Canyon Region Manzanita results 2008-11-06

Hockett a Rocket in ASCS Western World Opener! PHOENIX, Ariz. (November 6, 2008) -- Missouri's Jesse Hockett kicked off the Parker Store ASCS Non-Wing Western World Championships atop Manzanita Speedway's 1/3-mile clay oval by...

Hockett a Rocket in ASCS Western World Opener!

PHOENIX, Ariz. (November 6, 2008) -- Missouri's Jesse Hockett kicked off the Parker Store ASCS Non-Wing Western World Championships atop Manzanita Speedway's 1/3-mile clay oval by wiring the field in Thursday night's 20-lap preliminary feature.

Hockett gunned into the lead at the outset of the feature and weathered several cautions along the way to capture his first Discount Tire. Co. American Sprint Car Series Canyon Region feature win aboard the Massey Motorsports No. 2az entry.

"It was a lucky night for us," Hockett commented from victory lane. "It's not too often you draw the pole for both your heat and the feature, it makes it easier."

After winning his heat race, Hockett drew the pole position for the main event. And, after outgunning fellow front row starter Rex Calderwood on the initial start and then Zach Sawyers on the second try, never looked back.

While Hockett cruised out front, O'Reilly ASCoT National shoe Gary Taylor climbed from the sixth starting position into second by the midway point and held on the rest of the way for an auspicious start to a wingless weekend.

Chasing Hockett and Taylor across the stripe were ninth-row starters Nathan High and Casey Shuman, with current series points leader Jeremy Sherman charging from 20th to round out the top five.

Shuman rebounded from an opening lap incident and charged from the tail of the field with a broken right rear shock to snare fourth, while Sherman recovered from a cut left rear tire on the fourth round after contact that resulted in Bo Baker tipping over.

Seventeen-year-old Nick Aiuto held down the third position until a last-lap bobble relegated him to a sixth-place finish, with Thomas Ogle, 21st-starter Shon Deskins, Zach Sawyers and Bugs Norbury completing the top ten.

After blitzing from 19th to fourth in the opening 12 circuits, Charles Davis, Jr., strong run was cut short with suspension woes.

Rex Calderwood, Mike Leslie, Taylor, Andrew Reinbold, Hockett and Bobby Marcum topped heat race action, with High and Shuman winning the twin "B" Mains.

Discount Tire Co. ASCS Canyon Region Thursday Results from Manzanita Speedway's Parker Store ASCS Non-Wing Western World Championships:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 6-Rex Calderwood, 2. 88-Johnathon Henry, 3. 78m-Leland Michael, 4. 77m-Hunter Schuerenberg, 5. 16-Mike Martin, 6. 15-R.J. Johnson, 7. 611-Bill Rose, 8. 74-Derek Williams, 9. 25-Jesse Dunham.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 76-Mike Leslie, 2. 48-Thomas Ogle, 3. 91-Bugs Norbury, 4. 5x-Jody Wirth, 5. 8-Bob Ream, Jr., 6. 97az-Jon Stanbrough, 7. 99-Chuck Jackson, 8. 76a-Art Mankel.

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 5*-Gary Taylor, 2. 5m-Brian O'Donnell, 3. 34-Robert Ballou, 4. 32-Casey Shuman, 5. 12-Nathan High, 6. 50az-Charles Davis, Jr., 7. 73-Josh Ford, 8. 6x-Bryan Swinehart, 9. 20-Shon Deskins.

Heat Four (8 Laps): 1. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 2. xxx-Zach Sawyers, 3. 41-Joshua Williams, 4. 44-Jeremy Reagles, 5. 0-Stevie Sussex, 6. 7x-Rick Johnson, 7. 9x-Larry Carter. DNS: 97-Brandon Lane.

Heat Five (8 Laps): 1. 2az-Jesse Hockett, 2. 22x-Justin Grant, 3. 96-Carson Ditsch, 4. 17az-Michael Bryan, 5. 28-Steve Sussex, 6. 7-Steve Tellas, 7. 00-Ken Caskey.

Heat Six (8 Laps): 1. 85-Bobby Marcum, 2. 27n-Nick Aiuto, 3. 61x-Bo Baker, 4. 77-Jeremy Sherman, 5. 22-Jesse Baker, 6. 11-Seainn Hendricsen, 7. 26az-Bobby Taylor, 8. 8x-Chris Beal.

First "B" Feature (12 Laps): 1. 12-Nathan High, 2. 50-Charles Davis, Jr., 3. 20-Shon Deskins, 4. 78m-Leland Michael, 5. 16-Mike Martin, 6. 8-Bob Ream, Jr., 7. 26az-Bobby Taylor, 8. 17az-Michael Bryan, 9. 76a-Art Mankel, 10. 99-Chuck Jackson, 11. 96-Carson Ditsch, 12. 9x-Larry Carter, 13. 8x-Chris Beal, 14. 5x-Jody Wirth, 15. 97az-Jon Stanbrough, 16. 7x-Rick Johnson, 17. 11-Seainn Hendricsen.

Second "B" Feature (12 Laps): 1. 32-Casey Shuman, 2. 77-Jeremy Sherman, 3. 77m-Hunter Schuerenberg, 4. 15-R.J. Johnson, 5. 0-Stevie Sussex, 6. 74-Derek Williams, 7. 6x-Bryan Swinehart, 8. 28-Steve Sussex, 9. 25-Jesse Dunham, 10. 7-Steve Tellas, 11. 611-Bill Rose, 12. 22-Jesse Baker, 13. 73-Josh Ford, 14. 00-Ken Caskey, 15. 41-Joshua Williams. DNS: 97-Brandon Lane.

"A" Feature (20 Laps): 1. 2az-Jesse Hockett, 2. 5*-Gary Taylor, 3. 12-Nathan High, 4. 32-Casey Shuman, 5. 77-Jeremy Sherman, 6. 27n-Nick Aiuto, 7. 48-Thomas Ogle, 8. 20-Shon Deskins, 9. xxx-Zach Sawyers, 10. 91-Bugs Norbury, 11. 5m-Brian O'Donnell, 12. 22x-Justin Grant, 13. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 14. 85-Bobby Marcum, 15. 50az-Charles Davis, Jr., 16. 76-Mike Leslie, 17. 34-Robert Ballou, 18. 88-Johnathon Henry, 19. 61x-Bo Baker, 20. 6-Rex Calderwood, 21. 44-Jeremy Reagles, 22. 77m-Hunter Schuerenberg.

Discount Tire Co. ASCS Canyon Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Jeremy Sherman 3,660, 2. Charles Davis, Jr. 3,486, 3. Nathan High 3,364, 4. Mike Martin 3,321, 5. R.J. Johnson 3,305, 6. Andrew Reinbold 3,261, 7. Mike Leslie 3,220, 8. Josh Pelkey 2,794, 9. Jeremy Reagles 2,569, 10. Thomas Ogle 2,471.

-credit: ascs

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