup to get the power to the ground, so it really took off.

"It was a perfect night for me, for a change. I didn't spin on the last lap, so I'm excited about that."

Cruiser Main -- Bullington / Williams, Kingsbury / Van Blaircom, Olson / Smith, #34, Clyde / Stainless, Marcou / Inmon, #12.

Hobby Stock Main -- Wayne Lemmon, Kris Asche, Joe Richey, Roy Borgeson, Brad Justice, Jamie Belisle, Terry Bower, Richie Mendoza, Jim Oien, Jr., Michael Richey, Jeff Gott, Jim Petraitis, Chip Haney, Joe Lambert, Lee St. Paul, AmyJae Springer, Clay Emery, Jason St. Paul.

Modified Main -- Jon Swiglo, Don Jenner, Craig Moore, Leroy Lawhead, Greg Dineen, Butch Betrozoff, Jeff Foster, James Wolfard, Dan Fowler, Norm Countryman, Scott Miller, Keith Crowell, Glenn Vincent, Kenny Miller, Jack Parshall, Steve Meyer, Kevin Beerbower.

Sprint Main -- Eddie Evans, Randy Van Aagten, Steve Walker, Jimmy Kirkham, Ron Reed, Steve Vague, Brad Holmes, Glenn Borden, Rob Johnson, Steve Witte, Mark Torrez, Lance Sponberg, David Gilmore, Vern Rengen, Colby Soloman, Marshall Schlenz, Mike Sellers, Shawna Wilskey.

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