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'Road to Brodix Tournament of Champions' begins this weekend in Beaumont. KNOXVILLE, IOWA (APR. 3, 2002) - The road to Knoxville Raceway's Brodix Tournament of Champions (ToC) for winged 360-cubic-inch sprint cars, to be held on Sunday,...

'Road to Brodix Tournament of Champions' begins this weekend in Beaumont.

KNOXVILLE, IOWA (APR. 3, 2002) - The road to Knoxville Raceway's Brodix Tournament of Champions (ToC) for winged 360-cubic-inch sprint cars, to be held on Sunday, August 4, actually begins this Saturday in Beaumont, Texas. The American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) is the first of the seven sanctioning affiliates of the Brodix ToC to have an event scheduled in 2002. In all, 108 sprint car events will be held in twenty states and two foreign provinces before the July 8 eligibility/entry deadline for this prestigious invitational which will be run in front of an early-arriving Mopar Knoxville Nationals crowd.

In addition to ASCS, the other sanctions which will be sending ten representative drivers each to the $4,000-to-win show at the Marion County Fairgrounds oval are the Empire Super Sprints (ESS), United Racing Club (URC), and the host Knoxville Raceway (KNOX). The Nebraska Sprint Car Association (NSCA), WISSOTA Promoters Association and the Winged Outlaw Warriors (WOW) will each send three cars to form the fifth and final 'tournament team'.

In order to be eligible to compete in the 49-car field, drivers must file paid entries for the Brodix ToC and must compete in sixty percent (60%) of their sanctioning affiliate's events prior to the July 8 deadline. The invitations will then be extended based on each affiliate's point standings at that time. Those racers that are entered, yet not invited to participate, will have their entry fees fully refunded. Lance Yonge of Penn Yan, New York, is the first official entrant for the 2002 Brodix ToC having filed an entry for Mal Lane's 360 c.i. Gaerte-powered Maxim sprint car which is sponsored by Lane's Yamaha. <pre> The road to the August 4 Brodix Tournament of Champions at Knoxville Raceway is as follows:

