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Historical Big One IV SPRINT RESULTS - Sat. 08/10/96 ELDORA Speedway, Rossburg, Ohio ROSSBURG, OH - Mark Kinser has been on top of the sprint car world this season. Saturday night he added another milestone, sitting atop the multi-level ...

Historical Big One IV SPRINT RESULTS - Sat. 08/10/96 ELDORA Speedway, Rossburg, Ohio

ROSSBURG, OH - Mark Kinser has been on top of the sprint car world this season. Saturday night he added another milestone, sitting atop the multi-level victory platform at Eldora Speedway. It was the biggest win of his career in the $193,725 Historical Big One (HBO) IV sprint car feature. Kinser had to get around his cousin Steve Kinser to lead the final 26 of 40 laps and earn a $100,000 payday. Joey Saldana moved the Gary Stanton Stealth-Mopar from 11th to second at the finish, but was still a full straightaway behind when the checkered flag fell. Sammy Swindell moved from the last row to finish third in the Channellock Gambler, with Charlie Fisher crossing the line fourth in a machine of his own design and Kings Royal winner Johnny Herrera was fifth. "Before the rubber laid down Steve was running strong," Mark said of his race. "He was running right up against the wall and I hadn't made my mind up where to run. I followed him around a little bit then faded back to fifth. Then I picked up a few cars and started coming along and about the time I got to Steve the rubber had come in progressively harder and I just did a sweeping move in three and four." Kinser's winning machine is the Wirtgen Maxim, wrenched by Karl Kinser and riding on Goodyear tires. Polesitter Dale Blaney led the first two laps with outside pole man Fisher in second for a lap until fourth starting Steve Kinser took the runner-up spot. Steve dove under Blaney to take the lead on lap three and maintained that spot when Dave Blaney hit the turn one concrete, collecting Dean Jacobs in the process. Both left the speedway on the back of a wrecker. Steve maintained the lead on the restart, with Fisher in second and Mark, Saldana and Herrera passing Blaney during the next lap. Steve pulled away from Fisher until he entered lapped traffic on lap 10, allowing Fisher's self-built mount to close in on Kinser's Quaker State Maxim. The top three ran nose to tail as they snaked through traffic, and Mark took second from Fisher with a turn two pass on lap 13 and he swept around Steve exiting turn four a lap later. The order was now Mark, Steve, Fisher, Saldana, Herrera, Jeff Swindell, Paul McMahan, Kenny Jacobs and S. Swindell. Fisher was applying the pressure to Steve as Mark extended his lead, but Fisher couldn't get by. Saldana kept close, and got by Fisher for third on lap 21 with a low turn one move and had just passed Steve for second when a yellow came out on lap 23 for Kevin Gobrecht. Gobrecht was subbing for Jac Haudenschild in the Pennzoil Maxim, and banged the outside concrete once too often, flattening a rear tire. The caution nullified Saldana's pass of Steve. The restart order was Mark, Steve, Saldana, Fisher, Herrera and J. Swindell ahead of S. Swindell. Mark pulled away again when the green reappeared, with Saldana diving under Steve for second. By lap 25, S. Swindell passed Herrera to take fifth as Mark led by a quarter lap. Traffic loomed again, with S. Swindell getting past Fisher for spot number four on lap 30. Saldana was catching Mark when eighth runner K. Jacobs shredded a left rear tire, bringing out a yellow, which became a red for a fuel stop. "I was just trying to keep the car up front and keep it in one piece," Saldana said of his second place run. "We loosened the car up (on the red) and it helped in three and four and hurt me in one and two so we should have left it alone. I might have been able to run down Mark in the clear, but passing him would have been another thing." After getting his right rear regrooved under the red, Mark pulled away easily on the restart as he had a three lapped car advantage over Saldana. Mark amassed a full straightaway lead when the checkered flew. Mark's night didn't start out good, but got better as it went on. "It was like a Chinese fire drill all night since we pulled into the gate. The crew changed the engine, tires, shocks, bars and everything, I think, except for the hood." Mark recalled. "We didn't leakdown the motor until we got here and found some things we didn't like so they changed it," Mark concluded. Swindell was added to the field as one of the two quickest qualifiers who didn't make the main through the preliminary events. "I screwed up all night or I wouldn't have started last," S. Swindell said. "The motor wouldn't run in the heat and we thought the track would be different in the B so we changed the car and went the wrong way there. In the main I didn't think we were going to run the whole race but after a few laps I could see they were just up ahead of me so I just kept going." He finished with a bald right rear tire. Fisher challenged for the lead several times but ended up fourth. "I just messed up a couple times in