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CROCKETT CONTINUES TO LEAD CIVIL WAR POINT STANDINGS Series now heads to Chico August 28 for final race before "Pacific Sprint Cup" ROSEVILLE, CA (8-18-98 - With eight events officially in the record book, second generation sprint...


Series now heads to Chico August 28 for final race before "Pacific Sprint Cup"

ROSEVILLE, CA (8-18-98 - With eight events officially in the record book, second generation sprint car racer Roger Crockett of Rio Linda continues to lead the ranks in the point standings of the California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series. As this competitive series heads for the ninth round of competition on August 28th in Chico, Crockett now maintains a 40-point advantage over season-long challenger Shane Scott of Chico.

The California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series is an organized, traveling series dedicated to Pacific "360" cubic inch powered sprint cars. The 1998 campaign consists of 13 events at four different California Tracks between the months of March and October.

In the eight events that have taken place so far in the season, a total of 105 drivers have competed in the Civil War series and earned points towards the coveted series championship. A total of seven different drivers have powered their way to victory lane in the series thus far, Mark Hall of Grass Valley was the most recent victor in last week's event at Marysville while Shane Scott of Chico remains the only two-time winner in the series so far.

The upcoming, August 28, Civil War event at Chico is by far one of the most important events on the Civil War campaign prior the second annual Pacific Sprint Cup Invitational on Wednesday, September 16. This event which opens the 1998 Gold Cup Race of Champions, the fastest four days of racing in California, and will feature only the top 32-drivers in the Civil War point standings. Next week's event in Chico will be the final opportunity for drivers to edge their way into the top 32 positions.

One driver that will have no worries about making the Pacific Sprint starting grid will be Crockett. With one victory in the series and three fast qualifier titles, Crockett has powered himself to a 40-point lead over Scott. Both drivers are expected to head the entry list in the August 28 event.

After suffered a roll over last week in Marysville, David Robinson Jr. of Sacramento will be aiming to make up lost ground in the series. Robinson currently ranks third overall with a 39-point margin separating he and Scott. Jeff Halleib of Grass Valley maintains the fourth position with just 15-digits between he and Robinson while Jeff Young of Roseville rounds out the top five, just nine points behind fourth place. Chad Riolo ranks sixth and is expected Saturday along with additional top ten runners Billy Wallace, Mark Hall, Scooter Lambert and Colby Weisz.

One driver that will be aiming to remain in the hunt for a starting spot in the upcoming Pacific Sprint Cup will be Auburn racer Andy Forsberg. Forsberg, a driver that was absent from competition for several weeks due to a severely damaged race car currently maintains the 32nd position in the overall point standings. Since the 31 drivers currently ahead of Forsberg are expected next Friday, the second generation driver will definitely be shooting to best all of those behind him in the standings.

Action at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico is scheduled to begin at 6:30 on August 28 with qualifying followed by racing at seven. Tickets will go on sale at 5:30 p.m. Adult tickets will be $14, juniors and seniors $7, children $3 and under six will be admitted for free. For any further information on this event contact the office of John Padjen Motorsports at (916) 969-7484.

Current Civil War Point Standings through August 27, 1998 (top 40)

Next Event - Friday, August 28, Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico

Top 32 drivers following the August 28th event eligible for Pacific Sprint Cup on Wednesday, September 16

1. Roger Crockett         543
2. Shane Scott                503
3. David Robinson         464
4. Jeff Halleib         449
5. Jeff Young                 440
6.Chad Riolo                 434
7.Billy Wallace         430
8.Mark Hall                 428
9.Scooter Lambert         422
10.Colby Weisz                 401
11. Kyle Schild                389
12. Steve Watts                366
13. Mike Wasina Jr.        362
14. Ricky Wondergem        355
15. Kevin Lovell        343
16. Jamie Cavagnaro        336
17. Korey Lovell        323
18. Bryan Bullard        309
19. Jim VanLare                285
20. Randy Mello                283
21. Mark Flachman        282
22. Rick Frock                282
23. Ray Rust                274
24. Shauna Hogg                267
25. Dennis Binstock        262
26. Claudia Harvey        262
27. Richard Tiner        255
28. Alan Bradway        254
29. Jonathan Allard     247
30. Mark Tabor                247
31. Tim Sherman                213
32. Andy Forsberg        207
33. David Lindt Jr.     174
34. Joey Magaruh        172
35. Gary Morgan                171
36. Mike Benson                169
37. Jim Richardsen        165
38. Herman Klein        161
39. Dennis Harvey        160
40. Gary Geving                153

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