ESS: Cornwall results 2004-08-22

CORNWALL, ONT. -- Taking advantage of an up front starting spot, Syracuse, N.Y.'s Dan Kaszubinski led all 25 laps to win the Empire Super Sprints' (ESS) Spectro Oils Canadian Invasion event Sunday night at the Cornwall Motor Speedway. The triumph...

CORNWALL, ONT. -- Taking advantage of an up front starting spot, Syracuse, N.Y.'s Dan Kaszubinski led all 25 laps to win the Empire Super Sprints' (ESS) Spectro Oils Canadian Invasion event Sunday night at the Cornwall Motor Speedway. The triumph was his fifth of the 2004 campaign and 24th of his ESS career.

Kaszubinski's Autotech of Syracuse backed Maxim used both the high and low sides of the quarter-mile that turned slick come feature time to keep Lance Yonge at bay and on to the victory. "I noticed that they were knocking down the cushion during intermission so we had to tighten the car up some and I guess I seemed to work." noted the driver that is in the season championship point fight. "We started up front so you really don't know if you are the fastest car but the crew told me that Lance was closing a little bit at the end but it looks like we had the right set up."

As lap one was scored, it was Kaszubinski's #20 leading Edelweiss victor Nick Fratto and Tim Kelly. It didn't take long for Yonge to come through the field as he entered the top five on lap four. The Lane's Yamaha #17J then took fourth on lap 10, third on lap 12 and eventually into second when Kelly made contact with a spun car on lap 16 which brought out the caution.

The final nine laps went under the green lights with Kaszubinski using the high side in turns three and four but the low side in one and two looking for the most speed possible. A slight space did open up between him and Yonge on the restart and it was enough to keep his lead right to the checkered flag and the win in front of the usual Cornwall packed house.

"We are having a pretty good year so far. I know we are fighting for the title but there is still a lot of point shows left so I'm trying not to look that much and jinx myself." said Dan on the season long battle. "But, we are happy that we are getting better on the short tracks, I like Cornwall but have struggle in the past on the others. This year we seem to have found something and that has helped."

The runner-up finish for Yonge was his second in as many nights, "Friday we needed 20 laps, tonight we needed 30. But, we will take it." summed up the ESS star. The finish moved him back into the ESS point lead by a mere four points over Jeff VanDusen who took fourth after getting involved in a lap eight tangle. Just in front of the young VanDusen was none other than his dad Mike who also earned the Lane's Yamaha hard charger bonus. Rounding out the top five was Fratto. The next five was made up of Billy Krull, Bubby Kerrick, Kyle Moffit, Don Sharp Jr., and Jeff Cook.

Three cautions did slow the pace during the 25 lap finale': On the original start Phil Mott looped his #5M collecting John Karklin Jr., both returned. On lap eight, Luke Eriksen, VanDusen, Alain Bergeron and Jeff Cook were in a multi-tangle with Eriksen's mount tipping over. All four also returned to the fray, On the lap 16 caution, Eriksen got around with Kelly making hard contact knocking him from his second place run and out for the night.

Taking the Engler Machine and Tool heat events were Eriksen, Mike Stelter and Cook with Eriksen winning the D & J Tractor Sales/Walt's Hobby Dash for his first ever ESS victory lane visit.

ESS NOTES: Doug Emery took a hard flip during his heat, while he did come back to start the A-Main an early drop out saw him take a big hit in the points--Mike Stelter's car would not fire for the feature event which saw him pit side before the green flag--Jeff Cook set an all time Cornwall lap record by turning an 11.77 on his way to his heat victory--Karklin Jr. made a return from Florida to fly into the Albany airport, by 7:30 at night he was at Cornwall ready to run his #69K for his heat event--.It was a good weekend in Canada for Yonge, both VanDusen's and Fratto with top five finishes at each event. Not too shabby for Kaszubinski as well as he was sixth at Edelweiss--Next weekend will see the ESS stars and cars at Little Valley Speedway on Friday night for the final visit at the big half-mile.


Heat 1 -- Luke Eriksen, Don Sharp Jr., Billy Krull, Jeff VanDusen, Lance Yonge, Bubby Kerrick.

Heat 2 -- Mike Stelter, Tim Kelly, Dan Kaszubinski, Phil Mott, Doug Emery.

Heat 3 -- Jeff Cook, Nick Fratto, Mike VanDusen, John Karklin Jr., Alain Bergeron.

D & J Tractor Sales/Walt's Hobby Dash -- Eriksen

A-MAIN -- Dan KASZUBINSKI, Yonge, M. VanDusen, J. VanDusen, Fratto, Krull, Kerrick, Kyle Moffit, Sharp Jr., Cook, Bergeron, Karklin Jr., Mott, Kelly, Eriksen, Emery.

Did Not Start -- Stelter.

Gater News Lap Leader -- Kaszubinski 1-25.
Lane's Yamaha Hard Charger -- M. VanDusen (11 pos.) $50.
Brodix Cylinder Heads Halfway -- Kaszubinski.


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