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Stelter Beats Woodring to the Line at Autodrome Granby to Collect His Third Win of the 2000 Season; Drummond Rained out. by Dean Reynolds GRANBY, QC. - It was another classic finish on the Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000 season as Mike Stelter...

Stelter Beats Woodring to the Line at Autodrome Granby to Collect His Third Win of the 2000 Season; Drummond Rained out.

by Dean Reynolds

GRANBY, QC. - It was another classic finish on the Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000 season as Mike Stelter survived a late race caution to beat current ESS point leader Mike Woodring Friday night at Autodrome Granby in Quebec.=20

A lap 17 yellow flag built up all the drama you needed for a wild finish during the 20 lap A-Main. Stelter lead from the start but when the race was to see the green flag for the final time he had five-time ESS champion in Woodring right on his rear bumper. While Woodring takes to Granby like his backyard, Stelter was on a mission on this evening to collect his third win this year. The victory gave Stelter a guaranteed starting spot for the $35,000 ESS/URC Shootout held during Super DIRT Week at the New York State Fairgrounds mile oval.

"I have to say that Ron Buckner buids one heck of a race car!!" exclaimed the Webster, N.Y. chauffeur. "It might be the case where the car is just a bit better than the driver." The one-of- a-kind, radical coilover sprinter was built by Buckner over the winter from the ground up. While the car's design had many take notice, the performance on the track is making the most headlines.

"This just might be the only sprint car, motor and all, built by one person in this country." noted Stelter with a smile. "It's funny though, we were trying a few different things to the car lately but losing the lead last week (Merrittville Speedway) had us go back to basics. This is actually the same setup we had in the car the very first race at Black Rock in April! I felt comfortable back then and we gave it a shot."

Stelter's Vicomp Graphics/SAVES Auto Body #36 started outside pole of Kris Dow but proved that his line was the fastest on the start. A big lead was opened up by Stelter early which lead many to turn their attention to Woodring who was busy doing his patented Granby charges from the back.

Starting in ninth, Woodring's Tom and Mary Wade owned sprinter was up to fifth in just the second lap, fourth on lap four, third on lap seven and into the runnerup slot just before a lap nine red flag. On that restart, Stelter had a slower car as a cushion and he again opened up a sizeable lead right away until Woodring broke free and began the chase.

As laps clicked by, Woodring closed the distance and just as the lap 17 caution appeared he underneath side by side with Stelter.=20 This set the stage for a three lap dash to the checkered flag.=20 "I knew Mike (Woodring) was behind me before lap 17, I looked on the scoreboard and saw 19 there for many laps." said Stelter on the closing stages. "I had it in my mind that I needed to get on the gas early for the restart. He is a master on the side jobs here and I needed enough distance between us so he couldn't make the move. I guess it worked and we won. You know you did something when you beat him here."

Stelter took the checkered flag which was his fifth career on the Empire Super Sprint tour. Woodring's fine effort also netted him the Walt's Hobby Hard Charger bonus and he increased his point lead to collect his sixth championship. Female sprint racer Kris Dow drove a steady race to take a well earned third ahead of Bubby Kerrick and Rob Dietrick. Rounding out the top ten was Randy Years, Doug Emery, Lance Yonge, local Quebec favorite Alain Bergeron and Dan Kaszubinski. The lap nine red flag was for Ray Preston who took a wild ride in turn three with his #22. Preston walked away unharmed but his car was heavily damaged. On lap 17, Don Sharp Jr. lost power in turn four. Taking the Brodix Cylinder Heads heats were Kris Dow, Stelter and Kaszubinski. ESS NOTES: A total of 21 sprinters made the tow North for the annual Molson Canadian/American Weekend...Stelter needed help from his crew to get in and out of his sprinter all night as he took a tumble down some stairs spraining his ankle. He made a trip to the hospital the night before this win, "I can't walk but I sure can race." summed up his condition...With bonuses from Vicomp Graphics, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Car-Mate Trailers, Tire Comp. East, Hank's, Total Seal, Griffin Radiators, Behrent's, Bicknell Racing Products and Red's Speed Shop, the night for Stelter was worth $1515...The Saturday night event at Autodrome Drummond was rained out and will not be made up. Look for the Empire Super Sprints to make it's return to Granby and a newly enlarged Drummond for the 2001 season...Next Week, many of the ESS stars and cars will take place in the second annual Bully Hill Vineyards Super Sprint Nationals held at the Black Rock Speedway.

<pre> RESULTS: Heat 1 - Kris Dow, Scott Holcomb, Ray Preston, Alain Bergeron, Randy Years, R.C. Faigle. Heat 2 - Mike Stelter, Bubby Kerrick, Rob Dietrick, Rick Wilson, Lance Yonge, Steve Dow. Heat 3 - Dan Kaszubinski, Bill Coffey, Mike Woodring, Doug Emery, Bobby Seidel, Don Sharp Jr. A-MAIN - MIKE STELTER, Woodring, K. Dow, Kerrick, Dietrick, Years, Emery, Yonge, Bergeron, Kaszubinski, Coffey, Wilson, S. Dow, Dick Spadaro, Sharp Jr., Faigle, Holcomb, Preston, George Ely, Siedel, Bob Podolak. Lap Leader - Stelter 1-20. Walt's Hobby Hard Charger - Woodring (7 pos.) $50. Vicomp Graphics Halfway - Stelter $50. Winner's Bonuses: Car-Mate Trailers Dealers $50, Tire Comp. East $75, Total Seal $50, Griffin $50, Hank's $50, Bicknell $35, Behrent's $30, Red's Speed Shop $25. Other Bonuses: Weld Racing Hard Luck - Preston $75. Design 500 - S. Dow $100, Dietrick $50. Penske Shocks - Dietrick $150. Total Seal - Kaszubinski $30. Bailey Racing Products - Preston $35. Thunder Mtn. Wings - K. Dow $20. Powder Birns - S. Dow $10. Dave Ely Racing - Holcomb, Kerrick, Coffey $10. Lauterborn Electric - Kaszubinski $10.

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