Grays Harbor results 2003-06-14

Lemmon, Jenner, Walker among the winners in Elma For Wayne Lemmon, the third time was a charm. The veteran Hobby Stock driver faced his third last lap battle this year, but held on Saturday to win at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma. Don Jenner ...

Lemmon, Jenner, Walker among the winners in Elma
For Wayne Lemmon, the third time was a charm.

The veteran Hobby Stock driver faced his third last lap battle this year, but held on Saturday to win at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma. Don Jenner took his first win in Modifieds, Steve Walker held off Jay Cole in Sprints, the duo of Stormy Glick and Luke Brogan won in Cruisers, and Bryce Kolar won the Bump to Pass main event.

Earlier this year Lemmon was leading on the last lap when he spun while trying to hold off Jason Tole. Last week, contact with Shawn Baker sent Lemmon spinning on the last lap while the two battled for the lead.

Lemmon jumped to the lead at the start of Saturday's 20-lap main and opened a slight lead over Terry Bower. Kris Asche, who won his first race two weeks ago, moved up to challenge Bower for second.

Late in the race Asche grabbed second but had some ground to make up. A caution for debris with three laps to go allowed him to do just that.

Asche took a look under Lemmon on lap 19, but couldn't make a pass. Coming off the last turn Asche went low and the two leaders raced side-by-side to the checkered flag. Lemmon held on to win in a photo finish. Behind the front two were Tole, Bower and Joe Richey.

"Hey, I didn't even spin out in the last turn this time!" Lemmon exclaimed afterwards with a laugh. "That makes me feel pretty good. It's about time."

Lemmon, who noted he apologized to Baker for comments made by his crew last week, concentrated on keeping his car straight.

"I didn't know Kris was there," he said. "The last couple of laps I just told myself to stay low and finish the race this time. We drag raced off turn 4. He's a good driver -- I like racing with Kris. I was expecting Jason to be there, not Kris. It sure surprised me on the last lap when Kris was there. I figured I'd better stomp on it."

Asche's impressive season continued, much to his delight. "I almost had it," a happy Asche said. "That's what we do it for, running like that. I'll take second like that. I wasn't going to touch Wayne. I would more rather finish second than do that."

Among those surprised by Asche's season so far is Asche himself. "We put on four new springs and shocks over the winter," he said. "We didn't touch the motor. I still can't believe it. I'm in shock how good we've been."

In Modifieds, Tole took the lead at the start from trophy dash winner Chris Quinn. Quinn tried to grab the lead back while Scott Miller joined the lead battle. Quinn soon took the lead, with Miller moving into second.

After an early restart Jenner got by Tole for third, and the front three broke away. Jenner took the low line to get by Miller on lap 14, and tried the same move a lap later for the lead. However, a yellow flag let Quinn retain the lead.

On lap 18 Jenner carried Quinn high and took the lead. Miller followed into second a lap later, while Jon Swiglo took third on the final lap. At the end it was Jenner, Miller, Swiglo, Quinn and Tole.

Jenner came close to winning a few times last year in Elma but didn't. "It's been a long dry spell," Jenner said. "I've been tired of finishing second or third. It's nice to win. If I'm sitting here next week (after the Northwest Modified Nationals) it will make up for the past disappointments. As long as I don't screw up in qualifying we should be okay."

Racing in Elma for the second year, Jenner said he's not afraid to force the issue more. "I just wanted the win," he said. "I should have been more aggressive last year. Instead, I got laid on quite a bit. I will be more aggressive now, and will do (aggressive moves) to them. We're going to different tracks, so I'm not worrying about points."

Miller was pleased with his run. "I probably needed more stagger since I had a little push off turn 4," he said. "(Quinn) is a heck of a driver--I would race him any day. Jenner passed me clean. When he went by there wasn't room for a piece of paper between us, but he didn't touch me."

In Sprints the initial start was called off, but as the field slowed on the backstretch a collision sent Mark Torres flipping. Once the race started, Walker took the lead while dash winner Robert McNulty took second. Cole got by McNulty on lap 5, but had some ground to make up.

After a restart on lap 8, Cole dove low and nearly got the lead in turn 2. Cole tried the move again a lap later, but Walker held on as the yellow came out.

