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R.C Faigle Survives Wild ESS Night at Fulton. by Dean Reynolds FULTON, N.Y. - If there was ever a time where a full moon should be visible, it was last Wednesday night at the Fulton Speedway.=20 >From a spectacular flip by Rick Wilson in ...

R.C Faigle Survives Wild ESS Night at Fulton.

by Dean Reynolds

FULTON, N.Y. - If there was ever a time where a full moon should be visible, it was last Wednesday night at the Fulton Speedway.=20 >From a spectacular flip by Rick Wilson in warm-ups to the side by side, rubrail to rubrail sideways finish by R.C. Faigle and Lance was indeed a night to remember.

Coming out on top and known as the "survivor" of the strange evening was Faigle with his Nice-n-Easy Grocery Shoppe/Miller Lite Beer backed #21A. The Manlius, N.Y. resident collected his fourth career victory on the Empire Super Sprint (ESS) trail which proved popular to many fans on hand. However, it will be a win that will be a headline maker for many months to come.=20

A lap 19 caution built up the drama and kept the fans on edge.=20 Faigle lead from the start, he held off early challenges from Rob Dietrick early and was ready for the one lap challenge. Yonge started deep in the field and as a true veteran, he set himself up for a chance at Dick Sweet's checkered flag.

At the drop of the green for the last lap dash, Faigle got a good jump and it looked like this win was all his. Yonge, though, wasn't about ready to throw in the towel. A deep charge into turn three and side by side coming off four. Wheels were locked, tire smoke in the air and two cars sideways to decide the winner of the third event of the ESS Tour 2001.

With camera's flashing and the fans on edge, it was R.C. Faigle's outside lane proving fastest and best for the charge to the checkered flag. Right after the start/finish line, Yonge's Mal Lane owned #5 darted to the outside wall making heavy contact adding to the drama.

"That was exciting!!" noted Faigle. "Lance (Yonge) got a real good run on me coming off of four. We both tried hard for the win. We locked wheels but we were both going for the same goal.=20 that was racing, I don't think either one of us tried to take anyone out. Lance is a great driver, it was racing and hopefully the fans liked what they saw."

The Penn Yan, N.Y. chauffeur echoed the same thoughts. "I ran the same lane I did for many laps. It groove was there and I was fast but we touched, it was racing, that's all." Yonge said with true professionalism. "I'm bit upset as we ruined a car because the frame got bent when we hit that wall. But, then again, I could have stopped five feet short of the finish. It's not the way I want to do it, but we gained some points."

While leading from start to finish sounds like a ride in the park, three cautions and two red flag periods made this an unpredictable contest.

From his outside pole starting spot, Faigle got the jump on veteran Bobby Podolak to take the early lead. Rob Dietrick was into second on lap two and immediately challenged Faigle for the top spot. Just as Dietrick was ready to make an outside sweep for the lead, the first red flag came out and Faigle changed his lane. That lane change to the cushion kept Dietrick at bay and when Rob closed in again just past halfway, he lost control of his mount trying for a low side pass. =20

Yonge was the man on the move on the multi-grooved surface as he=20 went from fifth from tenth on lap six, up to fourth on lap nine and in charge for the win on lap 12.

While Faigle lacks on some years to Yonge, he wasn't about ready to make a mistake. "I knew Lance was there on the last lap, but I wasn't ready to leave the top." Said Faigle on strategy." Rob (Dietrick) showed me the lane early and I just stayed up on the cushion all night after I saw him almost blow by me."

At the checkers it was Faigle finishing first and providing the crowd with his wing dance. Yonge came across the start/finish sideways and into the wall for second. Steve Dow took third with Bill Coffey home for fourth and Ray Preston in for fifth.=20 Rounding out the top ten were newcomer Justin Barger, current ESS point leader Randy Years, Matt Gerber, former Fulton Speedway champion Dale Planck, and Dan Bennett.

