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Lance Yonge Beats Rick Wilson at Canandaigua: Sweeps ESS Weekend. by Dean Reynolds CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. - A lap 11 restart was what the doctor ordered for Penn Yan, N.Y.'s Lance Yonge. Getting a strong run on Canadian Rick Wilson, Yonge dove ...

Lance Yonge Beats Rick Wilson at Canandaigua: Sweeps ESS Weekend.
by Dean Reynolds

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. - A lap 11 restart was what the doctor ordered for Penn Yan, N.Y.'s Lance Yonge. Getting a strong run on Canadian Rick Wilson, Yonge dove underneath to take the lead and on to victory at the Canandaigua Speedway Saturday night. The victory was Yonge's 16th career as he went on to sweep the Empire Super Sprint Tour 2000 Weekend.=20

Heavy rains right up to when the gates opened threatened to cancel the event. But, the "never say die" task taken by Gary Montgomery and crew made for a very successful evening. A big crowd filled the Ontario County Fairgrounds grandstands as they were thrilled with lightening quick speeds by the sprinters on a super smooth surface.

"Experience won this race tonight." noted Yonge who spent many a lap at Canandaigua in a DIRT modified. "Ricky (Wilson) ran the best he could do, but I just have 10 years on him at this place and that was the difference. This surface changes quickly and it did tonight. Rick was getting a bit loose and on the restart (on lap 11) I hiked the wing all the way back and the car just stuck.=20 I got a good run to get underneath and once I was in front I just went right to the cushion where it was fast."

The back to back victory weekend put Yonge right in the point fight for the ESS Tour 2000 title. "I wish we could have Black Rock back, that hurt." noted Yonge. "But we went into this weekend to come out the best we can, I guess we it can't much better than this."

Wilson was super fast all night winning his heat and the Speedway Performance/Walt's Hobby Dash earlier. When the Joyceville, Ont. native took the lead from Bubby Kerrick as lap two shined on the lap counter, many were looking for Wilson to collect his first ever ESS checkered.

The Charlie Price owned J&J chassis sprint was scorching the 1/2 mile barely lifting entering the corners. While Wilson was having a ball up front, Yonge was putting on a frightening charge from his 11th place starting spot. The Lane's Yamaha sponsored Stealth was fifth on lap two, third on lap three and then second when eight laps were in the books. The next few laps saw Yonge as a man on a mission closing the gap on the leader by a snap of a finger.

When the yellow lights shined on lap 11, Yonge took to the low side coming off turn two on the restart. He then dove under going into three and coming out of four with the lead. The final eight laps, Yonge opened up a lead with late lap traffic proving a non-factor. The victory was Yonge's second consecutive at the "Land of Legends" and also very popular as many family and fans were in the stands.

Wilson well earned runnerup finish was his best ever on the ESS circuit. Mike Woodring brought the Watkin Glen Drug and Surgical #19 from 14th to third to collect the Walt's Hobby Hard Charger bonus and also take over the series point lead. Rob Dietrick came home in fourth for his best finish thus far in the early 2000 season with Dan Kaszubinski taking fifth. The next five was made up of Mike Stelter, Doug Emery, Scott Holcomb, the Labatt Blue backed sprint of R.C. Faigle and Bill Coffey.

Only two cautions slowed the event: Point leader Craig Keel saw his sprinter land on it's side on lap seven ending his night. A broken frontend on Mike Lauterborn's #41 saw his sprint stopped sideways in turn three on lap 11.

The Brodix Cylinder Heads heat events were won by Wilson, Dietrick and Woodring with Dick "Crash" Nash winning the KSE Racing Products B-Main. The four lap, $100 to win Speedway Performance/Walt's Hobby Dash was also won by Wilson.

ESS NOTES: 29 sprints in the pits at Canandaigua...Good to see =20 "Crash" Nash back in the field as he made his first start for the 2000 season...Randy Years and Steve Dow tested their wings during the qualifying action. Years' damage was minor but a bent frame was the end result on Dow's tumble...Connecticut's Rich Wood was fourth in points going into the night. A wall encounter in his heat saw Wood use his provisional to gain an A-Main starting berth...ESS will return to Canandaigua on July 1 to help celebrate our nation's birthday...The best of "America's Race Cars" will now head to Little Valley on Friday and Woodhull on Saturday for another exciting two race weekend.

<pre> RESULTS: Heat 1 - Rick Wilson, Doug Emery, Craig Keel, Dan Kaszubinski, George Ely, Mike Bozzuto.

Heat 2 - Rob Dietrick, Bill Coffey, Scott Holcomb, Mike Lauterborn, Mike Stelter, Don Sharp Jr.

Heat 3 - Mike Woodring, Lance Yonge, Bubby Kerrick, R.C. Faigle, Chris Shuttleworth, Kris Dow.

B-Main - "Crash" Nash, Mike Barlow, Alain Bergeron, Bob Podolak.

Provisional - Rich Wood, Added Starter - Joe Timerson.

Did Not Qualify - Ray Preston, Tim Zimbardi, Randy Years, Steve Dow, Dick Spadaro.

A-Main - LANCE YONGE, Wilson, Woodring, Dietrick, Kaszubinski, Stelter, Emery, Holcomb, Faigle, Coffey, Kerrick, Dow, Nash, Timerson, Sharp Jr., Bergeron, Bozzuto, Wood, Ely, Lauterborn, Keel, Barlow, Shuttleworth, Podolak.

Lap Leaders - Wilson 1-11, Yonge 12-20.

Walt's Hobby Hard Charger - Woodring (11 pos.) $50. Vicomp Graphics Halfway - Wilson $50. Winner's Bonuses - Car-Mate Dealers $50, Pro Shocks $100, Total Seal $50, Hank's Performance $50, Bicknell Racing Products $35, Behrent's Performace Warehouse $30.

Other Bonuses: Weld Racing Hard Luck - Dow $75. Penske Shocks - Coffey $150. Tire Comp. East - Wilson $75. C&R Radiator - Kerrick $50. KSE Racing Products - Nash $50. Design 500 - Nash $100, Kaszubinski $50. Griffin Thermal Products - Wilson $50. Total Seal - Coffey $30. Bailey Racing Products - Kaszubinski $35. Red's Speed Shop - Wilson $25. Thunder Mtn. Wings - Wilson $20. Powder Birns - Nash $10. Dave Ely Racing - Emery, Coffey, Yonge $10. Lauterborn Electric - Dietrick $10.

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