ESS: Thunder Valley results 2004-09-02

Dan Kaszubinski Edges Kyle Moffit in Empire Super Sprint Photo Finish at Thunder Alley. EVANS MILLS, N.Y. - In the closest and most exciting finish thus far on the Empire Super Sprints' (ESS) Tour 2004, Syracuse, N.Y.'s Dan Kaszubinski made a...

Dan Kaszubinski Edges Kyle Moffit in Empire Super Sprint Photo Finish at Thunder Alley.

EVANS MILLS, N.Y. - In the closest and most exciting finish thus far on the Empire Super Sprints' (ESS) Tour 2004, Syracuse, N.Y.'s Dan Kaszubinski made a last turn, last lap pass on Kyle Moffit and then held off the 16 year old rookie my a mere few inches to collect his sixth A-Main victory of the year. With the win, Kaszubinski moved into a dead-even tie with Lance Yonge for the 2004 point championship fight.

It was a 25 lap feature event with many twists and turns: John Karklin Jr. was looking to turn his long season around and was leading the first seven laps. But, what has been the case for most of the season, a lapped car slipped out of the groove and Karklin's sprinter was seen spinning around out of the lead and victory bid. Moffit then inherited the lead but it was Don Sharp Jr. taking control and looking for his first win of the year. Sharp's Maxim was strong and looked to have the race in control when all of a sudden he bounced off the outside wall just after leading lap 22. The contact was enough to have him fade to third behind Moffit and Kaszubinski.

With just two quick tours left on the fast 1/3rd mile oval, it looked like Moffit was ready to repeat his victory back on August 12th. Kaszubinski had other plans this time however. "When I was chasing the leaders down I had to go low on a certain lap and felt like I didn't lose any speed." noted Kaszubinski on his Maxim's handling. "When Donny hit the wall I knew I had a chance to get Kyle in the traffic. I just drove it as hard as I could into turn three and under him. It was a slide job but I felt like I could hold enough speed down there to clear him. I was either going to win or we probably would wreck."

The pass was successful but Moffit wasn't going to lie down either and he too made a lane change coming off of four. "When Dan got by me, I switched to go down low and come off of four. I had a great run and thought I had a real good chance to get him back." said the soft spoken South Dayton, N.Y. driver. "To tell you the truth I didn't know who won so I came down to victory lane but they told me that it was six inches short. All I could say was 'DAMN!' "

The two drivers gave each other congratulations while the crowd at the Caprara Brothers track applauded loudly. "I tell you, Kyle is going to be a super star in this club. He just drives his car like a sprint driver." said Kaszubinski who collected ESS career win #25. "Tonight I won but shortly we all will be chasing him. But, this is a big win for us as I almost gave it all away at the start by driving off the track. The crew though gave me a good car and I never gave up. It's a big win no doubt."

At the finish it was Kaszubinski just edging Moffit, Sharp Jr. held on to third despite a broken w-link after the wall encounter in which he called self inflected. "I was looking at the two lap cars in front of me and just lost concentration. The car grabbed and shot strait into the wall, it was all me but we are lucky to get third." Doug Emery came from 11th to take fourth and keep his title hopes alive which the same goes for Yonge who came from 13th to take fifth and earn the Lane's Yamaha Hard Charger Bonus. Jeff Cook took sixth but didn't go directly to the scales and was placed 22nd in the final run down. Bubby Kerrick was then moved to sixth followed by 2003 United Racing Club champion Dave Ely, Tim Kelly, Billy Krull and Jeff VanDusen.

Only two cautions slowed the action. Besides Karklin looping around on lap seven, Mike Stelter did the same on lap 16 which was the only two cautions during the entire evening.

Taking the Engler Machine and Tool heat events were Kerrick, Kaszubinski and Sharp Jr. with Alain Bergeron winning another Walt's Hobby Dash Series event. The KSE Racing Products B-Main went to Bryan Howland.

ESS NOTES: A total of 25 sprinters made the trip on a Thursday night to make-up the July 15th rain out...Besides Ely, DIRT pro stock star Dave Schulz and Mark Bragman, who was making his return to ESS competition after seven years, made their first starts of 2004...Bergeron's win in the dash extended his lead in the series points which will pay out a total of $1000 at the awards banquet...With cloudless skies, a good sized crowd can out to watch the special double header which also featured the Central New York Mini Sprints. Cory Sparks won their feature and in 2005 he will be making his travels with ESS.


Heat 1 - Bubby Kerrick, Alain Bergeron, Kyle Moffit, Lance Yonge, Mike Stelter, Mike VanDusen.

Heat 2 - Dan Kaszubinski, Tim Kelly, Doug Emery, Dave Ely, John Karklin Jr., Jeff VanDusen.

Heat 3 - Don Sharp Jr., Jeff Cook, Billy Krull, Nick Fratto, Frankie Caprara, Bob Podolak.

Walt's Hobby Dash - Bergeron.

B-Main - Bryan Howland, Doug Norrie, Dave Schulz, Matt Norrie.

Did Not Qualify - Brad Knab, Mark Bragman.

A-Main - DAN KASZUBINSKI, Moffit, Sharp Jr., Emery, Yonge, Kerrick, Ely, Kelly, Krull, J. VanDusen, M. VanDusen, Caprara, Bergeron, Stelter, D. Norrie, Howland, Fratto, Karklin Jr., M. Norrie, Schulz, Podolak, Cook.

Gater News Lap Leaders - Karklin Jr., 1-7, Moffit
Lane's Yamaha Hard Charger Bonus - Yonge (8 pos.) $50.
Brodix Cylinder Heads Halfway - Sharp Jr. $50.


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