Grays Harbor results 2002-09-07

Daniel takes Hobby Stock title as Parshall pulls off. Brandon Daniel told himself anything could happen. Still, even he didn't expect what happened late in the Hobby Stock race at Grays Harbor Raceway Park Saturday night as racing wrapped up for...

Daniel takes Hobby Stock title as Parshall pulls off.

Brandon Daniel told himself anything could happen. Still, even he didn't expect what happened late in the Hobby Stock race at Grays Harbor Raceway Park Saturday night as racing wrapped up for the season.

Jack Parshall Jr. had led the first 28 laps as the field came to a restart with two laps to go. Parshall came into the race with a four-point lead over Daniel, who was running fourth.

With the title seemingly in hand, Parshall suddenly pulled to the infield with a bum steering box. Jason Tole took over the lead and won, while Daniel finished fourth to win the title.

Jon Swiglo won in Modifieds as series champion Leroy Lawhead, going for a $500 bonus from starting at the back, made it up to sixth.

Donny Fry won in Sprints, while series champion Jay Cole took the same challenge as Lawhead but finished his night in an accident.

Joe Brenneman and Bob Tillman won the race and title in Cruisers.

Since the other division titles had already been settled, the focus was on Hobby Stocks. Recent engine claims between the Daniel and Parshall families led to high tension, while on track results brought Daniel almost even in the points.

As part of championship night, there were no qualifying or heat races, just trophy dashes and main events. Parshall won his dash, while Daniel finished third. Parshall jumped to the front as the 30-lap main event started, while Daniel quickly moved into second.

Parshall pulled away slightly, but Daniel was able to close back in as the leaders entered lapped traffic. On lap 13, a lapped car nearly spun in turn 2, just as the leaders came into turn 1. Parshall went low, only to have another lapped car in his path. Daniel pulled alongside as the two went into turn 3. In turn 3, Jake Sorenson bounced off Daniel's right rear in spun to bring out the yellow, putting Parshall back in the lead.

On the restart, Parshall pulled to a small lead while Terry Bower pressured Daniel for second. Behind them, Tole got by Wayne Lemmon for fourth. On a restart for another caution a couple of laps later, Tole got past both Bower and Daniel.

As laps wound down, Parshall had Tole glued to his bumper, while Daniel tried to hold off Bower and Rick Milbourn for third. Milbourn got the position on lap 25. Shortly after that, Bower slowed with a flat tire and was spun by another car, bringing out the yellow.

Parshall's steering gave out before the restart, leading him to limp off the track. Tole was unchallenged the rest of the way, holding off Milbourn, Lemmon, Daniel, and Kris Asche. Adding insult to injury, Parshall was disqualified for the night when he refused a claim by Daniel to take the exhaust, carburetor, and intake.

In Modifieds, Lawhead and defending series champion Craig Moore started shotgun on the field, but Lawhead quickly moved up. By the time a caution came out on lap 3, Lawhead was already up to seventh. A few laps later, he moved into fourth. Up front, Scott Miller took the lead at the start, with Swiglo in second. The front two pulled away from the rest of the field as they came upon the lapped car of Norm Countryman on lap 20. Miller got trapped behind the lapped car, and Swiglo took advantage to grab the lead.

Miller tried every turn to get back by, but couldn't find a way by. Behind them, Lawhead took a detour through the infield on lap 20, which dropped him to sixth. At the end it was Swiglo, Miller, Glen Vincent, Josh Muller, Moore, and Lawhead.

In Sprints, Cole moved up early before running into trouble. After an early caution Cole collided with Robert McNulty, who was forced out of the race due to damage. On lap 10 Cole spun to bring out the yellow. A couple of laps later, he collided with Steve Witte. The two flipped and collected Marshall Schlenz and Brad Holmes.

Up front, Fry and Jeff Bell battled the whole race. Fry took the lead on lap 5, with Bell looking for a way by the entire time. Near the end Fry's teammate Randy VanAagten joined the leaders.

With three laps to go, Bell tried to get under Fry but instead did a 360. He kept going after losing a couple of spots, only to spin again the next lap. Facing no pressure from behind, Fry won over VanAagten, Ron Reed, Glenn Borden Jr., Steve Vague, and Bell.

Cruiser races have often been entertaining this year with plenty of contact, but Saturday's 15-lap finale was remarkably clean. Joe Brenneman and Bob Tillman took the lead from the start and held on to claim the race and the title.


(1. Donny Fry (2. Randy VanAagten (3. Ron Reed (4. Glenn Borden Jr. (5. Steve Vague (6. Jeff Bell (7. Dan Dunlap (8. Brad Holmes (9. Lance Sponberg (10. Rich Kelly (11. Mike Gable (12. Jay Cole (series champion) (13. Marshall Schlenz (14. Steve Witte (15. Robert McNulty

(1. Jon Swiglo 92. Scott Miller 93. Glen Vincent (4. Josh Muller (5. Craig Moore (6. Leroy Lawhead (series champion) 97. Don Jenner (8. Ed Peters (9. Don Walker (10. James Wolford (11. Kevin Beerbower (12. Wayne Lemmon (13. Norm Countryman (14. Dan Fowler (15. Greg Dineen (16. Ron Comfort (17. Jeff Foster (18. Randy Ward

Hobby Stock
(1. Jason Tole (2. Rick Milbourn (3. Wayne Lemmon (4. Brandon Daniel (series champion) (5. Kris Asche (6. Jamie Belisle (7. Joe Richey (8. Jake Sorenson (9. Joe Lambert (10. Brian Overturf (11. Sharon Kelly (12. Terry Bower (13. Lee St. Paul (14. Chip Haney (15. Brian Lines (16. Mike Drake


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