April 05        ASCS-01         Beaumont, TX
April 12        ASCS-02         Texarkana, AR
April 13        ASCS-03         Kilgore, TX
April 13        ESS-01          Dundee, NY
April 13        URC-01          Bridgeport, NJ
April 13        WISSOTA-01      New Richmond, WI
April 13        WOW-01          Holts Summit, MO
April 19        ASCS-04         Mesquite, TX
April 19        WISSOTA-02      West Fargo, ND
April 20        ASCS-05         Murfreesboro, AR
April 20        KNOX-01         Knoxville, IA
April 26        NSCA-01         Rising City, NE
April 26        WISSOTA-03      West Fargo, ND
April 26-27     ASCS-06         Memphis, TN
April 27        KNOX-02         Knoxville, IA
April 27        URC-02          Delmar, DE
April 27        WOW-02          Holts Summit, MO
May 03          ASCS-07         New Leesville, LA
May 03          WISSOTA-04      West Fargo, ND
May 04          ASCS-08         Magnolia, MS
May 04          KNOX-03         Knoxville, IA
May 04          URC-03          Middletown, NY
May 05          ESS-02          Bechtelsville, PA
May 05          URC-04          Bechtelsville, PA
May 10          WISSOTA-05      Princeton, MN
May 10          WISSOTA-06      West Fargo, ND
May 10          WOW-03          Sedalia, MO
May 11          ASCS-09         Joplin, MO
May 11          ESS-03          Canandaigua, NY
May 11          KNOX-04         Knoxville, IA
May 11          URC-05          New Egypt, NJ
May 11          WISSOTA-07      Brainerd, MN
May 11          WOW-04          Holts Summit, MO
May 17          ASCS-10         Oklahoma City, OK
May 17          WISSOTA-08      West Fargo, ND
May 18          ASCS-11         Amarillo, TX
May 18          KNOX-05         Knoxville, IA
May 18          NSCA-02         Greenwood, NE
May 18          URC-06          Delmar, DE
May 18          WISSOTA-09      West Fargo, ND
May 23          WISSOTA-10      West Fargo, ND
May 24          ESS-04          Brewerton, NY
May 24          WOW-05          Farmington, MO
May 24-25       ASCS-12         Jetmore, KS
May 25          ESS-05          Busti, NY
May 25          KNOX-06         Knoxville, IA
May 25          URC-07          Fonda, NY
May 25          WISSOTA-11      Ashland, WI
May 25          WOW-06          Holts Summit, MO
May 26          ESS-06          Hammett, PA
May 26          URC-08          Bechtelsville, PA
May 26          WISSOTA-12      Proctor, MN
May 26          WOW-07          Sedalia, MO
May 31          ASCS-13         Batesville, AR
May 31          ESS-07          Brockville, ON, Canada
May 31          NSCA-03         Rising City, NE
May 31          WISSOTA-13      West Fargo, ND
June 01         ASCS-14         West Memphis, AR
June 01         URC-09          Delmar, DE
June 02         ASCS-15         Memphis, TN
June 04         ASCS-16         Sapulpa, OK
June 05         ASCS-17         Fort Smith, AR
June 06         ASCS-18         Paris, TX
June 07         ASCS-19         Mesquite, TX
June 07         ESS-08          Malta, NY
June 07         NSCA-04         Jefferson, SD
June 07         WISSOTA-14      West Fargo, ND
June 08         ASCS-20         Kilgore, TX
June 08         KNOX-07         Knoxville, IA
June 08         URC-10          Bechtelsville, PA
June 08         WISSOTA-15      Brainerd, MN
June 08         WOW-08          Holts Summit, MO
June 12         ASCS-21         Denison, IA
June 13-14-15   ASCS-22         Knoxville, IA
June 13-14-15   KNOX-08         Knoxville, IA
June 14         ESS-09          Little Valley, NY
June 14         URC-11          Mechanicsburg, PA
June 14         WISSOTA-16      Mandan, ND
June 15         ESS-10          Thorold, ON, Canada
June 15         URC-12          New Oxford, PA
June 15         WISSOTA-17      Jamestown, ND
June 16         WISSOTA-18      Glyndon, MN
June 20         ESS-11          LaFargeville, NY
June 21         ASCS-23         Yellville, AR
June 21         ESS-12          Granby, PQ, Canada
June 21         WISSOTA-19      Arcadia, WI
June 22         ASCS-24         Little Rock, AR
June 22         ESS-13          Drummondville, PQ, Canada
June 22         KNOX-09         Knoxville, IA
June 22         URC-13          Bridgeport, NJ
June 22         WISSOTA-20      Spring Valley, MN
June 22         WOW-09          Holts Summit, MO
June 23         ESS-14          Cornwall, ON, Canada
June 26         WOW-10          Sedalia, MO
June 28         ASCS-25         Oklahoma City, OK
June 28         KNOX-10         Knoxville, IA
June 28         WISSOTA-21      West Fargo, ND
June 29         ASCS-26         Amarillo, TX
June 29         URC-14          Delmar, DE
June 30         NSCA-05         Columbus, NE
July 03         ASCS-27         Albuquerque, NM
July 04         WISSOTA-22      West Fargo, ND
July 05         ESS-15          Dundee, NY
July 05         WISSOTA-23      West Fargo, ND
July 05-06      ASCS-28         San Felipe Pueblo, NM
July 06         ESS-16          Canandaigua, NY
July 06         KNOX-11         Knoxville, IA
July 06         URC-15          Mercer, PA
July 06         WISSOTA-24      West Fargo, ND
July 07         ESS-17          Weedsport, NY

Note: Schedule Subject to Change Due to Additions and Deletions of Race Dates by Affiliates.


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