ESS: Frogtown summary 2006-07-15

Jeff Cook's Late Race Pass of John Karklin Jr. Gives him Exciting ESS win at Frogtown. HOGANSBURG, N.Y. -- Jeff Cook was the next driver in line to shake off a season long winless streak passing John Karklin Jr. on lap 24 of the 25 lap A-Main to...

Jeff Cook's Late Race Pass of John Karklin Jr. Gives him Exciting ESS win at Frogtown.

HOGANSBURG, N.Y. -- Jeff Cook was the next driver in line to shake off a season long winless streak passing John Karklin Jr. on lap 24 of the 25 lap A-Main to win the Tour event for the Empire Super Sprints (ESS) at the Frogtown Speedway. Cook became the tenth different winner this year and it marked his fourth career ESS triumph and ironically the first time he has won in the United States.

The fast ½ mile on the Akwesasne Indian Reservation was again producing speeds of over 100 m.p.h. and both drivers were the quickest on this night. With the two taking the "two-to-go" sign from starter Austin Swamp side by side keeping the crowd on edge, you knew this was going to be a wild finish.

"I could see John (Karklin Jr.) getting a little loose coming off of turn four. He was real fast and I knew that was the only place I could get a run on him." Said the driver of the North Country Welding JEI sprinter. "I just a got a good charge and we were side by side at the line. Then I got him, he got me back and I got him back. It was wild!"

Karklin Jr.'s JEI was quick all night as he won his heat and dash prior to the start of the feature event. A little luck was on his side with the pill draw as he was starting the event from the pole with Cook alongside. With the green lights on it was simply Karklin lead Cook, lap after lap in an ultra-quick pace. It wasn't until the late stages when Cook's car started to get a little better.

With lap 23 being scored, Cook shot under Karklin, took the lead coming off of turn one, Karklin got him back off of two with Cook then getting a better run into three to take the lead and on to the wild victory. "I was hoping to make the pass but you know, if I didn't get the win I would have been happy that John got it. He has had some tough luck this year also." Cook noted on his rival. "But, we need this win. I was wondering when or even will it happen again but I have to thank everyone for their help. We trashed a car last night, had to change to this and the crew just did a great job getting it ready."

At the finish it was Cook over Karklin Jr., followed by Jeff VanDusen, the sponsored car of Bubby Kerrick with Nick Fratto bringing his Geneva Curbing #F1 home for fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Matt Norrie, Russ Bennett, Doug Emery, Justin Barger and Doug Norrie who took the Lane's Yamaha hard charger bonus after starting in 20th.

Three cautions and two red flag periods did slow the pace. The original start saw a six car jingle with Jessica Zemken going over. Also involved were Don Sharp Jr., Dan Kaszubinski, Billy White, Justin Barger and Jason Barney. All cars returned to the A-Main with the exception of Sharp Jr. Randy Years was spun around on the second try to get the feature underway to bring the yellow lights on. The second red flag was for Years and Kyle Moffit who did a wild double flip on the front stretch, both drivers were alright. Flat tires for Alain Bergeron, lap six, and Steve Poirier, lap 10, for the final cautions.

Taking the Car Mate Trailer heat events were Karklin Jr., Luke Eriksen and Cook. Karklin Jr. won the Frenchie's Chevrolet/Walt's Hobby Dash with Lance Yonge taking the KSE Racing Products B-Main.

ESS/FROGTOWN NOTES -- A total of 25 sprinters in the pits for the first of two events at Frogtown--Despite a rain shower after the gates opened, a good sized crowd came out--Michael Parent had fuel pick up problems to continue a frustrating rookie season which saw him not see a green flag all night--The Sept. 23rd return date to Frogtown will close down the point season on the Tour.


Heat 1 -- John Karklin Jr., Randy Years, Alain Bergeron, Bob Podolak, Bubby Kerrick, Jessica Zemken.

Heat 2 -- Luke Eriksen, Matt Norrie, Russ Bennett, Mike Stelter, Nick Fratto, Steve Poirier.

Heat 3 -- Jeff Cook, Jeff VanDusen, Doug Emery, Justin Barger, Dan Kaszubinski, Billy White.

Frenchie's Chevrolet/Walt's Hobby Dash -- John Karklin Jr.

B-Main -- Lance Yonge, Jason Barney, Don Sharp Jr., Doug Norrie.

Added Starter -- Kyle Moffit.

Did Not Qualify -- Ron Zagata, Michael Parent.

A-MAIN -- JEFF COOK, John Karklin Jr., Jeff VanDusen, Bubby Kerrick, Nick Fratto, Matt Norrie, Russ Bennett, Doug Emery, Justin Barger, Doug Norrie, Alain Bergeron, Billy White, Dan Kaszubinski, Mike Stelter, Lance Yonge, Luke Eriksen, Jessica Zemken, Jason Barney, Steve Poirier, Randy Years, Kyle Moffit, Bob Podolak, Don Sharp Jr.


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