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[ I am posting the Sprint Car results here again on r.a.s.i. Last week I posted the results on r.a.s.n. Although there were only 2 posts to my original posting last week I received a total of 8 different emails thanking me for the ...

[ I am posting the Sprint Car results here again on r.a.s.i. Last week I posted the results on r.a.s.n. Although there were only 2 posts to my original posting last week I received a total of 8 different emails thanking me for the information and asking me to continue when I attend the races or get the results from the local paper. Williams Grove is located in Mechanicsburg, PA, and is a 0.5 mile semi banked clay track. ]

3/19/95 Williams Grove Jack Gunn Memorial for Sprint Cars

Just a note on the pot for this race: 1. $5,000 2. $3,500 3. $2,000 4. $1,300 5. $1,100 6. $1,000 7. $ 900 8. $ 800 9. $ 700 10. $ 600 down to 21 through 24 paying $ 275

Weather was near perfect for the time of year. Mid 50's sunny to begin then partly overcast. Track was in good shape although a little dustier than last week. 36 cars signed into the pits. Heat races 10 laps with the feature 30 laps.

Time trials were held for this race, two laps. Fast times were inverted in the heat race and they had to qualify through the heat to get their time back. Consi qualifiers did not get their times back.

Top 10 after time trials with fast lap in brackets: 1. U2, Kenny Jacobs, [18.36] 2. 461, Lance Dewease, [18.37] 3. 88, Todd Shaffer, [18.50] 4. 94, Dale Blaney, [18.51] 5. 66K, Mark Richard, [18.60] 6. 69K, Don Kreitz Jr., [18.61] 7. 12, Fred Rahmer, [18.62] 8. 1, Billy Pauch, [18.75] 9. 10, Len Thompson, [18.75] 10. 29, Kevin Fry, [18.78]

For the heat races the top four qualifiers and their starting position are listed in brackets.

Heat One 1.) U2, Kenny Jacobs [6], 2.) 25, Todd Gracey [2], 3.) 17e Cris Eash [3], 4.) 66K Mark Richards [5] Caution on: Lap 2, spin out of turn 2 onto the backstretch, 77t Jess Thompson Lap 8, collision on front stretch between 10, Len Thompson and 45, Jeff Rohrbaugh Last lap pass for 1st.

Heat Two 1.) 69K, Don Kreitz Jr. [5], 2.) 21X, Rod George [2], 3.) 461, Lance Dewease [6], 4.) 07 Dave Haight [1]

Heat Three 1.) 59, Keith Kauffman [3], 2.) 88, Todd Shaffer [6], 3.) 12, Fred Rahmer [5], 4.) 21 Rod Stroup [1] Restart for false start.

Heat Four 1.) 1, Billy Pauch [5], 2.) 16, Billy Brian Jr., 3.) 94, Dale Blaney [6] 4.) 6, Jim Nace [4]

1st Conci 1.) 17, Alan Cole [2], 2.) 10, Len Thompson [1], 3.) 39, Dan Dietrich [9], 4. 5x, Rick Hench Cars 39 and 77t were late to the track and placed at the end of the field. 39 of Dietrich had pole position originally and 77t had 3rd starting position which moved the 10 of Len Thompson to the pole.

2nd Conci 1.) 28, Brian Paulus [1], 2.) 2c, Will Cramer [4], 3.) 5, Craig Eshenauer [3], 4.) 10N, Darren Eash [2] Two consecutive restarts. First one for a false start and the car 7, Joey Borich Jr. stopping on the front strech with the one to go siginal. Second restart due to 10N of Darren Eash spinning out in turn 2

Feature Kenny Jacobs drew for the number of qualifiers to be inverted and pulled the number 4 which put Dale Blanney on the pole. Car 25, Todd Gracey went to the rear of the pack by his choice.

Cautions Lap 0 39, Dan Dietrich spins and hits the wall in turn 1 w/rear, field restarts Lap 5 10N of Darren Eash comes to a stop exiting turn 2, towed in to pits 12, Rahmer stops on backstretch, flat right front enters pits and rejoins the field. Lap 8 21 of Rod Stroup, 07 of Dave Haight and 17 of Alan Cole collide exiting turn 3 Rahmer and Dietrich enter pits and retire. Lap 28 Field given the two to go signal and the 94 of Dale Blaney leads the 461 of Lance Dewease into turn one. As they enter turn three Blaney gets hung up behind a lapped car and Dewease makes the pass and hold him off to win for his third consecutive victory at Williams Grove this year. The car on the move for the last 5 laps was once again the 1 of Billy Pauch. Billy fell as far back as the 10th position before moving to the high grove and rocketing towards the front like he was on a rail.

Top Six Finishers 1.) 461 Lance Dewease [3], 2.) 94, Dale Blaney [1], 3.) 1, Billy Pauch [8], 4.) U2, Kenny Jacobs [4], 5.) 88, Todd Shaffer [2], 6.) 69K, Don Kreitz Jr. [6]

Lincoln The local paper did not have the results from Lincoln but I can tell you the winner was 17E of Cris Eash with the 461 of Lance Dewease in third. The finishing of Dewease at Lincoln the night before was joked about in the winner's circle interview at the Grove. Seems Walt Dwyer (the car owner) was a little disappointed with 3rd at Lincoln but joked with Lance the can drive the car at least another week. Lance said he is ruining Walt by all the wins.

Sellinsgrove Winner was the 17 of Alan Cole

Port Royal The winner was the 88 of Todd Shaffer

Next week at the Grove will be the Sprints and the Sportsman modifieds.

On a side note I even had a small r.a.s.n. get together at the Grove with Dave Reininger from VA. Last week r.a.s.n. reader Mark Paige and his wife were present at the Grove but I did not get to meet with them.

Hope all you loyal sprint car fans enjoy this info.

Questions or comments please send email to rgould@oehs.upeen.edu

-- -Russ Gould- r.a.s.n. rgould@oehs.upenn.edu

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