lapped traffic," Fisher said. "I'm just happy to be able to run up front with these guys." "We got a pretty good start," Herrera said of his race. "We started ninth and then got up to third or fourth and then faded back about mid-race and that red helped me out. I loosened the car back up and got better at the end. We missed the setup a but we'll take fifth." J. Swindell rode home sixth, with Steve fading in the last few laps to seventh. Danny Smith started 19th and drove a steady race forward to eighth on Goddyear's hardest compound tire, with 12th starting Jeff Shepard ninth and K. Jacobs rebounding from his flat for tenth. Kenny Jacobs was the quick timer over the 51 car field and won his heat. The other heats went to Saldana, Steve Kinser, Bobby Allen, Shepard and Bobby Davis Jr. Tim Shaffer won the C main and Dale Blaney won the B main. In the $2,000 to win outlaw sprint bandit 360 main, Bobby Clark took over on lap two from Tim Allison and led the rest of the 20-lap distance for his 18th bandit win of the year. The event was red flagged on lap eight to allow the infield ambulance squad to attend to a spectator in the grandstand area. Phil Gressman was second, Kyle Sauder third, Travis Miller fourth and Allison fifth. The summary: Time Trials: 1. Kenny Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 15.252; 2. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 15.258; 3. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 15.346; 4. Mark Kinser, Kinser 5m, 15.411; 5. Charlie Fisher, Fisher 48, 15.414; 6. Dale Blaney, Hughes 94, 15.511; 7. Dave Blaney, Luna 10, 15.545; 8. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 7tw, 15.601; 9. Sammy Swindell, Swindell 1, 15.763; 10. Dean Jacobs, Jacobs 1F, 15.825; 11. Johnny Herrera, Sonner 47, 16.012; 12. Kevin Gobrecht, Elden 22, 16.100; 13. Joe Gaerte, Gaerte 3G, 16.101; 14. Joey Saldana, Stanton 75, 16.117; 15. Jim Carr, McManus 7m, 16.120; 16. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 16.168; 17. Jeff Shepard, Wahlie 1w, 16.176; 18. Paul McMahan, Roth 83, 16.213; 19. Butch Schroeder, Gottschalk 17, 16.265; 20. Randy Hannigan, M&M 2m, 16.280; 21. Rocky Hodges, Holbrook 8H, 16.332; 22. Ed Lynch, Jr., Lynch 2L, 16.376; 23. Todd Kane, Kane 78, 16.380; 24. Greg Hodnett, Helm 11, 16.409; 25. James Fisher, Fisher 48J, 16.452; 26. Stevie Smith, Motter 71m, 16.618; 27. Van Gurley Jr., Gurley 3B, 16.631; 28. Bobby Allen, Allen 1a, 16.701; 29. Danny Smith, Bodkins 00, 16.719; 30. Rob Chaney, Chaney 42, 16.727; 31. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 16.733; 32. Craig Dollansky, Lindsey 2D, 16.747; 33. Tim Engler, Engler 73, 16.808; 34. Tim Kuhn, Kuhn 11, 16.840; 35. Brian Paulus, P&P 28, 16.871; 36. Bobby Davis Jr., Davis 4, 16.874; 37. Ray Shank, Shank 7x, 16.876; 38. Tim Shaffer, J&M 55, 16.987; 39. Daniel Coggeshell, Coggeshell 3, 16.989; 40. Jeff Williams, McCullough 10, 17.016; 41. Dave Freed, Freed 8, 17.135; 42. Kevin Huntley, Johnson U2, 17.218; 43. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 17.247; 44. Rick Martin, M&M 44, 17.382; 45. Brian Carlson, SC Motorsports 18, 17.458; 46. Kent Wolters, Wolters 25, 17.504; 47. Mark Christman, Christman 34, 17.545; 48. Jeremy Minton, Minton 13, 17.796; 49. Terry Pletch, Pletch 29, 17.856; 50. Todd Kelley, Kelley 21K, 17.878; 51. Gerry Hart, Hart 39, 18.064. Heat (8 laps): 1. K. Jacobs 2. Dave Blaney 3. J. Fisher 4. Gaerte 5. Schroeder 6. R. Kinser 7. Shank 8. Reed 9. Pletch, Heat (8 laps): 1. Saldana 2. Hillenburg 3. J. Swindell 4. S. Smith 5. Hannigan 6. Dollansky 7. Shaffer 8. Martin 9. Kelley. Heat (8 laps): 1. S. Kinser 2. Engler 3. Hodges 4. Gurley 5. S. Swindell 6. Carr 7. Coggeshell 8. Carlson 9. Hart. Heat (8 laps): 1. Allen 2. Kuhn 3. M. Kinser 4. Kerr 5. Lynch 6. D. Jacobs 7. Williams 8. Wolters. Heat (8 laps): 1. Shepard 2. D. Smith 3. Herrera 4. Paulus 5. C. Fisher 6. Kane 7. Freed 8. Christman. Heat (8 laps): 1. Davis 2. Hodnett 3. McMahan 4. Chaney 5. Dale Blaney 6. Gobrecht 7.Huntley 8. Minton. C Main (10 laps): 1. Shaffer 2. Shank 3. Williams 4. Coggeshell 5. Martin 6. Christman 7. Carlson 8. Kelley 9. Pletch 10. Hart 11. Wolters 12. Freed 13. Minton 14. Reed - DNS 15. Huntley - DNS. B Main (12 laps): 1. Dale Blaney 2. C. Fisher 3. Gobrecht 4. Lynch 5. S. Swindell 6. D. Jacobs 7. Carr 8. Hannigan 9. S. Smith 10. Kane 11. Gaerte 12. Coggeshell 13. Dollansky 14. R. Kinser 15. Shaffer 16. Gurley 17. Shank 18. Kerr 19. Schroeder 20. Paulus 21. Chaney 22. Williams. A Main (40 laps): 1. M. Kinser ($100,000); 2. Saldana ($20,000); 3. S. Swindell ($10,000); 4. C. Fisher ($6,000): 5. Herrera ($5,000); 6. J. Swindell ($4,000): 7. S. Kinser ($3,500); 8. D. Smith ($3,000); 9. Shepard ($2,500); 10. K. Jacobs ($2.200); 11. McMahan ($2,000); 12. Hillenburg ($1,900); 13. Hodges ($1,800); 14. Hodnett ($1,750); 15. Dale Blaney ($1,725); 16. Lynch ($1,700); 17. Gobrecht ($1,675); 18. Davis ($1,650); 19. Allen ($1,625); 20. Engler ($1,600); 21. J. Fisher ($1,575); 22. Kuhn ($1,550); 23. Dave Blaney ($1,525); 24. D. Jacobs ($1,500). -30-

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