ESS: Thunder Alley Speedpark results 2004-08-12

Sixteen Year Old Empire Super Sprints Rookie Kyle Moffit Dominates Entire Night at Thunder Alley: Wins Heat, Dash and 25 lap A-Main. EVANS MILLS, N.Y. -- Sixteen year old, South Dayton, N.Y. Empire Super Sprints (ESS) rookie of the year hopeful...

Sixteen Year Old Empire Super Sprints Rookie Kyle Moffit Dominates Entire Night at Thunder Alley: Wins Heat, Dash and 25 lap A-Main.

EVANS MILLS, N.Y. -- Sixteen year old, South Dayton, N.Y. Empire Super Sprints (ESS) rookie of the year hopeful Kyle Moffit has been showing flashes of speed during the Tour 2004. But, what he did to the star studded field on Thursday night at the Caprara Brothers Thunder Alley Speedpark was indeed mind boggling.

Taking the lead from 2003 rookie of the year and fellow teenager Nick Fratto on lap seven, Moffit went on to blitz the A-Main feature right to the checkered flag lapping all but the top six drivers. His Besse's Milk Cartage #77, J&J chassis sprint car was hooked to the cushion most of the feature event and not even a lap 23 caution with rain falling from the sky was going to deter the memorable night--his first career ESS checkered flag. To make it a night for the record books as well was a clean sweep if his heat, dash and feature taking home close to $2,500 in cash and bonuses.

"I can honestly say that this is the best night of my career!" summed up the quiet but excited Moffit. "The car was just perfect all night. It's a 88/40 J&J, just a little bigger than the normal cars everyone runs but it likes the fast tracks and tonight the track had a lot of bite in it. I could keep my foot in it just about all the way around."

Fratto led at the drop of Matt Burdick's green flag but it was Moffit who the people in the stands noticed most. Using the ample Thunder Alley cushion, he just drove around the outside of all his competitors and when lap seven was scored he was listed as the leader. After a lap 10 caution the next 13 laps went under green and Moffit just proceeded to build up a lead that had all in awe lapping some of the best in ESS.

"I didn't realize my lead was as big as it was. When you run with these guys you just try to go as hard as you can and hope for the best." remarked Moffit on his run. "I knew the car was good and even when it rained it still stayed fast. We are having fun on the ESS tour but I'll tell you, THIS (Moffit pointed to the purple Hoosier Tire hat that each A-Main winner gets) is what it's all about! The money definitely helps as we are going from race to race, but being known as an ESS winner is amazing."

On that last restart, Moffit had the cushion of lapped cars between him and then second place Don Sharp Jr. so the drama wasn't at it's peek and the field kept the cars strait on the slick oval to come home to the finish. Sharp Jr. was home for second followed by Doug Emery and Rick Wilson. Wilson however didn't go directly to the scales after the A-Main and was penalized to last place in the finish and money earned. Jeff VanDusen was then moved to fourth in the final run down with his new Maxim built sprinter with Alain Bergeron taking fifth. The next five was made up of Bubby Kerrick, Lance Yonge, Tim Kelly, Kyle Wilson, who earned the Lane's Yamaha Hard Charger bonus coming from 22nd, and John Karklin Jr.

It was a grueling 25 lap A-Main as two reds and three yellows kept the fans interest. Vermont's Luke Eriksen flipped his sprinter down the back stretch on the original start. On lap two, the same back stretch claimed Mike Stelter with a slow rollover. Frogtown winner Billy Krull slowed on lap three with Frankie Caprara doing the same on lap 10. The lap 23 caution did cause for some controversy and Moffit came into contact with Dan Kaszubinski who was running in seventh. Kaszubinski's front end collapsed ending his run and knocking him from the ESS point lead. Fratto also slopped on the track on lap 23 which knocked him from second place.

Taking the Engler Machine and Tool heat events were Phil Mott, Moffit and Krull. The Walt's Hobby Dash was taken by Moffit with the KSE Racing Products B-Main won by Karklin Jr.

ESS NOTES: A total of 25 sprinters in the pits for ESS' return to Evans Mills, N.Y. after 14 years--Canadian Justin Harris did a wild flip in his heat ending his night early--With threatening weather all night, the ESS program was completed well before 10 o'clock--.The Empire Super Sprints 21st Anniversary Tour will make a second appearance to Thunder Alley on September 2 as a part of the "Wing Fling" event that was rained out on July 15th. ESS will join the Central, N.Y. Mini-Sprints for a fun double header.


Heat 1 -- Phil Mott, Alain Bergeron, Frankie Caprara, Luke Eriksen, Dan Kaszubinski, Tim Kelly.

Heat 2 -- Kyle Moffit, Don Sharp Jr., Nick Fratto, Jeff VanDusen, Lance Yonge, Bob Podolak.

Heat 3 -- Billy Krull, Rick Wilson, Bubby Kerrick, Jeff Cook, Doug Emery, Alex Mosher.

Walt's Hobby Dash -- Moffit.

B-Main -- John Karklin Jr., Mike Stelter, Kyle Wilson, Jim Senzio.

Did Not Qualify -- Frank Senzio, Justin Harris, Brad Davis.

A-MAIN -- KYLE MOFFIT, Sharp Jr., Emery, VanDusen, Bergeron, Kerrick, Yonge, Kelly, K. Wilson, Karklin Jr., Cook, Fratto, Mosher, Kaszubinski, J. Senzio, Mott, Caprara, Podolak, Krull, Stelter, Eriksen, R. Wilson.

Gater News Lap Leaders -- Fratto 1-6, Moffit 7-25.
Lane's Yamaha Hard Charger -- K. Wilson (13 pos.) $50.
Brodix Cylinder Heads Halfway -- Moffit $50.


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