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Jeff VanDusen Makes an Empire Super Sprint Title Statement with $2,150 Victory at the Cornwall Motor Speedway CORNWALL, ON -- On Sunday night at the Cornwall Motor Speedway, Otego, N.Y.'s Jeff VanDusen dominated the 25 lap West ...

Jeff VanDusen Makes an Empire Super Sprint Title Statement with $2,150 Victory at the Cornwall Motor Speedway

CORNWALL, ON -- On Sunday night at the Cornwall Motor Speedway, Otego, N.Y.'s Jeff VanDusen dominated the 25 lap West Front Construction A-Main and collected $2,150 in cash with his fourth win of the 2007 season on the tour brought to you by Jacobs Motorsports. But, more importantly, the win closed him in on Steve Poirier for the overall Empire Super Sprint (ESS) championship and extended his lead in the Lucas Oil Canadian Invasion Series point standings.

One of the largest crowds in Cornwall history came out not only to watch the winged warriors of ESS which was rained out from July 15th but also double modified features and a 50 lap pro-stock championship as well. It was the largest program in Cornwall history with the fans seeing some of the best action of the summer.

With all the racing taking place before the sprinters even took to the track, tires and track conditions were the talk of the town before the night started. For VanDusen, he made the right choices as he came from his ninth place starting spot to sweep by Bubby Kerrick on lap six and then proceeded to dominate the rest of the event for ESS career win #12 With the triumph, he swept both events at Ron Morin's beautiful quarter-mile.

"I missed the dash so I watched the race to see where the cars were running and then I walked the track a bit after. Most thought it was just going to be a one lane, on the bottom track. But, they watered the top and I noticed with the dew in the air, the moisture was starting to come back through." said the 23 year old who pilots Carl Schultz's Maxim. "We set up the car to run the outside and that was the lane to run. The changes were perfect and with most of the cars down low I had a clean lane to the front."

The clean lane was an understatement: On lap one, he was fourth, second on lap four and by Kerrick on lap six. All that there was to watch was to see in lapped cars would hinder the effort and the race for second place.

There was one instant where slower traffic almost put a monkey wrench into the big victory when VanDusen did slam into the back of Kayle Robidoux denting in his front wing. "He hit the brakes and I didn't, it was close!" dead-panned VanDusen. With the exception of the one scary moment, only a lap 18 caution stood in the way but this was VanDusen's night on Ontario.

The race for second was crowd pleasing between Lance Yonge and Steve Poirier in the mid-portions of the event but that two car battle so became a three car battle. Jeff Cook took to the same lane as VanDusen and started to pass cars at an incredible rate. He blew by both Kerrick and Poirier on lap 15 for third and then around the outside of Yonge for second on lap 20. Cook was fast, but VanDusen was too far out front to make a challenge.

At the checkers it was VanDusen in for the victory. Cook actually just held on to second as he drove off the track in turn two on the last lap, he nipped Yonge at the stripe. Poirier's FM Industries mount took fourth with Kerrick in his Jacobs Motorsports #4U fifth making for a top five Maxim chassis sweep. The next five was made up of Alain Bergeron, Mike Stelter, sprint rookie Chris Jones, Michael Parent and the self-starting Bert Transmissions #46 of Robidoux.

Only two cautions slowed the pace and both were for Brockville winner Tommy Wickham who spun around.

Taking the Car Mate Custom Built Trailers heat events were Stelter, Parent and Bergeron with Bergeron copping the LaSalle Motorsports/Walt's Hobby Dash.

ESS/CORNWALL NOTES: Anthony Cain and Robidoux were new entries from the previous night at Brockville...The Wilson family had to miss the event do to a big fireworks show in Gananoque, Ontario. The Wilson's own a dock/barge business and their barge's were to set off the fireworks...Going into a big three race weekend in two weeks, Poirier leads VanDusen and Yonge in the overall points. VanDusen is ahead of Cook and Poirier in the Lucas Oil points with Bergeron the new Walt's Hobby Dash Series point leader...That three race weekend will see the final of three visits of '07 at Autodromes Granby and Drummond for $2,000 to win events with Sunday night wrapping up at the Utica-Rome Speedway...Next Saturday it's the first ever Western N.Y. 360 Shootout at the Genesee Speedway. The first annual Dave McLeod Memorial will see a big $2,000 to win 32 lap A-Main. The stars and cars from ESS will join some of the best from the ASCS Patriot Region and also the Southern Ontario Sprints.


Heat 1 -- Mike Stelter, Steve Poirier, Tommy Wickham, Bubby Kerrick, Brian McDonald

Heat 2 -- Michael Parent, Chris Jones, Anthony Cain, Jeff Cook, Rich Van Keuren

Heat 3 -- Alain Bergeron, Lance Yonge, Jeff VanDusen, Russ Bennett, Kayle Robidoux, Lori Cook

LaSalle Motorsports/Walt's Hobby Dash -- Bergeron

A-MAIN -- JEFF VanDUSEN, Jeff Cook, Lance Yonge, Steve Poirier, Bubby Kerrick, Alain Bergeron, Mike Stelter, Chris Jones, Michael Parent, Kayle Robidoux, Brian McDonald, Russ Bennett, Anthony Cain, Tommy Wickham, Rich Van Keuren, Lori Cook.

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