On lap four, six time ESS champion Mike Woodring flipped his #19 off turn four with Bill Bailey also getting involved. Brian Dumigan spun on lap 11 while Dietrick did the same on lap 12 going for the lead. On the lap 12 restart, the nights scariest accident occurred when Tom Taber darted to the outside wall in turn one making heavy contact and flipping out of the park.=20 Taber's sprinter was destroyed but he did walk away. Kyle Drum and Mike Stelter came together making for that last lap dash.

Taking the Brodix Cylinder Heads heat events were Bailey, Faigle and Dietrick. The KSE Racing Products B-Main was won by Gerber with the Walt's Hobby Dash taken by Bailey as well.

ESS NOTES: A season high count of 38 sprints filled the Fulton pits for the Wednesday night show...Making first starts of the year were Mike Bozzuto, Doug Emery, Gerber and Planck while Barger, Jeremy Unruh and Curtis Bradshaw made their first ever ESS starts...With all bonuses added, Faigle took home over $2100 on the night...Dan Kaszubinski came from 24th to finish in 11th and collect the Walt's Hobby Hard Charger Bonus...Good to see Billy Bradshaw back walking through the pits watching Planck run the family owned #2. Bradshaw is hoping to make his ESS return on July 6 at Black Rock...Despite rain most of the day all around the Fulton area, management did a great job getting the show in with a smooth and fast track greeting all competitors.

<pre> RESULTS: Heat 1 - Bill Bailey, Tom Taber, Mike Stelter, Steve Dow, Brian Dumigan, Doug Emery. Heat 2 - R.C. Faigle, Bob Podolak, Bill Coffey, Justin Barger, Ray Preston, Randy Years. Heat 3 - Rob Dietrick, Lance Yonge, Mike Woodring, Tim Zimbardi, Dale Planck, Kyle Drum. Walt's Hobby Dash - Bailey. B-Main - Matt Gerber, Bubby Kerrick, Dan Bennett, John Karklin Jr. Added Starter - Dan Kaszubinski, Provisional - Scott Holcomb. Did Not Qualify - Rick Wilson, Shawn Felt, Erin Crocker, Don Sharp Jr., Alain Bergeron, Tim Barnard, Chris Shuttleworth, Jeremy Unruh, Curtis Bradshaw, Dick "Crash" Nash, Mike Bozzuto, Dick Spadaro, Ryan Coniam, Mike Young. A-MAIN - R.C. FAIGLE, Yonge, Dow, Coffey, Preston, Barger, Years, Gerber, Planck, Bennett, Kaszubinski, Zimbardi, Holcomb, Kerrick, Dietrick, Emery, Karklin Jr., Drum, Stelter, Bailey, Podolak, Taber, Dumigan, Woodring.

Lap Leader - Faigle 1-20. Walt's Hobby Hard Charger - Kaszubinski (13 pos.) $50. Vicomp Graphics Halfway - Faigle $50.

Winner's Bonuses: Car-Mate Trailers - $50, ATL Fuel Cells - $200, AFCO Shocks - $100, Extreme Racewear - $100, Tire Comp. East - $75, - $145, Penske Shocks - $200, Hank's Performance Products - $50, Griffin Radiators - $50, Duralite Racing Wheels - $50, Bicknell Racing Products - $35, Hazlitt Vineyards - $35, Total Seal - $30, Behrent's Performance Warehouse/Mechanix Wear - $20, Red's Speed Shop $25.

Other Bonuses: Weld Racing Hard Luck - Taber $75. Extreme Racewear - Yonge $75, Dow $50. C&R Racing Radiator - Coffey $50. Design 500 - Karklin Jr. $100, Preston $50. Joe Hunt Magnetos - Taber $50. KSE Racing Products - Gerber $50. Bailey Race Products - Dow $35 Total Seal - Bennett $20. Thunder Mt. Wings - Dow $20. Hazlitt Vineyards - Yonge $20, Dow $10, Bailey $10.=1A


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