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Randy Years First Carrer Triumph Makes It 15 Different Winners on the Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000. by Dean Reynolds LITTLE VALLEY, N.Y. - In the final full point show for the Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000, rookie of the year hopeful Randy...

Randy Years First Carrer Triumph Makes It 15 Different Winners on the Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000.

by Dean Reynolds

LITTLE VALLEY, N.Y. - In the final full point show for the Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000, rookie of the year hopeful Randy Years collected his first win ever which came Saturday night at the Little Valley Speedway.

Taking the lead from veteran George Ely just as the halfway mark was scored on the 20 lap A-Main, Years survived one caution and challenges from Scott Holcomb for the victory. The popular victory made him the 15th different winner in the 27 point shows held this season, a record tally in the 17 year history of ESS.

As the night's racing concluded, Eden, N.Y.'s Mike Woodring has all but clinched his sixth ESS championship which is also his fifth in a row. All Woodring has to do is make an appearance at either Rolling Wheels or Delaware Int'l and 2000 title is under his belt. The championship will mark the first for Tom and Mary Wade as car owners on the ESS trail.

"This was a long time coming and it's a great way to end the point season." said a smiling Years afterwards. "To tell you the truth, I really didn't know if we would get a win in our first year. It's so hard to win with all this competition in ESS but after my car broke at Black Rock back in July while leading, I just wanted another shot at a win. After that night I felt that if we get the right breaks we could get another chance."

Years started the "Thunder in the Valley" event with his Kendall Oil, Twister Chassis #2 in third spot. On lap three he slipped by Bill Coffey for second and the chased down the high flying Ely to make a battle for the lead. Coming off turn four right at the halfway mark, Years dove under Ely and took the top spot. Holcomb's drive to the front found him also by Ely on lap 12 and then the duel was on as the only caution of the event came out one lap later.

"I saw the lineup board the officials was holding out and I knew I had a couple of lapped cars between me and Scott (Holcomb). I just had to make sure I had a good restart because my motor always seems to stumble on restarts." noted Years. The green lights back on and Years was full throttle at the cone on the front stretch. Distance was opened up on Holcomb and Years had a mistake free final seven laps for the victory.

"I have to thank everyone that helps on the car, my mom and dad and also Mike Woodring who helped me with a set up." said the former micro-sprint driver and Dow family crewman. "We changed every bar on the car after the heats and it was fast for the feature. This is a big win, Alain (Bergeron) got his earlier and now we got ours. We both are going for rookie of the year and I know it's close." Both Years and Bergeron have been making serious bids in hopes of taking home the $500 cash from the Jereco Engine and Parts Rookie of the Year Award.

Years won by several car lengths over Holcomb who finished the year on a strong note as he moved from 12th to sixth in points during the second half. The third place finish for Dan Kaszubinski will see him take third in the final points after the Rolling Wheels and Delaware events. Ely finally shook off some bad luck to take fourth with Woodring coming from 14th to place fifth. The well earned effort saw him take home the Walt's Hobby Hard Charger bonus was well. Rounding out the top ten were Coffey, R.C. Faigle, Rick Wilson, Mike Stelter and Ray Preston.

Tim Zimbardi took a wild ride on the back chute at he original start of the A-Main. The car was damaged badly but the hometown driver was fine. Lance Yonge saw his #5 looped aound in turn two for the only caution on lap 13.

Taking the Brodix Cylinder Heads heat events were Ely, Wilson and Holcomb. The George Redeye/Walt's Hobby Dash Series event was won by Wilson who took over the dash series point lead where $500 cash awaits the champion.

ESS NOTES: A total of 22 sprints entered the third event a the beautiful fairgrounds half-mile oval...A weekend off before the best from the Empire Super Sprints will take on the best of the United Racing Club during Super DIRT Week. On Saturday, Oct. 7 the winged warriors make a return to the New York State Fairgrounds for a 20 mile, $35,000 shootout paying the winner $5000. Later that evening it's off to the Rolling Wheels Raceway for a 25 lap, $3000 to win challenge event.


Heat 1 - George Ely, Doug Emery, Randy Years, Lance Yonge, Steve Dow, Rob Dietrick.

Heat 2 - Rick Wilson, Bobby Seidel, R.C. Faigle, Mike Stelter, Kris Dow, Don Sharp Jr.

Heat 3 - Scott Holcomb, Dan Kaszubinski, Mike Woodring, Bill Coffey, Ray Preston, Tom Taber.

George Redeye/Walt's Hobby Dash - Wilson.

A-MAIN - RANDY YEARS, Holcomb, Kaszubinski, Ely, Woodring, Coffey, Faigle, Wilson, Stelter, Preston, S. Dow, Emery, Bubby Kerrick, Taber, Yonge, Dietrick, Kris Dow, Seidel, Alain Bergeron, Sharp Jr., Chris Shuttleworth, Tim Zimbardi.

Lap Leaders - Ely 1-9, Years 10-20.

Walt's Hobby Hard Charger - Woodring (9 pos.) $50.

Vicomp Graphics Halfway - Years $50.

Winner's Bonuses: Car-Mate Dealers $50, Hank's Performance Products $50, Total Seal $50, Griffin Thermal Products $50, Tire Comp. East $75, Bicknell Racing Products $35, Behrent's Performance Warehouse $30, Red's Speed Shop $25.

<pre> Other Bonuses: Weld Racing Hard Luck - Zimbardi $75. Penske Shocks - Preston $150. Design 500 - Seidel $100, Woodring $50. C&R Racing Radiators - Kaszubinski $50. Bailey Racing Products - Seidel $35. Total Seal - Preston $30. Thunder Mtn. Wings - Holcomb $20. Powder Birns - Emery $10. Dave Ely Racing - Emery, Faigle, Kaszubinski $10. Lauterborn Electric - Sharp Jr. $10.

Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000 Points: 1. Mike Woodring 2641 2. Lance Yonge 2509 3. Dan Kaszubinski 2279 4. Mike Stelter 2241 5. Doug Emery 2199 6. Scott Holcomb 2162 7. Bubby Kerrick 2045 8. Rob Dietrick 2034 9. Steve Dow 1990 10. R.C. Faigle 1933

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