Brook Weibley scores career first Williams Grove win

Sunday - March 25, 2001 Williams Grove Speedway Mechanicsburg, PA MECHANICSBURG, PA, 3/25/01 - To win anywhere is special. But to pick up your first career Williams Grove Speedway win is a lasting memory. York Spring's Brook Weibley had...

Sunday - March 25, 2001
Williams Grove Speedway
Mechanicsburg, PA

MECHANICSBURG, PA, 3/25/01 - To win anywhere is special. But to pick up your first career Williams Grove Speedway win is a lasting memory. York Spring's Brook Weibley had been trying to find that elusive win at Williams Grove for years. If finally came Sunday afternoon. Weibley started on the pole and ran a flawless race to led every lap en route to his first career Williams Grove win in the 25 lap super sprint feature. "This has got to be the greatest standing here in victory lane at Williams Grove Speedway," said a jubilant Weibley in victory lane. "I just don't know how to express it." This crew we got...we changed the crew year-to-year. Guys going, guys coming. I really think this crew is going to stick behind us. My son, he just worked his little butt off. We destroyed a car last night, went home, built this thing...we didn't like this car early. But it sure worked good today." The outset of the feature saw Weibley slip up a groove slightly entering the first turn allowing outside frontrow starter Curt Michael to slip under for the lead. But a caution, and a subsequent red flag for the stopped Mike Erdley sprinter in the first turn allowed Weibley and his Rebel Construction crew a chance to regroup and make adjustments for the complete restart. "We tweaked the car a little bit on that red flag and it made a world of difference to the race car," Weibley said. "Just working together with the whole crew, that's what it's all about." Weibley was then able to hold the top spot on the restart with Michael falling into second and fifth starting Greg Hodnett third. Michael suddenly slowed exiting the second turn on the second lap, bringing out the caution, moving Hodnett into the runner-up spot. A tangle between Todd Gracey in the Tanger No.07 sprinter and Dave Ely resulted in Gracey spinning in the fourth turn, and Ely coming to a stop with a flat left rear in the first turn. Weibley once again held the top spot on the restart with Hodnett following and waiting for any mistake by the leader. But Weibley was running the race of his life as he hugged the bottom of the dry-slick half-mile track as the laps clicked off. It appeared that lapped traffic was going to be a factor with five laps to go as Weibley began bearing down on the backmarkers. But Weibley got the break he needed as the caution waved on the 22nd lap for Mike Wagner who had brought his sprinter to a stop in the second turn. "I was definitely glad for that caution flag," said Weibley on the lapped traffic. "I didn't know what I was going to do there...there wasn't much race track there obviously. If I had to I would have stayed behind him or pushed him up a little bit....whatever it took." Weibley didn't waste his good fortune and pulled away from Hodnett on the restart who now had Mark Smith, Darren Eash, Sean Michael, Lance Dewease and Fred Rahmer right behind. Hodnett made one last run at Weibley in the final turn to the checkered but Weibley was able to stay out front as he took the checkered with the Memphis, TN, racer right on his bumper at the checkered. "You just had to throttle it easy, stay in the groove, keep your cool and we managed to do all that. We've waited so long for this one here at Williams grove. I not sure how we're going to celebrate it, but I guarantee you we're going to celebrate." "I've got to thank Don Ott for a superb engine for us. He's going out of his way to do us a great job," Weibley added. "Rebel Construction stood behind us for years and we just kept plugging away. Lady and Taylor Body Shop, Goudy Wheels out of California, they're helping us a great deal. QA1 Shocks, I think we're the only one running them right now. The Hoosier tires worked beautiful today. Hodnett had to settle for second, with Smith finishing third, Sean Michael fourth, and Darren Eash fifth. Completing the top-10 was Dewease, Rahmer, Cris Eash, Donnie Kreitz Jr., and Shawn Keen. Heats for the 28 super sprints were won by Weibley, Hodnett, and Curt Michael, with Keith Kauffman winning the consolation event.

Outside frontrow starter Donnie Beaver passed polesitter and race-long leader Russ Mitten on the 10th lap for the lead and held off a fast closing Howie Lock and Jim Shuttlesworth to pick up his second career Williams Grove victory in the 20 lap super sportsman feature. Carmen Perigo and Frankie Herr finished fourth and fifth respectively. Heats for the 36 super sportsman were won by Mitten, Perigo, and Rich Eichelberger, with Ken Carberry winning the consolation.

Sunday - March 25, 2001
Williams Grove Speedway
Mechanicsburg, PA

Super Sprints:
Feature (25 Laps) - 1. Brook Weibley ($3,000); 2. Greg Hodnett; 3. Mark Smith; 4. Sean Michael; 5. Darren Eash; 6. Lance Dewease; 7. Fred Rahmer; 8. Cris Eash; 9. Donnie Kreitz Jr.; 10. Shawn Keen; 11. Keith Kauffman; 12. Todd Gracey; 13. Todd Shaffer; 14. Len Thompson; 15. Chris Knopp; 16. Rick Lafferty; 17. Todd Hestor; 18. Mike Wagner; 19. Kevin Shaffer; 20. Pat Cooper; 21. Bobby Weaver; 22. Dave Ely; 23. Curt Michael; 24. Mike Erdley. No Time

Lap Leaders - Brook Weibley (1-25)
Heat Winners - Brook Weibley, Greg Hodnett, Curt Michael
Consolation Winner - Keith Kauffman

Super Sportsman:
Feature (20 Laps) - 1. Donnie Beaver; 2. Howie Locke; 3. Jim Shuttlesworth; 4. Carmen Perigo; 5. Frankie Herr; 6. Danny Hager; 7. J.R. Fry; 8. Rich Eichelberger; 9. Smokey Snellbaker; 10. Dave Berkheimer; 11. Ken Carberry; 12. Pat Cannon; 13. Bob Howard; 14. Paul Troutman; 15. Steve Cannon; 16. Bobby Weaver; 17. Steve Wilbur; 18. Keith Prutzman; 19. Craig Morrow; 20. Matt Ondek; 21. Skip Findley; 22. Leroy Martin; 23. Russ Mitten; 24. Bruno Cappellari. No Time

Lap Leaders - Russ Mitten (1-9), Donnie Beaver (10-20)
Heat Winners - Russ Mitten, Carmen Perigo, Rich Eichelberger
Consolation Winner - Ken Carberry

-Bill Meyer

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