On the ensuing restart, Walker prevented Cole from taking the low line and built up a small lead. Walker bounced over the berm on lap 13 but kept the lead. As the 25-lap race wore on, Walker was able to maintain a small lead. At the end it was Walker, Cole, Glenn Borden Jr., Ron Reed and Steve Vague.

"It was an awesome car," Walker said afterwards. "The guys did such a great job on it. On the first restart Jay snuck his nose in low, so I knew the next time I had to protect that lane. Anytime you get Jay behind you, you have to watch out because Jay is fast.

"I concentrated on not making mistakes," Walker added. "I thought I might be in trouble when I jumped the berm. Fortunately everything was pretty smooth after that."

Cole was willing to take second. "I'm happy," he said. "It was a fun race. Steve's car was better at the beginning, and we were pretty equal at the end."

Cole smiled when asked if he saw a chance when Walker jumped the berm. "I knew he still had me, but I hoped lapped traffic would help me out," the defending track champion said. "Steve and I are good friends. If I'm going to get beat by somebody, it might as well be Steve."

The team of Stormy Glick and Luke Brogan nearly had a clean sweep in the Cruisers, taking both the heat and the feature and finishing second in the dash.

This coming weekend is the fourth annual Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals. Racing takes place Friday and Saturday, with Saturday's winner taking home at least $6,000. Any local racer who wins gets an additional $500. Nearly 100 cars are expected to show up. Gates open both nights at 5 p.m., with racing at 7.



Heat -- Glick/L. Brogan, Bullington/Williams, J. Brogan/Hanson, Marcou/Inmon, Kingsbury/van Blaircom, Clyde/Stainless.

Dash --Bullington/Williams, Glick/L. Brogan, Marcou/Inmon, J. Brogan/Hanson, Kingsbury/van Blaircom, Clyde/Stainless.

Main - Glick/L. Brogan, Bullington/Williams, Marcou/Inmon, Clyde/Stainless, Kingsbury/van Blaircom, J. Brogan/Hanson.

Hobby Stock

Heat 1 -- Jason Tole, Jason St. Paul, Joe Richey, Steve Meyer, Josh Kloempken, Joe Lambert, Jim Oien, Jr., Jason Halversen.

Heat 2 -- Terry Bower, Roy Borgeson, Richie Mendoza, Jamie Belisle, Chip Haney, AmyJae Springer, Jim Petraitis, Michael Richey.

Heat 3 -- Wayne Lemmon, Kris Asche, Jack Parshall, Shawn Baker, Brad Justice, Kory Kingery, Brian Wolfenburger.

Dash -- Tole, Bower, Lemmon, St. Paul, Borgeson.

B-Main -- Oien, Lambert, Wolfenburger, Halversen, Springer, Kingery, Petraitis.

A-Main -- Lemmon, Asche, Tole, Bower, J. Richey, Baker, Borgeson, Oien, Belisle, Justice, Mendoza, Lambert, Wolfenburger, St. Paul, Parshall, Meyer. Haney(DNS)


Heat 1 -- Jeff Foster, Kevin Beerbower, Scott Miller, Jon Swiglo, Chris Quinn, Edward Peters, Scott Dorie. Leroy Lawhead(DNS)

Heat 2 -- Don Jenner, Jason Tole, Greg Dineen, Craig Moore, Glenn Vincent, Jack Parshall, Ron Comfort, Kenny Miller.

Dash -- Quinn, Tole, S. Miller, Moore, Foster, Parshall.

Main -- Jenner, S. Miller, Swiglo, Quinn, Tole, Beerbower, Moore, Dorie, Dineen, Peters, Parshall, Lawhead, Vincent, K. Miller, Foster, Comfort.


Heat 1 -- Steve Walker, Mark Torres, Jay Cole, Randy Van Aagten, Robert McNulty, Eddie Evans, Jeff Bell, Brad Holmes.

Heat 2 -- Glenn Borden, Jr., Ron Reed, Jimmy Kirkham, Mike Sellers, Lance Sponberg, Steve Vague, Rory Price, David Gilmore.

Dash -- McNulty, Cole, Walker, Reed, Vague, Sponberg.

Main - Walker, Cole, Borden, Reed, Vague, Evans, Van Aagten, Sponberg, Bell, Kirkham, McNulty, Price, Sellers, Gilmore, Torres, Holmes, Dunlap.


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