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GRANBY, Québec, September 6, 1998 -- Behind the wheel of his Advance/Beton Rive-Sud Teo, Steve Poirier scored his second victory of the season, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby in the 13th edition of the Molson Canada-USA. Unfortunately,...

GRANBY, Québec, September 6, 1998 -- Behind the wheel of his Advance/Beton Rive-Sud Teo, Steve Poirier scored his second victory of the season, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby in the 13th edition of the Molson Canada-USA. Unfortunately, this perform ance was not enough to clinch the Molson championship in the modified division. With a second place finish, American driver, Dave Camara from Poultney, Vermont, was able to achieve his goal after three years of efforts.

At the green flag, Luke Plante who had picked the pole position at the draw for the start of this 40-lap feature race, took the early lead but within only one lap, Poirier was already on his rear bumper. Poirier had to wait for the second restart of the challenge to take Plante by surprise. Then, on lap 14, Camara who had started eleventh, was also able to get by Plante to find himself in a good position.

With a 68 point margin on Poirier before this final race, Camara knew that by being careful and finishing second, he would give Poirier the opportunity to take back only five points to this margin. With an advance of more than 50 points, Camara was insured of the title. Without really pushing for the lead, Camara only secured his second place finish. As for Plante, he was the third driver to cross the finish line followed by Todd Stone and Claude Brouillard.

For Autodrome Granby, all the season titles, except the one clinched by Camara, will be battled until September 20, the day of the CARQUEST 200, the only Mr. Dirt/Sunoco Racing Fuels/Hoosier Tires race to be presented in Canada. With a 63-point margin, C amara can not be caught. It’s not the case for all the other positions in the standings.

Earlier in the evening, en route for a perfect night, Poirier and Dave Camara were the winners in their respective heats.

Closing the gap Everything is possible for Gerry Patenaude, the defending champion in the sportsman division. Last Friday, by finishing second behind Robin David and in front of Alain Mathieu, Patenaude closed the gap on Mathieu’s lead. He is now only six points behind.

It could not have been better for Patenaude. The SGT 2000 driver was leading the 20-lap feature, but with only two laps remaining, Robin David was able to take over the first place. If Patenaude had been able to register his sixth win of the season, he wo uld had leave Autodrome Granby, that night, with only a point difference.

In the late model division, Stéphane Michaud had a perfect night. After winning his heat, he went on to take a fifth win in the 10-lap feature. His victims were Marcel Godbout and Daniel Bélanger. Then in the tourism class, Gilles Ostiguy was also impecca ble. He has now a 38- point lead over Benoit Bérubé who could not do better than an eleventh place finish.

Woodring 3rd Largely favorite for the checkered flag, Mike Woodring of the Empire Super Sprints was not able to please his fans with the second visit of this series this season at Autodrome Granby. Fourteenth at the start, Woodring who was looking for a second straigh t win at Granby and his fifth since 1994, took the third spot. His fellow driver, Lance Yonge, took advantage of an excellent start to give a good challenge to Tim Kelly for the lead. With six laps remaining in this 20-lap final, Yonge went by Kelly who w as slowed by traffic.

For Yonge who had also won his heat, it was his first success at Granby in eight starts.

SPORTSMAN FEATURE (20 laps) 1- 33, Robin David 2- 57, Gerry Patenaude 3- 77, Alain Mathieu 4- 22, Mario Clair 5- 61, Louis Bouthillier 6- 59, Yannick Mathieu 7- 48, Mario Giguère 8- 68, Mark Cross 9- 26, Mario Moreau 10- 8, Christian McDermott 11- 16, Éric Sundborg 12- 14, Rock Poul in 13- 15, Pierre Raymond 14- 88, Dany Lapalme 15- 11, Réal Grisé 16- 60, Wallace Stacey 17- 07, Claude Morrissette 18- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 19- 44, François Lareau 20- 32, Charles Bisaillon 21- 41, Michel Bergeron.

MODIFIED FEATURE (40 LAPS) 1- 28, Steve Poirier 2- 26, Dave Camara 3- L50, Luke Plante 4- 1X, Todd Stone 5- 3, Claude Brouillard 6- 27, Robert Ranger 7- 63, Dominic Dufault 8- LP2, Marco Potvin 9- 73, Alain Boisvert 10- X1, Gardner Stone 11- R39, Clément Therrien 12- 4, Leon Gonyo 13- D50, David Hébert 14- 72, Mario Lajoie 15- X5, Jean-Guy Primeau 16- 75, Jim Munger 17- 8, François Becksted 18- 02, Mike Reyell 19- X50, Renald Daoust 20- 4X, Vern Bruno 21- 50, Hugues Mercier 22- 0, Craig Ormsby 23- 71, Pierre Hébert 24- 44J, Gino Cl air.

EMPIRE SUPER SPRINTS FEATURE (20 LAPS) 1- 5, Lance Yonge 2- 12, Tim Kelly 3- 19, Mike Woodring 4- 36, Mike Stelter 5- 20, Dan Kaszubinsky 6- 41, Mike Lauterborn 7- 11, Chris Shuttleworth 8- 57, Tom Taber 9- 91, Scott Holcomb 10- 56, Mike VanDusen 11- 7, Bobby Padolak 12- 6, Rich Wlood 13- 9, B obby Parrow 14- 10, Rob Dietrick 15- 61, Bubby Kerrick 16- 70, Steve Dow 17- 13, Bill Coffey 18- 47, Dan DeCracker 19- 12K, Ray Preston 20- 48, Dick Nash 21- 29, Dick Spadaro 22- 82, Tim Zimbardi.

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